Thursday, April 26, 2018

All India Radio: Brand Building and Marketing

Prasar Bharati Parivar
Workshop on “Brand Building and Marketing” conducted by RABM(P), Thiruvananthapuram

RABM(P), Thiruvananthapuram’s training programmes for the current academic year commenced Tuesday 24th April 2018 with a three-day workshop on "Brand Building and Marketing" at RABM(P), Thiruvananthapuram; and will conclude on 26th April 2018 (Thursday). The Workshop was inaugurated by Shri. Radhakrishnan.S, ADP, RABM(P) who is the Course Coordinator too. Smt.Lekha Gopal, PEX welcomed the participants.

Programme officials of various All India Radio Stations and Doordarshan Kendras of Karnataka,Tamil Nadu and Kerala are the participants. In the introductory session each participant shared the respective station’s success in revenue generation; almost majority of them having exceeded their targets in the previous financial year. Each one described vividly the most popular programme of one’s own channel. The first day’s sessions were handled by Prof.T.Jaisakthivel, Assistant Professor, Department of Mass Communication and Journalism, Madras University. The scope for Commercial Earnings through Blog, Posts, Face book, Twitter, Image Building and Commercially viable content, Reaching out to the listeners effectively, Marketing Potentials, Media Plans and Realization Possibilities etc: are the topics which will be dealt with during the following days. The sessions are interactive in nature with active group discussions involving the entire participants. (Via RABM)

Thursday, April 12, 2018

QSL from AIR Chennai

Recently I have visited All India Radio,Chennai.

They are looking for reception reports of their following broadcasts beamed towards Sri Lanka & SE Asia.

0000-0045  UTC Tamil 1053, 7270, 9835, 11740, 13795 kHz
1115-1215  UTC Tamil 1053, 7270, 13695 kHz

Note: Those understanding Tamil language may please send detailed comments on the programs heard.

Reports on DRM Transmissions from AIR Chennai on 729 kHz & 783 kHz are also appreciated.

Reception Reports may be sent to:

Dy Director General (Engg)
All India Radio, Myalpore, Chennai 600004


QSLs will be issued.

Many thanks in advance to those who send reports.

Via Jose Jacob, VU2JOS

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Saturday, April 07, 2018

Community Radio Conferences for 2018

NFCB's regional community media gatherings are almost here. NFCB's Regional Summits will feature tracks on revenue, engagement and content. In addition, NFCB's Sally Kane will lead a half-day seminar at each summit at no additional cost to attendees, focused on building organizational capacity and leadership. NFCB will have talented experts leading interactive workshops with plenty

The post Community Radio Conferences for 2018 appeared first on NFCB.

Source: NFBC Newsletter

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History of solar photography

Interesting article on the history of solar photography:

From Tamitha Skov:

"Outside of the bright region this week being a lot quieter and
weaker than we hoped, we have a remnant coronal hole sending small
pockets of fast solar wind our way.  This is good news for aurora
photographers at high latitudes, but it also brings a little more
zing to the ionosphere for amateur radio operators and emergency
responders suffering with low solar flux right now.

Via ARRL Newsletter

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Media Network Plus axed

Keith Perron writes on Facebook:

PCJ's weekly program Media Network Plus will be having a major facelift by the end of the summer. 

The weekly radio program will be getting axed. Media Network Plus will also no longer be a radio series. Instead will be a series of 6 annual documentary programs looking at the media. With a focus on the changing media landscape be it traditional or digital media or human rights or political use of the media. 

Information on the distribution platform will be made in a few weeks along of the date of when the first series of 6 programs will be made available.

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Friday, April 06, 2018

JVC and Kenwood produce visual AM/FM radio

INDIANAPOLIS — TagStation, owner of the NextRadio app, announced April 2 that its hybrid radio app is now available on new JVC and Kenwood head units, putting an interactive, visual AM/FM radio experience into the car dashboard.

The new head units come enabled with Abalta Technologies' WebLink software platform, so that when a driver connects a smartphone to a JVC or Kenwood WebLink-compatible head unit, the phone's Internet connection allows NextRadio for WebLink to download album art, station logos and other images to the head unit screen. Local AM/FM radio broadcast audio comes over-the-air via the head unit's tuner.

Via Radio World / Today

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High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP)

Alaska's super-power High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) transmitters in Gakona, Alaska, will fire up again for the spring research campaign April 6 - 14. University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) Space Physics Group researcher and HAARP Chief Scientist Chris Fallen, KL3WX, told ARRL that more than 40 hours of "externally funded" experiments are in the queue.