Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Yugadi & New Year Wishes to all the Hams & SWLs.

In series with the Celebrations of Golden Jubilee Year of Bangalore Amateur Radio CLub - VU2ARC and Hamfest India 2009, the Organising Committee is pleased to announce the Tenth VHF Fox Hunt in Bangalore on 17 May 2009. This day also happens to be celebrated as "World Telecom Day" across the Globe.

The complete details of the event, entry fee, rules & regulations, etc are available at
www.hamfestindia. com


We expect your participation in big numbers. Please feel free to write to us at info@hamfestindia. com or info@barc.in for any further information.

Ramesh Kumar
Member, Organising Committee
Hamfest India 2009

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Adventist World Radio Wavescan DX Contest 2009

Once again, Adventist World Radio takes pleasure in conducting an annual
listener contest, and for this year the title is: "Silent Shortwave Station
Contest". You are invited to search through your own QSL collection and
assemble together all of your QSLs that verify the reception of shortwave
stations and/or shortwave transmitters that are no longer on the air. In
addition to the regular awards worldwide, there will be special awards for
those who include a reception report of our DX program, "Wavescan", via
radio Miami International WRMI, in Miami Florida. Here are all of the

1. List what you consider to be the five best QSLs from shortwave stations
or transmitters that are no longer on the air. The "best" may be described
as the station or the transmitter itself, or the distance, or the power, or
the age, or the circumstances under which you heard the station; or the QSL
card itself, etc. (Do not send the original cards.)

2. In one paragraph each, describe the reason why you consider each card to
be one of the best in your collection.

3. Enclose a photocopy or each of these five cards, preferably in color,
though black and white may be acceptable. Remember, do not send the

4. Send at least three reception reports on any AWR broadcast from KSDA
Guam, or any AWR relay broadcast via any relay station anywhere in the
world. The AWR broadcasts may be on shortwave, mediumwave, or FM. All
reception reports will be verified with a contest endorsement on the QSL

5. Where possible, please enclose three radio cards for inclusion in the
Indianapolis QSL collection. These cards may be old or new, and they may be
QSL cards, reception report cards, picture cards, etc. Not valid for this
contest are amateur nor CB QSL cards.

The 2009 AWR DX Contest, "Silent Shortwave Station Contest", will run
through the month of June. All contest entries must be postmarked at the
listener's location in any country of the world on any date during the month
of June, and they must be delivered to the AWR postal address in
Indianapolis no later than the end of July 2009. Return postage in the form
of currency notes in an international currency, mint postage stamps, or IRC
coupons would be appreciated. Also, where possible, provide a self
addressed envelope, business size or half quarto size.
The only address for the 2009 "Silent Shortwave Station Contest" is:-

Silent Shortwave Station Contest
Box 29235
IN 46229 USA

The awards for this year's contest will be similar to all previous contests.
There will be a special award for the world winner, one of the Jerry Berg
radio history books; and "World Radio TV Handbook" or "Passport to World
Band Radio" for continental winners. In addition, there will be special
awards for those who send in a reception report on the broadcast of
"Wavescan" over the shortwave station in Miami, WRMI.

(Alokesh Gupta, New Delhi, India Via Dr.Adrian Peterson)

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Monday, March 30, 2009

Senecas acquires licence to operate commercial radio station

Seneca Nation of Indians acquired a construction permit from Federal Communications Commission to operate an FM radio station. The permit was purchased for $250,000. Broadcasting is expected to start in the second half of 2009. In addition to providing entertainment and news, the radio station will also promote Seneca culture and tradition while opening up new avenues of employment.

The radio station will located in the Allegany territory with the antennae site in Little valley. Signals will reach Jamestown, Salamanca, Olean, Chautauqua and Cattaraugus counties, as well as neighboring communities in the Western New York region and Northern Pennsylvania.

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HD Radio launches 1,000 multicast stations

HD Digital Radio Alliance, a joint initiative of leading radio broadcasters to accelerate the rollout of HD Radio, announced that 1,000 multicast stations are now being broadcast on-air and 100 SKUs are available at retail.

"In this economic environment, being able to receive all these extra stations around the country for free is immensely appealing," says HD Digital Radio Alliance president Diane Warren. "We intend to continue to educate and inform radio consumers and listeners about HD Radio, the new free stations, and the devices with the new radio advertising campaign in 100 markets on over 700 stations." (indiantelevision.com)

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7 illegal FM radio channels blocked in Charsadda, Pakistan

On the directive of federal government, the Charsadda District Administration Sunday closed seven illegal FM radio stations.

According to sources, the district administration was advised by the federal government to immediately block the transmission of all FM radio stations operating illegally in the area.

As a result, the local authorities blocked transmission of seven FM radio stations set up in Charsadda city and Shabqadar.

These radio stations were being used in seminaries and mosques for the purpose of teaching. (thenews.jang.com.pk)
Jaisakthivel, Chennai, India

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Sunday, March 29, 2009

PTSW A-09 English shortwave schedules

The first schedule listing for English shortwave broadcast is now available at Prime Time Shortwave. The schedules are available in Excel, DBase, and ASCII text formats.The Palm OS file will be available soon.

- Daniel Sampson

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QSL letter from BBC New Delhi office

The above QSL letter was send by BBC from New Delhi office on 8 January 1965. On that time BBC office was located in Rafi Marg, New Delhi. Also note the Post Box number in this letter. (Source: V. Balasubramaniyam, Chennai)

Saturday, March 28, 2009

AIR A-2009 schedules

For the A-2009 schedule effective from 29 March 2009, the SW Schedules of All India Radio is available in different formats as follows:
1. Frequency wise :   http://www.qsl. net/vu2jos/ sw/freq.htm
2. Station wise  :  http://www.qsl. net/vu2jos/ es/transmitter. htm
3. Station wise1: http://www.qsl.net/vu2jos/fp/loc.htm
External Services:
1. Time wise: http://www.qsl. net/vu2jos/ es/time.htm
2. Language wise: http://www.qsl. net/vu2jos/ es/language. htm
- Jose Jacob, Hyderabad

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Friday, March 27, 2009

BBC cool on Channel 4 tie-up

The BBC told ministers yesterday that while it recognised it could do more to help struggling commercial broadcasters, a proposed joint venture between its commercial arm and Channel 4 would not solve its rival's financial problems.

The link between BBC Worldwide and C4 is one of the proposals that the Digital Britain review - headed by Lord Carter, the communications minister - is investigating.

In its submission to the review, the BBC said: "A BBC which focused entirely on its own success, which refused to help the wider sector to make its own successful migration to digital, would not deserve public or political support."

But it added the financial benefits of a BBCW/C4 tie-up would not be sufficient to fund an alternative public-service broadcaster as the government says it wants to do. (http://www.ft.com)

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Canadian Broadcaster Cuts 800 Jobs as Revenue Falls

Canadian Broadcasting Corp., the country's government-run radio and television agency, plans to cut as many as 800 jobs, or almost 10 percent of its workforce, to trim costs as advertising plummets.

The broadcaster faces a funding shortfall of C$171 million ($139 million) this year, forcing it to fire workers and scale back programming, according to a statement from Ottawa today. Factors contributing to the shortfall include declining advertising, aging infrastructure and increased programming costs.

"The shortfall was there and we were looking for ways of managing it and this is where we are today," said Angus McKinnon, a spokesman for the broadcaster. Read it in details on http://www.bloomberg.com

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BBC appoints new radio drama chief

The BBC has appointed Jane Berthoud its new head of radio comedy.

Berthoud, who has worked at the BBC's comedy department for 14 years, will be the first woman to hold the role. Her credits include At Home with the Snails, World of Pub and Audio Diaries for Radio 4 and Alan's Big One with Alan Davies for Radio 1.

"I am delighted that Jane is going to lead the Comedy team in Audio and Music," said Radio 4 controller Mark Damazer. "She has a terrific track record. The department is vital to the Radio 4 audience and the whole of the BBC. It continues to produce many hits and with Jane at the helm I am sure it will continue to do so."

Berthoud will take up the role on May 4. In a statement, she said: "It's a very exciting job. With audiences in excess of five million per week, radio comedy remains a jewel in the crown of British culture and it's a privilege to be taking the helm." (http://www.digitalspy.co.uk/broadcasting)

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The Amazing World of Short Wave Listening

The above advt. were published in the National Geographic magazine on 1960's. Interesting advertisement?!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

All India Radio on SW (Home & External Services) A-2009 by VU2JOS

Click here to access the A09

or here for all the A09 Schedules


DRM general assembly to discuss DRM+ technology for FM

The DRM Consortium annual General Assembly to be held in Erlangen, Germany on 26-27 March will hear and debate how the recent decisions of India and Russia to implement DRM technology for their SW and MW bands, will become the driving force for the rollout in the rest of the world.

Held under the theme of 'DRM Digital Radio - From Possibility to Reality' the General Assembly will be attended by Consortium members, experts, broadcasters, service providers and manufacturers from all over the world. India and Russia have recently made public their decision to implement DRM as the solution for digitising radio in their respective countries.

The DRM General Assembly will also assess the standardisation plans of DRM +, the technology to digitise FM bands with all existing DRM features plus CD quality sound. Scientists and experts involved in the development of DRM+ will explain how this new addition will complete the DRM family and make it a viable, total solution for broadcasters all over the world.

An independently commissioned business case study for DRM+ will also be unveiled at the event in southern Germany.

The technical heads of the European and Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Unions will also take part and express their views on the digital scene in the two continents. Ruxandra Obreja, Chairperson, DRM Consortium and Controller, Business Development, BBC World Service says, "I am excited and encouraged by the developments in India and Russia with their huge broadcasting networks and where DRM implementation will give radio a new and exciting 'digital' lease of life. The DRM General Assembly is well-timed to discuss the implication of this roll-out and that of DRM+, expected to join the family of openly-available worldwide DRM standards later this year."

The rollout of the DRM technology also heralds an opportunity for manufacturers to tap into these huge markets with smart receivers offering the consumers an enhanced radio experience. (Radionadmusic.com)

BBC ready to woo Indian viewers with new campaign

International news broadcaster the BBC is rolling out a multi-media campaign targeted towards the Indian audience for its flagship primetime property, World News Today. Telecast daily at 9.30 pm, World News Today is an hour-long show that aims to give a comprehensive analysis on all the 'world' happenings that takes place all through the day.

According to the channel, the objective of the India-specific campaign is to drive relevance for international news on BBC World News and build an international news genre through the channel's key property, World News Today.

Says BBC Global News head - marketing and communications Vaishali Sharma, "The challenge was to closely link international news to people's lives in a manner that is seamless and creates impact." (Indiantelevision.com)

DW launches TV channel in India; looks for radio partners

Germany's international broadcaster Deutche Welle, which already runs DW-TV Asia in India since 1996, today announced the launch of a channel, DW-TV Asia+. The company is also eyeing local partners for its radio business. DW-radio airs programmes on three Indian languages.

Commenting on the channel launch, Deutsche Welle director of distribution Petra Schneider said: "Deutsche Welle has a history of being involved in fine arts and culture and the launch of the living channel DW-TV ASIA+ is a strong testimony to our international efforts in bringing this to India." Detail news on http://www.indiantelevision.com/

Chennai Live 104.8 FM is the first English radio station in Tamil Nadu

The Muthoot Group-owned radio station, Chennai Live 104.8 FM debuted in August 2008. Unlike the other seven players in Chennai, the radio station is in English, rather than the language of the land, Tamil.

The station also boasts of programming led by the talk-format, where the focus is on conversation with listeners, rather than music. Besides Chennai Live, the other players in the Chennai market are Radio City, Big FM, Radio One, Radio Mirchi, Aahaa FM, Suryan FM and Hello FM. Read it in detail on http://www.afaqs.com/main1.html

Monday, March 23, 2009

Rediff Y&R, Publicis win in radio categories at Adfest 09

Indian agencies have won big at Adfest 2009, held over the weekend at Pattaya.

In the campaign for retail category under Radio, Rediffusion Y&R Mumbai won a gold for 'Themes' for Seventymm. In the single for health and personal care category under radio, Publicis Communication Mumbai won a silver for '400 Times' for Mosquito Repellent/Killer.

In the single for social engagements category under Radio, Rediffusion Y&R Mumbai got a silver for Vandana American India Foundation.

Meanwhile, in the single for best use of music track under Film Craft, JWT Mumbai won a silver for 'A Day in The Life of Chennai' for The Times of India. Read it in detail on http://www.radioandmusic.com

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Sunday, March 22, 2009


Radio Veritas Asia (RVA), the only continental Catholic short-wave station in the world, will celebrate forty years of broadcasting on April 15 and 16, 2009.

The station first aired its regular overseas and domestic programs on April 11, 1969 after a longer period of test broadcasts. The jubilee celebration on April 16 will be preceded by a symposium on April 15.

Radio producers, programmers and other invited professionals will share their experiences and insights on the theme "Catholic Radio Broadcasting in Asia." The jubilee celebration proper on April 16 stands under the heading "Crossing Borders, Sharing Christ." It will be opened by Archbishop Claudio Ma. Celli, president of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications in the Vatican, who will give the keynote address. This will be followed by greetings and reflections from the Apostolic Nuncio in the Philippines, Archbishop Joseph Edward Adams, and other Church and secular authorities.

Radio Veritas Asia operates in the responsibility of the "Federation of Asian Bishops' Conferences" (FABC). It broadcasts in 15 different Asian languages via short-wave. Some programs are also available via the Internet. The studios of RVA are in Quezon City, Metro Manila; whereas the transmitter site is in Palauig, Zambales, some 230
kilometers north-west of Manila. Major parts of the programs are produced in the local target areas (Indian Catholic via Roberto Scaglione, Sicily, bclnews.it yg via DXLD)

'Painful' BBC Cuts to Hit Top Talent

BBC director-general Mark Thompson outlined plans today to slash .400 million in "painful cuts and reductions" from the corporation's budget. The cuts to balance the books would range from freezing senior management pay to the amount paid to the corporation's top talent.
Mr Thompson also defended the licence fee, saying that the idea that the creative industries needed further investment reductions made little sense. Mr Thompson's speech to the Changing Media Summit in London comes in the same week that Tory leader David Cameron said that the Conservatives would freeze the BBC licence fee for one year in response to the recession. (Via http://mt-shortwave.blogspot.com Dave Alpert/ABC News, Los Angeles via Rachel Baughn)

IIT Bombay students launch web campus radio

Students of IIT Bombay have launched their own campus web based radio station.

The students were inspired by leading universities like MIT, Harvard and Yale that have their own successful on campus radio stations. Sajid Shariff, the general secretary of cultural affairs, IIT Bombay, says that they intend to provide the students through their LAN based radio station with a platform to voice their opinions, take part in debates and allow them to be more informed. The shows will include campus, city, national and international news, music, reviews of websites, information on books to read, gadgets, movies to watch, places and restaurants to hang out and extra-curricular activities. This is the first time a university in India has taken such an initiative.
Read it in detail on http://www.radioandmusic.com

EC allocates time for poll broadcasts on DD, AIR

Politcal parties are given 110 hours of broadcast facillity by the Election Commission (EC).

The parties will get a total of 10 hours on Doordarshan and AIR. They will get initially 45 minutes each, but the remaining four hours and 45 minutes will be divided among them in proportion to the percentage of votes polled by them in the last general elections. The parties will have to follow certain guidelines, the Commission has said.

Even as the EC has permitted seven national political parties and 39 state parties to use Doordarshan and All India Radio to make election broadcasts for the forthcoming Lok Sabha polls, it has said the transcript of any political advertisement by any party in Hindi, English or regional languages should be submitted to the office of the screening committee in the office of the Central Election Commission in Delhi.
Read more on www.indiantelevision.com

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Anusat by Anna University to be launched in April 2009

A Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV –C12) of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is getting ready to put in orbit Israeli satellite RISAT in the first week of April along with a mini- satellite called Anusat built Anna University, Chennai.

Anusat, an amateur communication satellite weighing 38 kg was integrated at the Madras Institute of Technology, Chennai of Anna University. It is undergoing tests at the ISRO Satellite Centre, Bangalore. It will reach Sriharikota soon. Its integration helped the students to get hands on experience in understanding the complexities in building a satellite

The PSLV that will put RISAT and Anusat in orbit in April from Sriharikota’s second launch pad is a core-alone version without the six strap-on booster motors that form part of the standard PSLV .The core-alone vehicle weighs 230 tonnes while a normal PSLV weighs 295 tonnes. The PSLV is 44 metres tall. (The Hindu 19 March 2009 Via National Institute of Amateur Radio)

Friday, March 20, 2009

AIR Changes in A09

Shifting of AIR freq’s from 7100-7200 kHz Band wef 29th March,2009
AIR changes for A09 - Regional SW Transmitters

Station Time (IST) Time (UTC) Freq(kHz) Old New
———— ——— ——— ——— ———
Bhopal 0755-1600 IST 0225-1030 UTC 7180 7430
Chennai 0830-1700 IST 0300-1130 UTC 7160 7380
Hyderabad 0755-1715 IST 0225-1145 UTC 7140 7420
Imphal 0800-1530 IST 0230-1000 UTC 7150 7335
Jaipur 1130-1645 IST 0600-1115 UTC 7120 7325
Lucknow 0945-1615 IST 0415-1045 UTC 7105 7440
Port Blair 0845-1615 IST 0315-1045 UTC 7115 7390
Shillong 1000-1615 IST 0430-1045 UTC 7130 7315

Reports to : spectrum-manager@ air.org.in
- Alokesh Gupta, New Delhi

Thursday, March 19, 2009

All India Radio Pennant

All India Radio Pennant published by Qiao Xiaoli (Chinesh Listener)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Dxers Guide - Jan~Mar 2009



You will access this issue on the following link..
Dxers Guide Jan-Mar 2009

If possible subscribe our issue..

ONE YEAR INDIA Rs. 75.00 TWO YEAR Rs. 150.00

REST OF THE WORLD 12 IRC for one Year and 24 IRC for two year

Contact us on:

T. Jaisakthivel,
Ardic DX Club,
59, Annai Sathya Nagar,
Chennai – 600106,
Mobile: +91 98413 66086
Web: www.geocities.com/ardicdxclub
Blog: www.dxersguide.blogspot.com
Group: www.group.yahoo.com/group/sarvadesavanoli

சர்வதேச வானொலி - ஜனவரி 2009 (மாத இதழ்)

முத்திரை நேயர் - விஜயராம் அ. கண்ணன்
இலங்கை வானொலி இளம் அறிவிப்பாளர் ராதிகா கலைமணி செவ்வி -கன்னியாகுமரி சகாதேவன் விஜயகுமார்
ஏற்காடு ஹாம் சந்திப்பு என பல பகுதிகளுடன் வெளி வந்த இதழை நீங்களும் படிக்க வேண்டாமா...
ஆண்டு சந்தா ரூ. 100/- மட்டுமே.
சந்தாவை பண விடையாக (எம்.ஒ) அனுப்ப வேண்டிய முகவரி

தங்க. ஜெய்சக்திவேல்,
# 59, அன்னை சத்யா நகர்,
சென்னை - 600106,
பேச : 98413 66086.

BBC revamps mobile homepage

The BBC has announced a new customisable homepage for the mobile version of its website that brings the phone version up-to-date with its full online offering.

The beta version of the homepage is available now for owners of some BlackBerrys, the iPhone, iPod touch and Google Android phones, for handsets running the Opera browser, all Nokia Nseries as well as "high-end" Sony Ericssons, Nokias and Samsungs.

The Beeb says the homepage has a "more live and up to date feel" and the customisation means users can create "localised" content, such as news, weather and TV schedules as well as chose favourite areas to appear on their main screen.

The BBC is currently asking for feedback on the new version and says they hope to be ready to remove the beta status and replace the current homepage at the end of March. (http://www.pocket-lint.com)

Sirius XM Radio to launch Apple iPhone mobile app

Sirius XM Radio has revealed that they are planning to launch a mobile application for the Apple iPhone users. This application would be launched in the second quarter of the year. The company is also in talks with satellite TV provider DirecTV Group for a possible collaboration. Sirius XM Radio said that they are looking at new avenues to generate revenues in these tough times. The application for the iPhone would also be available to the owners of Apple iPod Touch. Sirius President of Operations and Sales Jim Meyer spoke about this app: “This is a large and interesting opportunity that will maintain our subscription-based economics while providing customers easier access to our content through means other than our traditional satellite-based platform.” (http://stuff.techwhack.com)

BJP to give FM radio a leg up in poll campaign

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) will use the FM radio a lot more than the other media platforms even as it kicks off its ad campaign for the general elections on 16 March.

Says BJP spokesperson Siddharth Nath Singh, “I have asked my media buying agency Frank Simoes-Tag to create a balance media buying chart, which while not being too expensive will give us the maximum reach. FM radio will play the most important role for us as it covers 280 constituencies, reaching extreme interiors and giving the widest possible reach.” .... dtail story on http://www.radioandmusic.com

VoA steps us Net usage to reach listeners

The Voice of America, which now broadcasts 1,500 hours of radio and television news and feature programmes each week for a foreign audience of 134 million people, is increasingly using the Internet to interact with its audience.

In addition to transmitting news and information, it operates social networking programs on its website and uses blogs and webchats to encourage audience participation.

It also uses the Internet for English language learning programmes. In 2008, VoA awarded a contract to Alelo Inc to develop an interactive Web-based learning portal to teach English as a second language. The portal is extremely popular with college-age students in China and Iran.

VoA Director Dan Austin said in a recent interview to America.gov that it had been told the new Obama administration feels that “what we do, dollar for dollar, is one of the better investments the American taxpayer can make.”

Austin said the VoA will continue to provide timely news and information to more than 130 million people worldwide while pursing innovative ways to engage this audience.

The former Wall Street Journal reporter and executive, who now oversees VoA’s $190 million budget, said, “Our fundamental mission has basically remained the same” since VoA began broadcasting in 1942 during World War II.

“Our task is still to provide accurate, balanced and comprehensive news and information programs for foreign audiences. We are just expanding our technical ability to do that while at the same time using state-of-the-art information technology to have a dialogue with people.”

Its 1,100 journalists and technicians broadcast in 45 languages (25 through its television arm), using a growing network of 1,200 local radio and television stations, as well as cable systems.

“Our strategy for reaching audiences is market- and research - driven,” Austin explained.“We are investing a fair amount of money into our technological infrastructure,” Austin said. “Right now, we have one foot in the analog world and one foot in the digital world.”

“But, bit by bit, we’re putting together a [digital] system,” he said, that eliminates tapes and similar recording and playing equipment, relying instead on computerization to get better quality quickly and cost-effectively. (Radioandmusic.com)