Sunday, March 25, 2012

The SLBC staff pay their last respect to the late veteran announcer Mrs. Rajeshwary Shanmugam.

The body of the late popular SLBC announcer and artiste Mrs. Rajeshwary Shanmugam was kept at the SLBC premises this morning for the staff to pay their last respects to her. The parliamentarian A.H.M.Azwar said that the late Mrs. Rajeshwary performed her duties in cooperation and in a friendly manner with all the other staff. He said it is exemplary to the future generation. The parliamentarian said that her drama programmes were very attractive. The Chairman of the SLBC Mr. Hudson Samarasinghe said that the later Mrs. Rajeshwary Shanmugam had a great love towards the SLBC and she voluntarily taught Tamil language to the Sinhala announcers. He said he was also one of the persons who learnt Tamil from her. Mr. Samarasinghe said that she spent most of her time in the SLBC. 

The Senior Media Personnel A.M.Ameen said that the late Mrs. Shanmugam earned a reputation as an announcer and a drama producer for over a period of 30 years. Mrs. Sumana Nellampitiya said that the late Mrs. Shanmugam made a great service as a teacher to the announcers of the Tamil Service. The veteran announcer Abdul Hameed and several other announcers and artiste also spoke at this function. At present the body of the late Mrs. Shanmugam is being kept at the National Art Gallery in Colombo. The funeral will be held at the Borella cemetery this evening. (Written by sanath to