Monday, January 12, 2009

International Radio Quizes/Contest January 2009

DW Sports Report Quiz: In January, the Tennis Australian Open will be the first sporting highlight of the year. Twelve months ago, World No. 3 Novak Djokovic surprisingly won his first ever Grand Slam title in Melbourne. In their Sports Report January Quiz, They like you to tell us: Where is Novak Djokovic from? Is he from a) Serbia b) Russia or c) Sweden? If you know the answer send it to or to Deutsche Welle, English Service, Sports Report Quiz, 53110 Bonn, Germany. The winner will receive a short wave radio and the four runners up will each get a Deutsche Welle football. Good Luck!

DW Newslink: This month on Newslink we have a wildlife protection related question for you: 2009 has been declared the UN year of a black and furry animal. Is it a) the grizzly bear b) gorilla or c) the black russian terrier? If you know the answer send it to or to Deutsche Welle, English Service, 53110 Bonn, Germany or as a text message to +49 160 148 1000. There’s a choice of a shortwave radio or an MP3 player for the winner and some great consolation prizes for the first 5 runners up. Good luck!

Inside Europe: Miss Marple and Hercule Poirot are the most famous of Agatha Christie's detectives. But which stage play is the author best known for? Amateur detective Miss Marple solved a dozen crimes in the legendary books by Agatha Christie. The famous English crime writer, who died this month back in 1976, is best remembered for her dozens of detective novels featuring Miss Marple and Hercule Poirot. But Christie also wrote a stage play, which holds the record for the longest running show in the world. They like to know its name. Answer is The Mousetrap (1952). You can email your answers to them at Or write to them at Inside Europe, European Desk, Deutsche Welle Radio, Bonn, Germany. They have an mp3 player and five exclusive Deutsche Welle prizes to give away, so get those answers in.

DW Cool: What do you know about 2009? What you know could help you win a DW bag of goodies! Quiz Question: 2009 is the international year of WHAT? A) Languages B) Astronomy C) the Potato D) the Elephant? Mail your answer - including your mailing address - to: E-mail: Snail Mail: Cool, English Service, Deutsche Welle Radio, 53111 Bonn, Germany. Get those answers in before the end of February 2009. Good Luck!

DW South Asia: Answer the following question to win a short-wave radio and other Deutsche Welle prizes! To start the new year with a bang, our question is: In which country were fireworks invented? A. China B. Japan C. India To enter the prize draw, please send your answers and your postal addresses to DW at or to Deutsche Welle Radio, Asia English Department, Kurt-Schumacher Straße 3, 53113 Bonn, Germany. The draw will take place at the end of the month -- the winners will be informed on our radio programme Asia Compact and on this site. Good luck!

For CVC Hindi T.Shirt see the video in and Answer the T.Shirt color in the video. Is it ?Red, Black or White

CVC English: Win Iphone. Send your New year resolutions and win it. New Year's Resolve 5 THINGS YOU RESOLVE TO DO TO MAKE 2009 A SUCCESSFUL YEAR FOR YOURSELF AND OTHERS AROUND YOU...........Undecided think away! The most promising, convincing, unusual responses will get rewardz! Mail your answers today!!!

RTI Global Exchange
January Topic Every month, RTI post a new question to listeners as part of our Global Exchange segment. If RTI choose your letter to read on the air, you will receive a special RTI souvenir. January topic: As economies around the world are slowing down...share ideas on how to save money in the new year! Send entries to or to PO Box 24-38/ Taipei, Taiwan.

Radio Prague: This month’s mystery person was born on January 5, 1931 in the eastern town of Loučná nad Desnou but has lived in other countries for most of his life. He is considered to be one of the world’s greatest classical pianists. Last month he gave his last public performance after a concert career of sixty years. Answer is: Alfred Brendel. Send your answers to Radio Prague, 12099 Prague or to by the end of January.

DW Inbox: January Inbox Question is: who was this man who had a dream, who has had such a profound impact on the American way of life? Was it a) Jesse Jackson b) Louis Armstrong or c) Martin Luther King Jr. Get your answers in by 31st of the month. - as an e-mail to: - as a text message to: +49 160148 1000 or by post to:
Deutsche Welle, English Service, Inbox, 53110 Bonn, Germany.