Monday, November 16, 2015

The Shortwave DX Challenge

The Shortwave DX Challenge is back after a year off.
2016 January Shortwave DX Challenge Rules
The purpose of this contest, which runs from 0000 UTC January 1st to 2359 UTC January 31st, is to allow for a friendly competition among SWLs and DXers while also adding to the size of the January updates to the ODXA DX Report.
The rules are quite straightforward.
1. Only shortwave broadcast stations between 2 and 30 MHz may be logged. This includes international broadcasts as well as local and tropical band general broadcasts. Time signal stations are allowed but other utility stations, such as VOLMET and other weather stations, are not. Pirate broadcasters are not accepted but the religious broadcaster in Nicaragua identified as El Buen Pescador is allowed.Utility broadcasters that relay shortwave or medium wave broadcasts are allowed but quote the original broadcaster.
2. Logs must be sent in weekly (by 2359 UTC of the 2359 Sunday of each week) to So, logs should be received by 2359 UTC on January 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th, and 31st, although a two day grace period will be allowed at the end of the contest. But no one big sending of a log at the end of the contest will be allowed. SWLs and DXers doing so will find only their last week's worth of logs counting. NO MAIL IN ENTRIES!
3. Logs must be in simple MS Word or Open Office Text (or other word processor format) and MUST follow the format that is used in the ODXA DX Report. See the latest edition of the column at Use the NASWA Country List at: Always have enough program details to ensure your loggings are accepted. Any deviation might cause the entry or individual logging to be disqualified.
4. Every entry must include the name and location of the participant including e-mail and snail mail address.
5. There will be a prize for the top finisher and another for everyone else in the competition. Prizes (which are nominal, at best) must be accepted as awarded.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

பிபிசி வானொலி தொடங்கி 93 வருடங்கள் ஆகிறது.

பிபிசி வானொலி தொடங்கி 93 வருடங்கள் ஆகிறது. அதன் 10 சிறந்த நிகழ்ச்சிகளை கீழ்கண்ட இணைப்பில் காணலாம்.

93rd anniversary of BBC radio: 10 popular programmes

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Radio Prague & KBS monthly quiz

Radio Prague - Mailbox -

Radio Prague -

KBS World Radio Quarterly Quiz /About KBS World Radio/KBS World Radio -

Radio faces Mann ki blast

 The Narendra Modi government is preparing to crack down on community
radio stations for failing to broadcast the Prime Minister's monthly radio

Gyan Vani, Gyan Darshan back on air, soon


திருச்சூர் ஹாம் சந்திப்பு 2015

திருச்சூர் ஹாம் சந்திப்பு 2015

Trichur Ham Meet 2015 will be held on 20th December 2015 Sunday at International YMCA A/C Conference Hall.Trichur . As last time we are not charging anything for this event, but your participation is our foremost importance. This year we are planning more Stalls for sales of equipments and accessories,better and larger hall for more participants. So please make free on 20th December 2015 and participate this event to make a grand success. TNX 73's Trichur Hams.

# This event we planned for licenced amateur radio operator's(HAM)only however accompanying swl's are allowed to enter...

Register Today Itself a@

                 Venue : International Y.M.C.A. Trichur 

                               Conference Hall (A/C)

             Location  : Palace Road, Trichur.

                  Date   : 20th December 2015 Sunday

                  Time   : 10 AM To 4 PM

Registration Fee : Free !!!!

QRV on 145.500 Mhz  or 145.650 -ve (600Khz)


*** Those who are carrying amateur radio equipment are requested to keep their licence & ID copy handy.

# Those who are wish to put up stalls have to inform us earlier so has to arrange a desk for you. also make sure to bring the extention box if power required.

About Trichur :

Visitor Attractions around Trichur :


Accomodation in Trichur :-

1. YMCA International Guest House  Rs.650-1500

2. KTDC Tamarind Hotel Rs.990 - 1500

3. Hotel Pearl Regency Rs.900 - 2750

4. Hotel Mangala Tower Rs.1900 - 4500

5. Hotel Pooram International Rs. 2300-6000

6. Luciya Palace Hotel Rs.2000-5000

7. Casino Hotel Rs.1500-6500

8. Hotel Ashoka Inn Rs.2750-6000

9. Hotel Joys Palace Rs.3350-10,200

10. LuLu International Covention Centre Rs. 4000-7000

# Special 10-12% Discount and Complimentary Breakfast @ Hotel Mothi Mahal

# Special 10% Discount and Complimentary Breakfast @ Hotel Pearl Regency


** rates mentioned are as per their website..taxes will be extra.There are plenty of hotels available in Trichur City.E&OE


Sinto Antony VU2JET 
+91 9847390049 
Prabin Thomas VU2POL 
+91 9900332480 
Biju.M.G. VU2EAC 
+91 9895524232 
Sunil Panakkal VU3SUL 
+91 8907225180 
Christopher T.P.VU2CTN 
+91 9447619280 
Tony Kollengaden VU2GTX 
+91 9142111412 
Dr.Manoj VU3MJC

Friday, November 13, 2015

Special EDXC Broadcast

ஐரோப்பிய டி.எக்ஸ்.கவுன்சிலின் சிறப்பு சிற்றலை ஒலிபரப்பு.

Special EDXC Broadcast 5-7 December
Rhein-Main-Radio-Club will be broadcasting on shortwave about EDXC - Conference at St.Petersburg. Special QSL-Card for reception reports to RMRC or by post Rhein-Main-Radio-Club e.V. , Postfach 700849, 60558 Frankfurt, Germany.
Via Lithuania:
5 December 0800-0900 on 11690 to Asia (Japan) in English
5 December 0900-1000 on 11690 to Russia in Russian.

5 December at 2200-2300 on 11580 may be audible in Europe
6 December at 0100-0200 on 11580 may be audible in Europe
6 December at 2300-0000 on 5850 to North America
6 December at 0500-0600 on 9955 to Caribbean and Latin America
7 December at 2100-2200 on 7570 to North America. This may also be audible in Europe.
7 December at 2100-2200 on 15770 to Europe and North America. (DX-clusive via Lehtinen)
(DX-Window No. 542, Danish  Shortwave  Club  International).  Via Alokesh Gupta

Important Announcement from Adventist Word Radio


The time has come for change.  For the past quarter century and more, the Indianapolis address for Adventist Word Radio has received listener mail and reception reports from more than 100 countries all around the world.  It has been our privilege to respond to all of the incoming mail, both postal and email, and to send out uncounted thousands of QSL cards.   
However, because of major health issues for us both (my wife as well as myself) and due to our advancing years (we are both nearing our mid-80s) it has become necessary for me to reduce my work load, just as soon as possible.  It is with great reluctance that therefore I announce the fact that the processing of listener reception reports will be transferred from Indianapolis to a new address in Silver Spring Maryland.  Staff at AWR headquarters will take over the processing of all reception reports addressed to Adventist World Radio.  They are located in the building complex at the world headquarters of the Seventh-day Adventist denomination on the edge of suburban Washington DC.
Effective at the end of the year, the Indianapolis post office box address will be closed, and emails addressed to the Indianapolis address will no longer be received.  Likewise, postal mail addressed to the AWR street address in Indianapolis will no longer be processed locally.  The new address for all reception reports addressed to Adventist World Radio worldwide is:-   
Box 10188, Silver Spring, MD 20914, USA.
Every item of  postal mail received at the Indianapolis box address up to December 31 will be processed here and QSL cards will be sent out in the usual way from this location.  It will take some time, well into the New Year, to complete the processing of all pending mail, but each item will be processed and all QSL cards will be posted out.
We might add that a new QSL card has just been received, and this card will be the last QSL card ever issued from this address.  In addition, a new batch of many different types of AWR curios and souvenirs has been received, and these items will be sent out to listeners who enter our big annual DX contest.  These souvenirs and curios will never become available again. 
Remember to enter our big annual DX contest which has been extended till the end of November.  Many awards, and souvenirs, and new QSL cards are available, as well as a new award for listeners in New Zealand and Australia; a copy of the colorful Australian Radio History by Dr. Bruce Carty.
In this year's contest, you are invited to design the details for your own contest entry.  You are invited to tell what is your best QSL since our last contest, and to provide three AWR reception reports. 
Complete details are available from many DX club magazines, and from various websites.  You may also contact Wavescan in Indianapolis for an email version of the contest details. 
In order to grant opportunity for listeners in Australia and New Zealand, the closing date for the 2015 DX contest has been extended by one month.  All entries worldwide now need to be postmarked by the end of November, and received at the Indianapolis postal address by the end of December.  Details regarding the results of the contest will be announced in Wavescan in mid January.
It is intended that the AWR DX program, "Wavescan", will continue as usual in the same regular way.  We are grateful for the DX reports from our DX reporters in India, Japan, Bangladesh, Philippines and Australia.  We are grateful for the professional production of this weekly broadcast by Jeff White in the studios of WRMI in Okeechobee Florida, and for the reading of regular features by Ray Robinson in the studios of KVOH in Los Angeles, and for the widespread broadcast of Wavescan via the shortwave facilities of Adventist World Radio, WRMI, WWCR and KVOH. 

Dr. Adrian M. Peterson
DX Editor - Wavescan.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Paranjoti who was All India Radio’s first Station Director

Charming with PR and music

I had known of Victor Paranjoti as founder and Conductor of the Bombay-based Paranjoti Choir and a person passionately involved with Western Classical music in India. What I didn't know was that he started his career in Madras with All India Radio and moved to Bombay where he became a pioneer in the production of house journals, something I was into many years later. It was while searching for some information on All India Radio, Madras (AIR-M) that I caught up with these other facets of Paranjoti.

Picture Courtesy: The Hindu
In Madras, he joined All India Radio in its fledgling days when it operated from a house on Marshall’s Road (opposite the Rajaratnam Stadium). It was Paranjoti who was All India Radio’s first Station Director, Madras, when it began broadcasting on June 16, 1938. Deeply committed to music, he introduced a substantial musical content in the programming, including Western Classical. To improve AIR-M’s programmes, he constantly sought feedback. And for this, he not only visited many a listener’s home but he would also anonymously mingle with the crowds on the Marina, in Panagal Park (T.Nagar) and Mylapore Beach adjoining what is now the Fishermen's and Foreshore Estates - where, from little booths equipped with loudspeakers, AIR-M programmes were broadcast every evening - to get the views of man-in-the-street listeners. In the process, he no doubt honed the skills he was to use in the world he was to move into after 15 years with All India Radio, Madras - the world of Public Relations. But even while working in this world he never lost contact with radio; he did a lot of music programming for AIR-Bombay.

From Madras, Paranjoti moved to Bombay in the 1950s to head the Public Relations Department of ACC Cement, where he introduced one of the first house journals in India. While there, he became the founder president of the Association of Business Communicators of India and played a major role in getting business houses to publish house journals as an essential public relations measure. On retirement, he joined The Times of India as its first national Business Editor and, once again, became a founder president, this time of the Indian Association of Industrial Editors. Moving on from newspapers, he founded his own company to edit house journals for others and produced them for many a leading Bombay company.

It was in 1960 that Paranjoti transformed the Bombay Amateur Light Opera Sabha into the Paranjoti Academy Chorus, whose conductor he was for the rest of his life. It was the first Indian choir to perform in Europe and, in the years that followed, it visited, during Paranjoti's lifetime and his leadership, two dozen countries. Today, it performs abroad at least once a year.

The Paranjoti Choir has sung in 22 languages, including most of the Indian languages, and offers, apart from Western Classical music, spiritual, folk, traditional and modern music. Several of its songs are compositions of Paranjoti. And these too live up to the Choir’s motto: ‘International harmony through international music.’

Source: Via MADRAS MISCELLANY S. MUTHIAH in his "Love this historian" article published on October 26, 2012