Sunday, March 18, 2012

Three landmark editions of Media Network online

Jonathan Marks, who over the past few years has digitized hundreds of Media Network radio shows, has just put three landmark editions of the show online:

  1. The 1000th edition of Media Network was broadcast at the start of March 2000. We used the programme to share some of the behind the scene stories and celebrate anecodotes with our contributors. I (Andy) took part in this edition, explaining how I got involved with the programme. And there are plenty of memories from the loyal audience too. Enjoy!
  2. The penultimate edition of Media Network contained extracts from WRUL/WNYW with Lou Josephs, and the Prague story 1945/1968. We were celebrating the strength of the documentaries.
  3. The final Media Network audio show of all was broadcast in October 2000 just before we went back to winter time. It was really a thank you to the audience for sharing so much time with us over two decades. We certainly had worked out the pace of the programme by that time - and we believe it's strength was that it was a true listener participation show. This final programme contains a rather comprehensive survey of the media events surrounding the Falklands Malvinas conflict of April 1982. Remember Radio Atlantico del Sur? We also looked at black propaganda stations in Asia, notably those along the Soviet-Chinese border.
Also just added is the very first edition of DX Jukebox that was presented by Jonathan on 7 August 1980 - just 48 hours after he arrived in the Netherlands. As Jonathan puts it, the programme morphed into Media Network.
To hear/download these shows again in studio quality MP3 visit the Media Network Vintage Vault.
by Andy Sennitt.