Monday, November 16, 2015

The Shortwave DX Challenge

The Shortwave DX Challenge is back after a year off.
2016 January Shortwave DX Challenge Rules
The purpose of this contest, which runs from 0000 UTC January 1st to 2359 UTC January 31st, is to allow for a friendly competition among SWLs and DXers while also adding to the size of the January updates to the ODXA DX Report.
The rules are quite straightforward.
1. Only shortwave broadcast stations between 2 and 30 MHz may be logged. This includes international broadcasts as well as local and tropical band general broadcasts. Time signal stations are allowed but other utility stations, such as VOLMET and other weather stations, are not. Pirate broadcasters are not accepted but the religious broadcaster in Nicaragua identified as El Buen Pescador is allowed.Utility broadcasters that relay shortwave or medium wave broadcasts are allowed but quote the original broadcaster.
2. Logs must be sent in weekly (by 2359 UTC of the 2359 Sunday of each week) to So, logs should be received by 2359 UTC on January 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th, and 31st, although a two day grace period will be allowed at the end of the contest. But no one big sending of a log at the end of the contest will be allowed. SWLs and DXers doing so will find only their last week's worth of logs counting. NO MAIL IN ENTRIES!
3. Logs must be in simple MS Word or Open Office Text (or other word processor format) and MUST follow the format that is used in the ODXA DX Report. See the latest edition of the column at Use the NASWA Country List at: Always have enough program details to ensure your loggings are accepted. Any deviation might cause the entry or individual logging to be disqualified.
4. Every entry must include the name and location of the participant including e-mail and snail mail address.
5. There will be a prize for the top finisher and another for everyone else in the competition. Prizes (which are nominal, at best) must be accepted as awarded.