Monday, February 28, 2011

Union Budget 2011: Prasar Bharti's budget decreased

NEW DELHI: Despite the financial problems dogging Prasar Bharti, allocation for the public broadcaster was decreased in this year's budget by nearly Rs 273 crore. 

While the total grants-in-aid to Prasar Bharti was Rs 1757.14 crore in 2010-11, this year it has been reduced to Rs 1484.01 crore. Funds will, however, be pumped into the public broadcaster through investments which have been increased from Rs 227.48 crore to Rs 379.97 crore. 

In other areas of the Information and Publicity division, the allocation for films has been increased from Rs 103.10 crore to Rs 137.03 crore. The budget also exempted cinematographic films from excise duty. 

Presenting the budget, Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee said, "the Indian film industry has represented that colour, unexposed jumbo rolls of cinematographic film are not manufactured domestically and have to be imported. I propose to exempt jumbo rolls of 400 feet and 1000 feet from CVD by providing full exemption from excise duty".

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Monday, February 21, 2011

HAM MEET 2011 (Mamallapuram)


BBC closure dates

Peter Horrocks, head of the BBC Global News Division, today announced the following closure dates:

1. BBC Portuguese for Africa and BBC Serbian will cease broadcasting on Friday 25 February.

2. BBC Albanian will cease broadcasting on Monday 28 February.

3. BBC Macedonian will deliver its final broadcast on Friday 4 March.

4. BBC Caribbean will cease broadcasting on Friday 25 March. 

5. BBC Mundo radio will cease broadcasting on Friday 25 February.

6. BBC Russian radio and BBC Chinese radio will end on Friday 25 March.

7. BBC Vietnamese radio will cease broadcasting on Saturday 26 March.

8. BBC Azeri radio will end broadcasting on the weekend of 26/27 March. 

9. It is proposed that SW distribution will cease for the following services on the weekend of 26/27 March: Indonesian, Kyrgyz, Nepali, Swahili, Great Lakes and Hindi. 

10. The cessation of English on 648 MW and SW and the cessation of MW to Russia and the FSU are also proposed for the weekend of 26/27 March. 

Thursday, February 03, 2011

DX QUIZ 2011

In 2011 the Ardic DX Club celebrates its 13th anniversary. For 13 years it has been the primary source of information for dxing enthusiasts all over the Tamil Nadu, India. In order to celebrate this event, a quiz is being organised. The quiz is open to anyone, regardless of location or club membership. The quiz does not solely deal with Tamil Dxing, but covers very different radio aspects. Answering following 25 questions you can show your radio knowledge.

No quiz without prizes of course. You wish to contribute a prize? So if the questions look hard, participate anyway.

Quiz starts from 14 February 2011, Last date for the entry 28 March 2011.


Quiz Questions

See the Quiz Questions on the special website

Send your answers to



Radio World,

Gyanvani FM,

Assistant Professor,

Department of Communication,

MS University,


Tirunelveli – 627 012,

Tamil Nadu,



Every entry will get the special pennant in the memory of the second anniversary of Gyanvani FM 105.6 - Tiruneveli. 1. Every entry must send one reception report of any frequency of All India Radio for the 71st anniversary special QSL.

2. Every entry should send any one radio sticker. Local radio sticker is appreciated.

3. Every entry should send one any radio QSL card. Indian listeners must send Rs.25/- mint stamp for postage and International listeners must send 2 IRC or 2 US $. Those who are send US dollars; kindly send it only by register post. Otherwise it will be theft and the ADXC were not take the responsibility of your US $.

For more details
ardicdxclub (at) yahoo (dot) co (dot) in
[Jaisakthivel, ADXC, India]


Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Radio Prague :: International service ends broadcasting on shortwave after 75 years

The international service of Czech Radio, Radio Prague, ends broadcasting on shortwave on Monday, 75 years after regular broadcasts on shortwave were first relayed from the Czechoslovak (now Czech) Radio building in Vinohradsk√° Street. The first broadcast was on August 31, 1936 and included recorded music and live announcements in several languages. It also included a speech in English by technical director of Czechoslovak Radio Eduard Svoboda. The station's decision to cut shortwave after 75 years followed a severe budget cut by the Foreign Ministry in line with government austerity measures aimed at reducing the state deficit. The station, which has seen some reduction in staff, will continue its broadcasts in six languages via the internet as its main platform, as well as on satellite; it will also continue cooperation with partner stations in re-broadcasting.

Partha Sarathi Goswami via

Title page image from WRTH 2011

WRTH Bargraph Frequency Guide

World Radio TV Handbook or WRTH is the most accurate and complete guide to the world of radio on LW, MW, SW and FM, available in any form. This CD, new for the B10 season, takes part of this information, international broadcasts on LW, MW and SW and domestic SW, and displays it as a graphic colour bargraph.

The WRTH Bargraph Frequency Guide has been carefully designed to give the maximum information in a clear and easy to read format. It is supplied as a pdf.

More details: