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Wavescan - World Radio Day edition

A special edition of the "Wavescan" program from Adventist World Radio -- a weekly program dealing with developments in shortwave and international radio. This will be a special World Radio Day edition recorded at the High Frequency Coordination Conference hosted by the Arab States Broadcasting Union in Tunis, Tunisia, with news about World Radio Day, international broadcasting in Africa, and more. It will be broadcast on Wednesday, February 13 at 0100 UTC and 1200 UTC on 9955 kHz shortwave (and simulcast at from WRMI-Radio Miami International in Miami, Florida; and at 2000 UTC on 13570 kHz shortwave (and simulcast at from WINB in Pennsylvania, USA. Reception reports and comments can be sent
[Alokesh Gupta, New Delhi Via DX India YG]

UN Radio - World Radio Day Stamps

To help celebrate World Radio Day, the United Nations Postal Administration (UNPA) will issue a series of stamps depicting scenes from the history of the United Nations Radio.

World Radio Day is observed on 13 February, which marks the day when the United Nations Radio was launched in 1946. Since its establishment, UN Radio has used its multilingual programmes carried by media outlets around the globe to tell the story of the international community’s efforts to meet the challenges of building a better world.

Amid the rise of new technologies, radio remains the most accessible platform, a powerful communication tool and a low cost medium. Raising awareness of its unique value is one of the goals of World Radio Day that also seeks to improve international cooperation among broadcasters and encourage decision makers to provide access to information through radio.

Stamp rates: 46¢, $ 1.05, F.s. 1.40, F.s. 1.90, € 0.70, € 1.70
(6 designs - sheets of 20 stamps)

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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I&B Minister inaugurates BES Expo 2013

Minister for Information & Broadcasting, Shri Manish Tewari has said with
the exponential growth in the media space, a paradigm shift has taken place
wherein regulations have to keep pace with changing technologies. An
enabling statutory environment has to be in place to keep pace with changes
taking place across platforms. The changing landscape of the Media and
entertainment industry had enabled it to become one of the fastest growing
sectors of our economy. This had been facilitated by policies that have
encouraged investments, sustainability for business models and promoted
entrepreneurship and innovation. It was imperative that the industry
specially the Broadcasting sector had learnt to adopt, adapt and innovate
with the changes taking place. Shri Tewari stated this while delivering his
address at the BES Expo 2013 here today.

The Minister further stated that the renewed thrust by the industry has
reinforced the concept of inclusive growth. "Inclusive Growth" is an act of
faith - It was a developmental model that addressed the concerns of each
stakeholder and recipient by the effective placement of social development
programmes and policies. On the issue of democratization of media, Shri
Tewari stated that it was important to understand the implications of this
process on the social ethos of the country and the people at large.

Shri Manish Tewari further mentioned that due to the paradigm shift taking
place, Broadcasting shall always remain a dynamic medium of communication.
The guiding principles for this sector will always be innovation, ingenuity
and the vision to converge technologies. Conferences such as BES Expo 2013
provided an opportunity to introspect and bring about changes at the policy
level keeping in mind the roadmap and requirements of the future.

Earlier addressing the delegates, Shri Sam Pitroda, Adviser to the Prime
Minister on Public Information Infrastructure and Innovations said
technology had brought about a major change in the lives of the people.The
shift was also visible in the way the broadcasting sector was functioning.
The challenge lay in imbibing the innovations in the critical sectors which
would determine the course in the future. During the course of his address
, Shri Pitroda gave an overview of the initiatives undertaken by the
government to strengthen the national knowledge network and public
infrastructure system. In the course of his address, Secretary I&B, Shri
Uday Kumar Varma highlighted the changes that had taken place in the sector
in view of the policy initiatives undertaken recently and the immediate
concerns that had to be addressed by the industry at large.


Press Information Bureau
Government of India
Ministry of Information & Broadcasting
29-January-2013 17:28 IST
[Via Alokesh Gupta, DX India YG]

Monday, January 28, 2013

World Radio day partners

World Radio Day 2013

13 February is World Radio Day — a day to celebrate radio as a medium; to improve international cooperation between broadcasters; and to encourage major networks and community radio alike to promote access to information and freedom of expression over the airwaves.
As radio continues to evolve in the digital age, it remains the medium that reaches the widest audience worldwide. This multi-purpose medium can help people, including youth, to engage in discussions on topics that affect them. It can save lives during natural or human-made disasters; and it provides journalists with a platform to report facts and tell their stories.
UNESCO encourages all countries to celebrate World Radio Day by planning activities in partnership with regional, national and international broadcasters, non-governmental organizations, the media and the public.
Throughout these web pages, you will find a wealth of resources that you can use free of charge and without copyright restriction to help plan your World Radio Day event.
Let’s celebrate!

Radio Free Asia anounces Year of the Snake QSL Card

RFA's Year of the Snake QSL card

Radio Free Asia (RFA) announces the release of our 2013 Year of the Snake QSL card. According to tradition, everyone born in a snake year is considered wise and intelligent. Other characteristics of those born in snake year is they are charming, romantic, exceptional communicators, maintain good tempers and excellent manners, and they like to be in control therefore they are also very calculating. Snake people love the arts, including books, music, and photography along with fine clothes, food, and luxurious surroundings. They are also patient, waiting for the right moment to achieve their goals. This card will be used to confirm all valid reception reports from January 1-April 30, 2013.

RFA is a private, nonprofit corporation that broadcasts news and information to listeners in Asian countries where full, accurate, and timely news reports are unavailable. Created by Congress in 1994 and incorporated in 1996, RFA currently broadcasts in Burmese, Cantonese, Khmer, Korean to North Korea, Lao, Mandarin, the Wu dialect, Vietnamese, Tibetan (Uke, Amdo, and Kham), and Uyghur. RFA strives for accuracy, balance, and fairness in its editorial content. As a 'surrogate' broadcaster, RFA provides news and commentary specific to each of its target countries, acting as the free press these countries lack. RFA broadcasts only in local languages and dialects, and most of its broadcasts comprise news of specific local interest. More information about Radio Free Asia, including our current broadcast frequency schedule, is available at

RFA encourages listeners to submit reception reports. Reception reports are valuable to RFA as they help us evaluate the signal strength and quality of our transmissions. RFA confirms all accurate reception reports by mailing a QSL card to the listener. RFA welcomes all reception report submissions at (follow the QSL REPORTS link) not only from DX'ers, but also from its general listening audience. 

Reception reports are also accepted by email at, and for anyone without Internet access, reception reports can be mailed to:
Reception Reports
Radio Free Asia
2025 M. Street NW, Suite 300
Washington DC 20036
United States of America.

(Radio Free Asia)


 BES EXPO 2013

19th International Conference and Exhibition on Terrestrial and Satellite
29-31 January 2013, in Hall No. 12 and 12A, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, INDIA

BES Expo 2013 Brochure

BES Expo Flyer/Invitation/Conference Details/List of Exhibitors

Invitation and Conference Registration Form for BES EXPO-2013

DRM India Chapter Invitation

Booths of interest :
All India Radio/ Doordarshan - Booth # 1,2,3,4
DRM - Booth # 95B
Broadcast Electronics - Booth # 91
Digidia - Booth # 109
Ampegon - Booth # 59
Nautel/Comcon - Booth # 87
Harris - Booth # 97

Digital Radio Broadcasting Presentations BES 2013 Expo

Date : 31.1.2013 (Day-3) - Session 5
0930-1100 hrs IST

Digital Radio Broadcasting – adding new dimension and colour to Radio
Chairman: Mr. V.K. Singla, E-in-C, All India Radio

Digital Radio implementation by All India Radio – Mr. O.K. Sharma, ADG (E)
All India Radio & Doordarshan

DRM – Features & benefits – Mr. Alexander Zink, Fraunhofer IIS, Germany

Disaster Management for masses through DRM – Mr. Hermann Zensen, Digidia

DRM – Rebroadcasting in FM – Mr. Moritz Steinmann, Ampegon AG

Transformation challenges of Migrating to Digital Radio – Mr. T. V. B.
Subrahmanyam, Analog Devices

[Alokesh Gupta, New Delhi Via DX_India YG]

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sony launches new portable radio model market

Sony is a brand well known for providing fresh air to products that are on the edge of the step fashion. In the market for portable radios have launched the most interesting devices in recent years, with new features that let you get more out of their utilization. Model XDR-55TV is radio's newest manufacturer that stands out from previous versions by simply be a portable radio, having additional features as occurring in previous models distributed by the same company.

But the truth is that XDR-55TV does have a pretty resounding particularity, less surprising for Japanese and more curious in view of Western users. It is based on the use of television, hence the use of TV in its model name. Not that the radio has a screen where we watch TV, but 1Seg tuner lets you output the TV channels that tune into . That is, if a channel are issuing a gathering, we can listen without having to view the image, or the same for a sporting event or even a movie if it were not necessary to see the image.
In Japan, the sound is very important, existing multitude of entertainment products founded on the use of sound. The radio soap opera, which had its heyday in the past for Westerners in Japan continues to thrive as was the case decades ago. So a radio like this makes little sense to launch in the country.
Besides this, the radio tunes AM and FM frequencies, has some measures 190 x 36 x 95 millimeters and weighs 480 grams. To function only needs two AA batteries that can work with the sound playing for 17 continuous hours. It is a striking radio model is launched in Japan in the month of February, the same principles, but without determining the exact day, the cost of 16,000 yen.(Rs.9500.00)


Thursday, January 24, 2013

Special broadcasts by AIR for Republic Day 2013

All India Radio will broadcast following special programs in connection
with the Republic Day celebrations on 26th January, 2013

*25 January 2013 (Friday) : Eve of Republic Day
1330 UTC (1900 IST) onwards President's address to the nation in Hindi &
English. This will be broadcast by all stations of AIR on MW, SW, FM and by
IGNOU Gyan Vani stations. Shortly after this broadcast, the local stations
will broadcast its translations in local languages.

SW Frequencies :
MW Frequencies :
FM Frequencies :

*26 January 2013 (Saturday) : Republic Day
Running Commentary of Republic Day parade from 0350 UTC (0920 IST) onwards :

Hindi : 6155 (Bengaluru 500 kW); 9595 (Delhi), 11620 (Bengaluru 500 kW)
English : 5990 (Delhi 250 kW); 15050 (Bengaluru 500 kW)

Also try SW/MW/FM frequencies as per above mentioned links.

The following regional stations will change from their Morning frequencies
on 60 Meters (4 & 5 MHz frequencies ) to their day time frequencies between
0335-0350 UTC as follows :

6000 Leh
6040 Jeypore
6065 Kohima
6085 Gangtok
6150 Itanagar
6190 Delhi
7230 Kurseong
7240 Mumbai
7280 Guwahati
7295 Aizawl
7315 Shillong
7325 Jaipur
7440 Lucknow

The following stations are already scheduled to be on air daily at this
time and will also relay the running commentary.

6020 Shimla
6110 Srinagar
7210 Kolkata
7290 Thiruvanthapuram
7335 Imphal
7380 Chennai
7390 Port Blair
7420 Hyderabad
7430 Bhopal

Please send your reception reports to :

[Alokesh Gupta Via DX_India YG]

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

2013 IRF & ERA Competition

I'm excited to announce that the annual India Radio Forum 2013 will be happening on Tuesday, May 28th. Also, the Excellence in Radio Awards (ERA 2013) opens for submission on 1st February. Do remember to mark your calendar! [Janet Alcantara, Conference Producer, IRF & ERA 2013]

RVA Change

Due to the interference brought about by ROU and CHN to the reception area, Radio Veritas Asia (RVA) implementing the following changes in their transmission effective from Sunday, January 27, 2013.
Following are the changes:
Old Freq. (kHz)/New Freq. (kHz)/UTC/Antenna/Language
1193511855 0030?0057SW-3 Tamil
11870 119151330?1400 SW-2 Hindi
11870 119151400?1427 SW-2 Bengali
(From Technical Dept. RVA Via Ashik Eqbal Tokon, Rajshahi, Bangladesh)

WRTH B12 Update

WRTH (World Radio TV Handbook) 2013 International Radio Supplement ( B12 Update) is now available at :

WRTH B12 updates file available for free download

WRTH is pleased to announce the release of the B12 (winter) broadcasting schedules update file. This file is in PDF format and can be downloaded from the WRTH website ( free of charge. This update contains International and Clandestine/Targets broadcaster schedule changes that have occurred since the printed edition of WRTH was published. We hope you find this file a useful accompaniment to the printed edition. 
Best wishes for 2013,
WRTH Editorial team.
Sean D. Gilbert,
International Editor - WRTH (World Radio TV Handbook)
Twitter: Hashtag: #wrth
TX/RX: Icom IC-756pro, CI-V, MFJ 1026, Datong FL2.
RX (HF) : RF Space SDR-IQ; Racal RA1792; Roberts R861; Degen DE1103.
RX (VHF): FunCube Dongle Pro+; Yupiteru MVT-7100; RTL E4000 USB
ANT (HF): 40-10m OCF dipole @ 10m agl; Wellbrook ALA1530+ @ 3m agl; 10m RW @ 4m agl
ANT (VHF): Sloper for 6m @ 9m agl; triband vertical in attic (6/2/70)  

DRM to demonstrate Digital Radio Benefits at India’s BES Expo 2013

Digital Radio Mondiale is to have its own booth (95B) at this year's Indian
Broadcast Engineering Society's 19th International Conference and
Exhibition. The show will take place in Halls N 12 and 12A, Pragathi
Maidan, New Delhi,India from 29th to 31st January 2013.

Very recently Prasar Bharati (All India Radio) awarded an order for 21
additional medium wave AM transmitters and associated equipment from DRM
Consortium member, Nautel. The orders for 100 kW and 200 kW transmitters
join the earlier announced order of six 300 kW DRM transmitters from All
India Radio making this the world's largest digital radio deployment to
date. All transmitters will be used in 27 locations throughout India.

DRM Chairman, Ruxandra Obreja, hails this development as: "the most
significant development for digital radio in AM and receiver availability
to date. Indian listeners will thus have a chance to hear their favourite
channel in their chosen language in crystal clear quality with all the
added benefits of the extra services that make digital radio an aggregator
of all modern communication platforms".

Read - Nautel press release

With DRM now so high on the radio digitisation agenda in India, the
Consortium intends to give BES participants and visitors a firsthand, live
experience of the DRM benefits. In addition, several DRM members are to
have their own booths at the event :  Ampegon (Booth 59), Digidia (Booth
109), Harris (Booth 97) and Nautel/Comcon (Booth 87). BE, which recently
joined the Consortium as a full member, will also demonstrate at booth 91
their new DRM+ capable transmitters, which might be another cost-effective
solution for India's third phase of FM privatization. Their new FM
transmitter to be seen at BES broadcasts a DRM+ signal and an analogue FM
signal simultaneously through one single transmitter.

DRM experts from Consortium members Analog Devices, Fraunfofer IIS, NXP and
RFmondial will also be attending both the BES exhibition and the
conference. Representatives from Ampegon, Analog Devices, Digidia and
Fraunhofer are also to make presentations at the Digital Radio Broadcasting
session on the morning of the 31 st Jan. The session will be
chaired by the Engineer-In-Chief, All India Radio (AIR) and will also
include a presentation on the AIR DRM roll-out plans, now in full swing.

If you want to come and experience digital radio for yourself at the BES
Expo 2013 and meet senior DRM experts, come to booth 95B.

For more information please write

About DRM

Digital Radio Mondiale TM (DRM) is the universal, openly standardised
digital broadcasting system for all broadcasting frequencies below and
above 30 MHz, including LW, MW, SW, band I, II (FM band) and band III. DRM
provides digital sound quality and the ease-of-use that comes from digital
radio, combined with a wealth of enhanced features: Surround Sound,
Journaline text information, Slideshow, EPG, and data services.
DRM on short, medium and long wave for broadcasting bands up to 30 MHz
(called 'DRM30') provides large coverage areas and low power consumption.
The enhancement of the DRM standard for broadcast frequencies above 30
MHz ('DRM+') uses the same audio coding, data services, multiplexing and
signalling schemes as DRM30 but introduces an additional transmission mode
optimized for those bands.

For more information and DRM updates please visit or subscribe
to DRM news by writing to

*(DRM Consortium Press Release)*

[Alokesh GuptaNew Delhi, Via dx_india YG] 

What Ails Community Radio?' on Lok Sabha TV

Dear all:

As you may be aware, the Community Radio Forum of India has been engaging
with several ministries and media outlets in order to advocate for CR
related policy changes. During this process, several articles have appeared
in print and online regarding the CR sector in India, featuring CRF office
bearers and members.

The latest such engagement in this process has been an interview with CRF
General Secretary N.Ramakrishnan and Treasurer Arti Jaiman on Lok Sabha
TV's Talk Time programme. The hour long programme, conducted by journalist
Paranjoy Guha Thakurta, is scheduled for airing tomorrow (24th January
2012), with repeats over the next week - see the schedule below.

We used the opportunity to talk about the spectrum issue, restrictive
policy clauses, and the things we could learn from global experiences - and
also struck a blow against the whole concept of not issuing CR licenses in
so-called conflict zones across the country.

We sincerely hope all of it ends up in the final programme - and that this
becomes the catalyst that spurs more such media coverage of the CR sector.
Watch it on Lok Sabha TV at 8 pm on the 24th, followed by repeats on Sunday
(27th) 7 am, Monday (28th) 11 am and Thursday (31st) 4 pm. Needless to say,
'programme schedule liable to change without notice'!

Warm regards,
General Secretary, CRF

Director of Projects
Ideosync Media Combine
177, Ashoka Enclave III
Sector 35, Faridabad - 121 003
Haryana - India
Tel: +91-0129-4131883/4064883/4065883/6510156
Mobile: +91-9810273883
Join the Community Radio Forum. For membership details, please go to

[Via cr-india list & dx_india] '


DRM India Chapter Noticeboard January 2013

DRM India Chapter Noticeboard January 2013 edition is available at :
Main Stories :

- DRM to demonstrate Digital Radio at BES Expo 201
- Come and visit DRM at BES Expo 2013
- DRM Members to present all the benefits of Digital Radio at the BES
- Special offer for enhanced DR111 receiver
- Broadcast Electronics join DRM
- Digital Radio Workshop conducted in the Staff Training Institute at All
India Radio
- The Successful Implementation of High Performance Digital Radio
- India's next step in the transition to digital broadcasting

Around the Web…
AIR Medium Wave transmissions remain popular despite FM channels.
RTM Kajang tests observed in DRM mode

January 2013 issue of DRM newsletter is available at :

[Alokesh Gupta, New Delhi, Via dx_india] 

Hamfest India 2013 dates announced

Hamfest India 2013 will be held at Gwalior (Madhya Pradesh) on 21st & 22nd
Sept 2013 ( Sat & Sun).

(G Varadarajan via vuhams list)

Weekly DX Tips from KBS

> KBS World radio is returning the regular DX show every Sunday in its English service, and probably the program will be hosted by 4 peoples across the globe one in each week.

as said earlier

Wavescan-Indian DX Report presenter Prithwiraj Purkayastha will do a report on KBS "Weekly DX Tips" on every last Saturday of the Month

as he said via the  "Wavescan-Indian DX Report" facebook page -

Dear Friends of INDIAN DX REPORT,

We'de like to share a great news with all of you. After completing six successful episodes on Wavescan, the IDXR editor and presenter Prithwiraj Purkayastha will shortly start a monthly DX Report on KBS World Radio! It'll be a part of "Weekly DX Tips" presently hosted by Kevin O'donovan in program Worldwide Friendship and Prithwiraj will join Kevin and team with his DX report from India every last last Saturday in a month. DX tips from IDXR will be first aired on 26th January, Saturday. So please stay tuned and send us your valuable DX Tips, comments, suggestions and reception reports to<>.