Thursday, January 22, 2009

Fox Hunt in IIT-M

Fox Hunt Frequencies : Primary frequency - 145.420 Mhz
Talking frequency - 145.000 Mhz

Let's go T-Hunting! A transmitter finding event for the amateur radio enthusiast, this event is aimed at boosting the spirit of the age old radio techniques. One of the best kept secrets in Ham radio, Fox hunt is a fresh start to a new adventure. So all you tech savvy people out there, gear up your shack and narrow down the fox here at K'09!

This SCIENTIFIC GAME helps every enthusiast to gain knowledge about radio direction finding, attenuation techniques and associated concepts like direct signal and reflected signal detection, orientation etc. The teams, equipped with a VHF set and a directional antenna can choose their starting place to take the bearings of the signal transmitted by the 'FOX', the hidden transmitter. The team which finds the hideout first will emerge the winner.

With slight modifications to the actual protocols used in a traditional fox hunt to match the geographical parameters, K! Fox hunt is surely a treat for the adventure loving newbie who wants to experience the true beauty of engineering.
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