Tuesday, January 27, 2009

AIR Andaman and Nicobar Isls QSL

4760 AIR Port Blair, f/d letter rcvd in 20 days via email for mailed report w/2 IRC's. V/S: P.P. Babby, Station Engineer. CORRECT email address: Wrong on AIR website. Asks for further reports and tells a little about the islands and their fate since the Tsunami. (Albert Muick-AFG, hcdx Dec 16)

All India Radio 7 MHz frequencies to be changed

The frequencies of AIR stations operating between 7105 and 7195 are proposed to be shifted to frequencies on the higher side of the 41 meter band (above 7200 kHz) from the A 2009 broadcasting period.

Something like this in A09 (tentatively) :
KKT 0230-1215 RSW - KKT 7210 50 180
KSG 0415-1045 RSW - KSG 7230 50 150
DEL 0200-0400 Internal-N 7235 50 162
MUM 0415-1215 RSW - MUM 7240 50 90
PAN 0115-0230 Nepali 7250 250 25
GKP 0645-1145 Nep/Urdu 7250 50 15
PAN 1600-1830 Pers/Mal. 7250 250 300 (x7115)
ALG 1300-1545 Dar/Pus/En 7255 250 282
CNI 0645-1215 FM Gold 7270 100 0
CNI 1230-1600 FM Gold 7270 100 0
CNI 0015-0430 FM Gold 7275 100 0
GUW 0415-1145 RSW - GUW 7280 50 130
TVD 0215-1045 RSW - TVD 7290 50 160
AIZ 0415-1115 RSW - AIZ 7295 10 36
DEL 1230-1730 FM Gold 7295 50 162
SHG 0415-1045 RSW - SHG 7315 50 76 (x7130)
JAI 0415-1115 RSW - JAI 7325 50 90 (x7120)
MUM 1230-1730 FM Gold 7325 100 10
IMP 0215-0945 RSW - IMP 7335 50 160 (x7150)
MUM 0015-0430 FM Gold 7340 100 10 (x7195?)
MUM 0615-1200 FM Gold 7340 100 10 (x7195?)
MUM 1230-1730 FM Gold 7340 100 10 (x7195?)
MUM 0015-0430 FM Gold 7345 100 10
MUM 0615-1200 FM Gold 7345 100 10
DEL 0015-0430 FM Gold 7360 50 162
DEL 0615-1200 FM Gold 7360 50 162 (x7170?)
DEL 1230-1730 FM Gold 7360 50 162
DEL 0015-0045 H/E News 7370 50 162 (x7150)
DEL 0045-0200 Sindhi 7370 100 282 (x7125)
DEL 1545-1830 Internal-N 7370 100 154 (x7140)
CNI 0245-1145 RSW - CNI 7380 50 0 (x7160)
CNI 0045-0430 FM Gold 7385 100 0
CNI 0645-1130 FM Gold 7385 100 0
CNI 1230-1730 FM Gold 7385 100 0
PBL 0300-1045 RSW - PBL 7390 10 147 (x7115)
DEL 1300-1530 Dari/Push 7410 250 334
ALG 1600-1730 Hindi 7410 250 282
DEL 1730-2230 GOIV/H/GOV 7410 250 312
GUW 0015-0430 FM Gold 7420 50 130 (x7190?)
HYD 0215-1145 RSW - HYD 7420 50 125 (x7140)
GUW 0615-1200 FM Gold 7420 50 130 (x7190?)
GUW 1230-1730 FM Gold 7420 50 130
BHO 0215-1115 RSW - BHO 7430 50 102 (x7180)
LKW 0415-1045 RSW - LKW 7440 50 72 (x7105)
ALG 0045-0200 Burmese 9950 250 102 (x7165)
(Jose Jacob, VU2JOS)

RAM-less Chennai FM players devise ways to keep track of listeners

Perception, top of the mind recall, listerners’ initiative, knee jerk decisions and programming manoeuvres – all these have evolved as the various tools at the hands of the Chennai FM players to fight the challenges imposed by the absence of a common audience measurement system. Taking a closer look at how the city is fairing as the only metro without RAM, has thrown some light on the surviving tips of these stations vis-à-vis their brand building initiatives and monetising processes. View full article

Ameen Sayani back with Geetmala ki Chhaon Mein

The hugely popular weekly show 'Binaca Geetmala' that aired top Bollywood songs during 1952-1994, is back with a different tune.

The show, which was anchored by veteran radio host Ameen Sayani, garnered millions of regular fans and is now back in a unique concept album format titled 'Geetmala ki Chhaon Mein'. The album was released under the Saregama label on 26 January 2009.

'Geetmala ki Chhaon Mein' brings back the radio industry's icon, Ameen Sayani in an album series comprising five volumes. The concept album contains gems from Indian film music from 1930s to the 1950s. This time, the veteran broadcaster has picked up songs which missed the limelight by a whisker. "I went half mad doing the short listing. I had to think of a lot of angles. In this compilation I am highlighting the songs that maybe did not headline too much. For the first three volumes, I hunted for the songs I thought were outstanding but did not really got that much acclaim." Sayani said.

The remarkable repertoire of songs selected for 'Geetmala ki Chhaon Mein' has been interwoven with interview snatches of filmstars like Amitabh Bachchan, Kishore Kumar, Meena Kumari, Ashok Kumar, Nutan, Sunil Dutt and many more. "The listeners will get a unique feel - a feel of listening to the radio. Besides this, there are many star interviews and a brief snippet of what was happening generally in India during that time - it's an mixuture of humor, nostalgia and poetry." Sayani adds, "It will definelty remind them of Binaca Geet Mala."

At a time when SMS and emails were yet to appear on the horizon, the success of the radio show was clear – it drew 9,000 letters after its first show and thereafter an astounding 60, 000 letters a week! This album is courtesy to the non stop requests that listeners have been making, for more Ameen Sayani and 'Geetmala'. The veteran broadcaster has a deep understanding of music and it's nature, Sayani say's, "Music, like civilization, is a river. It's origins are way back in past and as it flows it keeps gathering treasures through his shores therefore it continually flows in past present and moving in future." With 'Geetmala ki Chhaon Mein, hopefully the magic will return. (Source: Radioandmusic.com)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Fox Hunt in IIT-M

Fox Hunt Frequencies : Primary frequency - 145.420 Mhz
Talking frequency - 145.000 Mhz

Let's go T-Hunting! A transmitter finding event for the amateur radio enthusiast, this event is aimed at boosting the spirit of the age old radio techniques. One of the best kept secrets in Ham radio, Fox hunt is a fresh start to a new adventure. So all you tech savvy people out there, gear up your shack and narrow down the fox here at K'09!

This SCIENTIFIC GAME helps every enthusiast to gain knowledge about radio direction finding, attenuation techniques and associated concepts like direct signal and reflected signal detection, orientation etc. The teams, equipped with a VHF set and a directional antenna can choose their starting place to take the bearings of the signal transmitted by the 'FOX', the hidden transmitter. The team which finds the hideout first will emerge the winner.

With slight modifications to the actual protocols used in a traditional fox hunt to match the geographical parameters, K! Fox hunt is surely a treat for the adventure loving newbie who wants to experience the true beauty of engineering.
Details on http://www.kurukshetra.org.in/events/

A Software-Defined Radio (SDR) system is a radio communication

A Software-Defined Radio (SDR) system is a radio communication system where components that have typically been implemented in hardware (i.e. mixers, filters, amplifiers, modulators/demodulators, detectors. etc.) are instead implemented using software on a personal computer or other embedded computing devices. A one day workshop to gain hands-on experience in developing this next generation radio gadget is scheduled in kurukshetra'09.
Mr. Rahul Srivastava, a HAM operator himself will conduct the workshop which is open to all.
The workshop will help the participants to build radios for both commercial bands and HAM bands.
We call upon all Radio enthusiasts to enjoy the flavour of a future gadget here in this SDR workshop.
The course work for the workshop will be put up soon.
To avoid over-crowding we request you to pre-register for this workshop.
Details on http://www.kurukshetra.org.in/events/index.php?req=Software_Defined_Radio&cat=8

Activating India’s Lighthouses: AT8LH

Amateur Radio operation from ARLHS IND-011 during the ARLHS and ILLW Organization-sponsored weekend from 15th Aug to 24th Aug 2008 was made possible using the unique callsign AT8LH by very special permission from the Government of India — Archaeological Survey of India, vide F. No.17/33/2008-M. This activation was later designated “ILLWeek” when the time period for the operation was extended several days beyond the traditional weekend. An account of the activation, with photos of the ham crew and the lights, appears later in this special ILLW Winter 2008 issue of the ARLHS Lighthouse Lens newsletter. You will read full article on the following link. link http://arlhs.com/8-2.pdf (Thanks to Lion Ajoy - VU2JHM)

Radio Canada International 2009 Calendar

This is the Calendar Time... Yes most of the International radio's send their wonderful pictorial calendars to their valuable listeners. Some of them were creative and some of them were attractive. This year Radio Canada International send the monthly calendar to their listeners. It's gives the wonderful view of world heritage sites.
You can write to them at the following address:
RCI address in Montreal:
1400, boulevard René-Lévesque Est
Montreal, QC
H2L 2M2
Telephone: 514 597-7500 (Thanks to RCI)

HAM-MAG is now available for free

Issue 2 of the new English language Amateur Radio publication HAM-MAG is now
available for free download.

You can download the magazine from the HAM-MAG website at
http://www.ham- mag.com/ and if you subscribe (it's free) the magazine will
be emailed to you each month.

The latest issue contains

PAGE 4 : The amateur's code - By VK3AHT
PAGE 5 : Errare humanum est - By YO4PX
PAGE10 : General coverage receiver - By ON6MU
PAGE 11 : Earphone + microphone - By IZ7ATH
PAGE 13 : HF wavemeter - By VK2ZAY
PAGE 16 : The DX news from the Web
PAGE 18 : The DX calendar - By SM3CVS
PAGE 20 : Help wanted - by DL6KVA
PAGE 21 : History of radio, room 40 - By VK2ATZ
PAGE 24 : antenna azimuth indicator - from Hamportal.net
PAGE 27 : Digital modes interface - by IK3QAR
PAGE 31 : Portable EME operation - By DL3OCH
PAGE 33 : Audios interconnections RX/TX to PC - By ON4BX
PAGE 41 : Comic's HAM

The editor Vincent F5SLD says

"Don't forget, this is your magazine and we need you !

Send us all informations, as DX, homebrew, technical, meetings, etc.
To share information is our goal."

http://www.ham- mag.com/ via Southgate
http://www.southgat earc.org/ news/january2009 /ham_mag_ issue_two. htm
(Mike Terry Via DXLD)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

International Conference on Development Communication in the Era of Globalization

The Global Communication Research Association
North Ryde, New South Wales, Sydney, NSW 2109, Australia
in collaboration with
The School of Media Studies, Loyola College, Chennai
from July 9 to 11, 2009

Media and MDGs
Science Communication
Media and Environment
Media and Gender
Media, Democracy and Human Rights
Alternative and Community Media
Asian Perspectives on Communication
Agricultural Communication
Expert Systems in Extension Science
Diffusion and Adoption
ICTs for Information Support
Communication Support for Market-led Extension

Location: Chennai (formerly called Madras) is in south India
Dates: July 9 to 11, 2009 (Thursday to Saturday)

The Chennai conference shall be for two and a half days followed by an optional half a day tour to the historical Mamallapuram and a dinner in a holiday resort.

Last date for the submission of Abstract is February 29, 2009
Abstract may be sent by email to the following academics:
Henry Victor hmv2hmv@yahoo.com
I. Arul Aram arulram@annauniv.edu

The registration fee with a hard copy of the registration form and the abstract shall also be posted to:

Henry Victor
Head, Department of Visual Communication
School of Media Studies
Loyola College
Chennai 600034, India

The last date for submission of the full paper is May 15, 2009

Host: Loyola College (autonomous), Nungambakkam, Chennai 600034.

Loyola College is a 75-year-old institution of higher education. It has a strong School of Media Studies. The school offers BSc (Visual Communication), MSc (Visual Communication), MA (Media Arts) and PhD (Communication). Another wing of the college, the Culture and Communication Centre, takes to grassroots activism in communication. The college also has a campus community radio. The college has auditoriums of difference capacities (150 and 200), and classrooms of varied sizes.

About GCRA: The Global Communication Research Association (GCRA) is an international communication research association, founded around the turn of the millennium to cater to the global south. It had conducted conferences in Sydney (Australia), Varanasi (India), Guangzhou (China) and Bangkok (Thailand). Its founder-president is Naren Chitty, Professor of International Communication of Macquarie University, Sydney. The president of the Indian chapter is Dipak De, Professor of Agricultural Extension Education in Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi. GCRA brings out a journal, Journal of Global Communication twice a year. ­Selected papers of the conference will be published in the journal.

Conference Committee

S. Rajanayagam
A. Amalraj
Suresh Paul
Henry Victor (Organizing Secretary)
I. Arul Aram (Joint Organizing Secretary)


Cheap accommodation includes Loyola College hostels, AICUF, ICSA, and World University Service Centre. Accommodation of hostel / guesthouse type will be between Rs. 100 and Rs. 500. Several moderate accommodation facilities including Hotel Breeze and International YWCA Guesthouse are located within three kilometres from the college campus.

Hotel Breeze: Single occupancy Rs. 3000 plus tax (Rs. 3375)
Double occupancy Rs. 3600 plus tax (Rs. 4050)
Includes breakfast and use of health club

More options shall be communicated in due course.

Conference fee

Rs. 1,000 for South Asian academics and US$100 for the rest. For GCRA life members from South Asia, registration is Rs. 750 and the GCRA members from other countries US$75. Rs. 500 for South Asian research scholars and students. US$50 for non-South Asian students. Half a day sight-seeing (Rs. 500 each) and accommodation (varied charges) shall be charged separately.

Demand draft shall be drawn in the name “The Principal, Loyola College” payable at Chennai (India).

Registration fee includes:

The conference kit is a bag with a book of conference proceedings (with all abstracts selected for presentation). The conference fee also includes lunch in all three days, and dinner on the first two days. There shall be cultural programmes in the evenings.


The British Council in collaboration with the BBC World Service has launched the International Radio Playwriting Competition 2009. Applicants are invited to write an original and unpublished radio play in English of approximately 60 minutes in length, on a subject of their choice. Click here for more information. http://www.britishcouncil.org/india-arts-playwriting-competition.htm

All India Radio begins its first digital 'short wave transmission

All India Radio begins DRM transmission

India starts tests on Digital Radio Mondiale transmissionSatyen MohapatraNew Delhi, January 31, 2007Since Jan 26, 2007, India has started tests on Digital Radio Mondialetransmission which is qualitatively much superior to the existing analogtransmission and also supports text-data transmission.In an exclusive interview with Hindustan Times Director (Engg)

All India Radio Yogendra Pal said, "DRM will be available only on special DRM receiverwhich will allow us to provide the listener number of Programme AssociatedData. So while a listener is listening to a song we can let the listener seethe name of the movie, the name of the singer, composer, on the LCD screenon the Radio."

He said that the government would liaison with Railway, Civil Aviation andother Ministries whose messages could be flashed on the radio 'screens'whether it is on train and airlines arrival, departures or other generalmessages. News headlines and stock exchange rates could also be regularlytransmitted, he added."

This can also give us additional revenues and we can also generate more revenue by transmitting advertisements," he added.In the Eleventh Plan the government has proposed to go in for digital radio, he added."We have given the government the proposal to first start digital broadcastservices for External Services and in our Regional Services," he said.Digital Radio Mondiale technology is supposed to be the latest technology which does not require additional spectrum allocation and is felt to be more suitable for Indian conditions. Experiments on digital transmission have been going on for the past some years on eureka technology which requiresadditional spectrum.

A decoder has been installed at the AIR transmitter at Khampur, Delhi forthe broadcast of digital transmission.The government is importing a number of DRM receivers for testing theirquality under Indian conditions.One such receiver which can take upto 128 text characters at a time in asingle frame will be displayed at the Broadcast Expo at Pragati Maidanbeginning on Thursday, he added. www.hindustantimes.com/news/181_1916500,0008.htm
(Source: Alokesh Gupta, India)

All India Radio starts regular DRM tests to Europe

Long time DRM Member All India Radio started regular DRM tests on 2nd of October from Khampur, Delhi (India) into Europe. The broadcast is at 1745-2230 UTC on 9950 kHz. More information in the DRM Live Broadcast Schedule.

(Source: DRM Consortium by Andy Sennitt, )

All India Radio begins its first digital 'short wave transmission'

Jan 16The first digital shortwave transmitter of All India Radio will start functioning from Friday. The Chief Executive Officer of Prasar Bharati, Mr. B. S. Lalli will inaugurate this transmitter to mark the Golden Jubilee of High Power Transmitter Centre of AIR at Khampur in New Delhi. It will provide quality output to the listeners on the shortwave. The External Services programmes of AIR and Vividh Bharati services will be available with a boosted backup
http://www.newsonai r.com/news. asp?cat=national &id=NN4888 (Jose Jacob, VU2JOS)

Monday, January 12, 2009

International Radio Quizes/Contest January 2009

DW Sports Report Quiz: In January, the Tennis Australian Open will be the first sporting highlight of the year. Twelve months ago, World No. 3 Novak Djokovic surprisingly won his first ever Grand Slam title in Melbourne. In their Sports Report January Quiz, They like you to tell us: Where is Novak Djokovic from? Is he from a) Serbia b) Russia or c) Sweden? If you know the answer send it to sport.english@dw-world.de or to Deutsche Welle, English Service, Sports Report Quiz, 53110 Bonn, Germany. The winner will receive a short wave radio and the four runners up will each get a Deutsche Welle football. Good Luck!

DW Newslink: This month on Newslink we have a wildlife protection related question for you: 2009 has been declared the UN year of a black and furry animal. Is it a) the grizzly bear b) gorilla or c) the black russian terrier? If you know the answer send it to newslink@dw-world.de or to Deutsche Welle, English Service, 53110 Bonn, Germany or as a text message to +49 160 148 1000. There’s a choice of a shortwave radio or an MP3 player for the winner and some great consolation prizes for the first 5 runners up. Good luck!

Inside Europe: Miss Marple and Hercule Poirot are the most famous of Agatha Christie's detectives. But which stage play is the author best known for? Amateur detective Miss Marple solved a dozen crimes in the legendary books by Agatha Christie. The famous English crime writer, who died this month back in 1976, is best remembered for her dozens of detective novels featuring Miss Marple and Hercule Poirot. But Christie also wrote a stage play, which holds the record for the longest running show in the world. They like to know its name. Answer is The Mousetrap (1952). You can email your answers to them at europe@dw-world.de. Or write to them at Inside Europe, European Desk, Deutsche Welle Radio, Bonn, Germany. They have an mp3 player and five exclusive Deutsche Welle prizes to give away, so get those answers in.

DW Cool: What do you know about 2009? What you know could help you win a DW bag of goodies! Quiz Question: 2009 is the international year of WHAT? A) Languages B) Astronomy C) the Potato D) the Elephant? Mail your answer - including your mailing address - to: E-mail: features@dw-world.de Snail Mail: Cool, English Service, Deutsche Welle Radio, 53111 Bonn, Germany. Get those answers in before the end of February 2009. Good Luck!

DW South Asia: Answer the following question to win a short-wave radio and other Deutsche Welle prizes! To start the new year with a bang, our question is: In which country were fireworks invented? A. China B. Japan C. India To enter the prize draw, please send your answers and your postal addresses to DW at myasia@dw-world.de or to Deutsche Welle Radio, Asia English Department, Kurt-Schumacher Straße 3, 53113 Bonn, Germany. The draw will take place at the end of the month -- the winners will be informed on our radio programme Asia Compact and on this site. Good luck!

For CVC Hindi T.Shirt see the video in http://www.thevoiceasia.com/flashsite/competition_email/web%20competition.php and Answer the T.Shirt color in the video. Is it ?Red, Black or White

CVC English: Win Iphone. Send your New year resolutions and win it. New Year's Resolve 5 THINGS YOU RESOLVE TO DO TO MAKE 2009 A SUCCESSFUL YEAR FOR YOURSELF AND OTHERS AROUND YOU...........Undecided think away! The most promising, convincing, unusual responses will get rewardz! Mail your answers today!!!

RTI Global Exchange
January Topic Every month, RTI post a new question to listeners as part of our Global Exchange segment. If RTI choose your letter to read on the air, you will receive a special RTI souvenir. January topic: As economies around the world are slowing down...share ideas on how to save money in the new year! Send entries to natalie@rti.org.tw or to PO Box 24-38/ Taipei, Taiwan.

Radio Prague: This month’s mystery person was born on January 5, 1931 in the eastern town of Loučná nad Desnou but has lived in other countries for most of his life. He is considered to be one of the world’s greatest classical pianists. Last month he gave his last public performance after a concert career of sixty years. Answer is: Alfred Brendel. Send your answers to Radio Prague, 12099 Prague or to english@radio.cz by the end of January.

DW Inbox: January Inbox Question is: who was this man who had a dream, who has had such a profound impact on the American way of life? Was it a) Jesse Jackson b) Louis Armstrong or c) Martin Luther King Jr. Get your answers in by 31st of the month. - as an e-mail to: inbox@dw-world.de - as a text message to: +49 160148 1000 or by post to:
Deutsche Welle, English Service, Inbox, 53110 Bonn, Germany.

Vatican Radio technical Museum


Programme Guide

If you want to know more about Vatican Radio technical Museum, then send a mail to them. B08 Schedule cover this article with lot of rare photographs. Also you will get a wonderful 2009 calender from them.
Vatican Radio, South Asian Desk, Vatican City, Rome, Italy.
e-mail: india@vatiradio.va / tamil@vatiradio.va
website: www.vaticanradio.org / www.vatican.va
Vatican Radio - India Office
Loyola College Campus
P.B. 3301, Chennai 600 034
other offices:
Vatican Radio, Bishop’s House, P.B. 2, Jaffna, Sri Lanka
Vatican Radio, Nirmala, 31 Clifford Place, Columbo 4, Sri Lanka
Vatican Radio, POC, P.B. 2251, Palarivattom, Kochi 682 025
Vatican Radio, Satya Bharati, P.B. 2, Purulla Road, Ranchi 834 001
other e-mails: engindia@vatiradio.va / hindi@vatiradio.va
malayalam@vatiradio.va / urdu@vatiradio.va

2009 Greeting Cards from International Radios

China Radio Intrenational

Islamic republic of Iran broadcasting (IRIB)

Radio Prague

2009 DX Pocket Calenders

Some of the pocket calenders send by International Radios

FEBA Radio



Mahabalipuram Eyeball meet 2009

Mr. Vittal VU2VIT
All are invited for the Great Eyeball meet at Mahabalipuram in this year 2009

EXACT VENUE: Hotel Veeras near Mahabalipuram Bus Stand
TIME: From 08;59 hrs on 14th February 2009 2nd Saturday)
FREQUENCY: 144.900Mc/s - Simplex Mode.

THIS MEET IS DEDICATED TO MV.CHAUHAN M.A.HA.M was started by OM Vittal/Vu2VIT in 2003,in a small scale with the support of INAR/VU 2INA,APPAN/VU 2MPK and Anna /VU 2KBX,in order encourage poor HAMS & School Students to meet other HAMs of our Motherland,without spending much money.MAHAM is organized every year on 2nd Sturday & February. Mahabalipuram (also known as Mamallapuram) is a 7th Century Port city of South Indian dynasty of the Plaavas,around 60km south from the city of chennai in Tamilnadu.It is believed to have been named after the pallava
King Maamalla. It has various historic monuments built largely between the 7TH and the 9th Century, and has been classified as a UNESCO world heritage site.For more info: URL:http;//en. wikipedia. org/wiki/ Mahabalipuram.

1. Admission is FREE to all Amateurs & Shortwave Listeners.
2. Seniors,Prominent & successful HAMs are attending this Meet. Their Invaluable experience,Infectio us Enthsiasm and Exemplary Skills will be useful to the participants.
3.At Mahabalipuram there are many Hotels serving delicious cuisines ranging from indian,Orient, Continental dishes.Hence, the organizers are NOT organizing any Food arrangements for the participants. Participants are
encouraged to get together with their friends to decide on the food of their choice.
4. Participants are encouraged to bring their HAM materials for SALE or Exchange.A Small fee of Rs 100( one hundred only) will be collected from each seller for organizing appropriate Displays.
5. Those who are going to sell Brand New Products have to contribute Rs 1000 (one thousand only)
6. Om Lalith Diwakar/VU2LB from Bhavnagar is attending this year meet and brings lot of interesting HAM Materials for participants. He is available on Mobile 09427181973 please contact him of your requirement to bring to the meet.
7.Om Appan VU3MPK is intending to sell excellant RF Probes for Rs 100 oonly. These probes shall be useful for any Home Brewer His ll No 044-65254988
8. Om Sunder VU2VSD is selling High Quality (PIC) frequency counters and Band pass filters to avoid TVI.
9. Vu2ARA om Arasu coming with SMPS Power supply 13.8v / 10A Mobile : 094429 07669
10. VU3STJ om Radha wants to sell Valve Linear consisting EL84, 807 2 Nos, VR150 -3Nos suitable for RM96 XCVR assembled by VU2SV Mobile no. 097910 34652
11. Room accomodation for night stay Please contact OM INAR VU2INA 09440 83804
12. For further information please contact OM Vittal VU2VIT 044-22240820 & Om Radha VU3STJ - 097910 34652
Those who wants to sell /Buy any Material please send to OM Anna vu2KBX by 31 st January 2009
It Is a great oppertunity for Chennai Hams to meet their Ham friends as it is very near to them. Let us all wish the Great success for this event year after year
(Varadarajan G, VU2ITI via vuhams list & Alokesh Gupta)