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Final June 24 Maple Leaf Mailbag availablized

MAPLE LEAF Mailbag - June 24, 2012

Dear Friends,
I am distraught that the final edition of the MLMB did not go out properly this past weekend because of technical glitches. The show can be heard on line by clicking on the search button on the RCI website and writing in "Maple Leaf Mailbag." Then hit "programs" and click "listen." My apologies that we could not spend our final hour together as planned. Once again, I thank you all for your undying love, support, insight, graciousness and generosity. You are wonderful and magical. I shall never forget you. Be well, everyone. Au Revoir and peace!
Terry H.

Axually you can play it from this page (via Glenn Hauser, DXLD)

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Prasar Bharati has 30% of posts unfilled

 All India Radio and Doordarshan have 30 per cent of their posts unfilled, according to a Parliamentary Committee report. The state-owned AIR and DD have a total staff strength of 33,800 against a total sanctioned strength of 48,022, leaving a gap of 14222 posts. The most critically affected areas are the Programme Wing and the News Services Division (AIR)/DD News.
The existing strength in the Programme Wing is just 6108 out of the total sanctioned strength of 10679, leaving the gap of 4571. Similarly, in NSD/News, there are 146 vacancies in the sanctioned strength of 379 with the present strength at 255.

The Parliamentary Standing Committee on Information Technology has said that it has 'consistently been exhorting' the Information and Broadcasting Ministry to fill up the critical vacancies in DD and AIR. The Committee again exhorted the Department to settle the issues with various Ministries and fast track the recruitment rules and setting up of recruitment board.

The Committee during the course of the Study visits to various parts of the country were told about the difficulties encountered by various Regional Stations due to staff shortages. In spite of that, the Committee added, the situation had not been addressed in right earnest. The Ministry/Prasar Bharati had not been able to keep their promises made before the Committee to handle the situation, a report on the Demand for Grants for 2012-13 said.

Commitment to Committee belied

The Committee also regretted that Prasar Bharati had failed to live up to the assurance given by then Prasar Bharati CEO that the recruitment boards for Prasar Bharati would be set up by 31 March 2011. "Now, when full one year has elapsed since then, the issues have still not been settled resulting in further delay in filling up these vacancies," the Committee noted.

The Committee had been informed that the notification with regard to setting up of Recruitment Board is under inter-Ministerial consultation. The Committee was given to understand that there are still some issues to be resolved between the Ministry/Department of Expenditure and the Department of Personnel.

UPSC and SSC refuse to set up recruitment boards for Prasar Bharati

UPSC and SSC have both refused to select for a non-Governmental organisation, thus creating a new problem for the Ministry/Prasar Bharati.

While deploring the situation on finalisation of recruitment rules and setting up of Recruitment Board leading from worse to worst scenario, the Committee said it "fails to understand how DD and AIR can work effectively without filling the critical vacancies."

It wanted its concerns to be adequately conveyed to the respective Ministries. Meanwhile, the Ministry should also finalise the strategy to fill the vacancies on a fast track basis so that the recruitment process commences immediately when the Recruitment Board and Recruitment Rules are in place so as to enable Prasar Bharati to fill up the vacancies within the shortest possible timeframe.

Proposal on boards pending before dept of expenditure

The proposal for setting up a Prasar Bharati Recruitment Board was approved by Prasar Bharati Board on 21 July 2010 and discussed in the Ministry and a final proposal was referred to the Department of Personnel and Training on 15 February 2011.

DOP&T concurred with the proposal in June 2011 and the comments of the Department of Expenditure (DOE) were also received on 28 September last year. The DoE had requested that a separate proposal be formulated for creation of posts for the secretariat of Prasar Bharati Recruitment Board and also requested for drafting of agreement containing terms and conditions of the members of the Board.

This had been done and the proposal sent to DoE in February 2012 and would then be sent to Law Ministry.

In its report in August last year, the Committee had urged Prasar Bharati to send a proposal for filling up 3452 essential categories of posts to the DoE, based on the report of the National Productivity Council giving full justification for such recruitment. The Ministry is now in the process of seeking cabinet approval, for which a cabinet note has already been circulated for inter-Ministerial consultation. After obtaining the approval of the Cabinet, Prasar Bharati shall undertake the process for filling up the essential category of posts. []

AIR plans to up FM coverage to 90% of population

All India Radio proposes to set up 385 new FM transmitters in the Twelfth Plan in the country to increase the FM coverage to 90 per cent population. However, this is subject to allocation of funds and approval of the Planning Commission, Information and Broadcasting Ministry sources said.

At present, AIR FM reaches out to 41.43 per cent population and 29.18 per cent area. This is part of the total AIR coverage of 91.87 per cent area and 99.19 per cent population. Even prior to the 12th Plan scheme, FM Transmitters of varying capacities are being installed in 224 more places throughout the country by AIR, apart from 40 MW transmitters. This will take the coverage to 38.75 per cent area and 53.53 per cent population including villages and hamlets.

In addition, the power of 12 MW transmitters is being increased and 40 new MW transmitters are being installed under the 11th Plan. At present, 432 AM/FM transmitters are installed in the country. New stations are being set up in 225 places, and a total of 62 new Akashwani kendras were set up in the past three years.

A total of 276 AIR radio stations are functional in the country at present. A total of 278 more stations will be set up under the 12th Plan if the budgets are approved. Meanwhile, the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Information Technology has said it is 'unhappy to note that out of the planned allocation of Rs three billion for upgradation of studios and transmitters of All India Radio in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, only Rs 18 million had been spent.
The Committee was not convinced with the reasons cited by the Ministry that delay in approval of Schemes only on 27 April 2010 delayed procurement and implementation of the project resulting in low expenditure. The Committee was "of the considered view that when the budgetary provision had already been made for the project, the Ministry should have set the physical targets, closely monitored the progress of physical targets and ensured full utilisation of funds in the Island".

The Committee took serious note of the above underspending and recommended the Ministry should take adequate measures during 2012-13 so that projects are expedited and funds utilised optimally during the current Financial Year. [ 20 June 2012]

Deutsche Welle to award comprehensive material recycling project

Deutsche Welle (DW) has made an official call for proposals for a comprehensive material utilization project at its relay station in Sines, Portugal. The broadcasting center boasts more than 500 tons of high-quality steel (ST 37 and ST 51) that can be reused and recycled.

More at :

[Alokesh Gupta, New Delhi]

Dx India Contest Results

DX India is pleased to announce the results of its 10th
Anniversary contest. Please find below final results:

Position    Name &  location                     Points

1   PATRICK ROBIC, LEIBNITZ, AUSTRIA                      34

2   RAJESH CHANDWANI, GURGAON, INDIA                24

2   DMITRY MEZIN, KAZAN, RUSSIA                             24




6   SUBIR BASU, KOLKATA, INDIA                               20


8   MITUL KANSAL, MARKANDA, INDIA                       16

9   STEVE HANDLER, IL, USA                                     15

9   MUKESH KR GOLA, HYDERABAD, INDIA               15

10  VLADIMIR ROZHKOV, KANSK, RUSSIA                 12


12  M.GANESAN, GOA, INDIA                                      7


13  ANATOLY KLEPOV, MOSCOW, RUSSIA                 4

13  K.P.MUNEER, SHARJAH, UAE                               4

14  PETER NG, JOHOR BAHRU, MALAYSIA                 3


15  WILLIAMS LOPEZ, LARA, VENEZUELA                   2

15  LUIS A. GUERRA, LARA, VENEZUELA                    2


16  SHINICHI SHIRAISHI, SENDAI, JAPAN                    1

16  SINIY VORON YAKUTSK RUSSIA                          1

16  P.S.SEKAR, THALAINAYAR, INDIA                        1

Congratulations to all the winners.

The prizes announced will be sent to the winners.

All those who sent entries will receive a Participation

 Notes on entries received :
 - Rajesh Chandwani of Gurgaon, India reported on highest no. of AIR sites - 24 out of 29 possible. 

- Total entries received: 26

- Total countries: 12

- Total continents : 5 (except Africa)

- Total reports received: 365

- Total valid reports: 232

- The reception reports received will be forwarded to AIR  
DX India 10th anniversary special program via AWR Wavescan  :
Total Reception Reports received : 40
Country wise breakdown :

India - 12, Russia - 7, Germany - 4, Japan - 3, Spain - 3, Indonesia - 2, Ukraine - 2, Bangladesh - 1, France - 1, Reunion Island - 1, 
Sweden - 1, UAE - 1, Uzbekistan - 1, Venezuela - 1.
Postal reception reports received : 5

Emailed reception reports received : 35
- DX India QSL cards has been posted to all on 22nd June 2012.

- The reception reports received will be forwarded to AWR  
QSL cards for DX India 10th Anniversary BCDX net conducted on 1st Oct 2011 will be sent separately.
Our heart felt thanks to sponsors :

Adventist World Radio, World Radio TV Handbook, Danish Shortwave Clubs International, Indian DX Club International & Ardic DX Club of India.
[Jose Jacob, VU2JOS,Founder, DX India / Alokesh Gupta, VU3BSE, Moderator, DX India]


Thursday, June 14, 2012

India Update on DRM from Mr Yogendra Pal

India Update from Mr Yogendra Pal

Prasar Bharati, the only public service broadcaster in India, broadcasts
radio services through All India Radio (AIR) and television services
through Doordarshan India (DDI). The Indian Government has already taken
the vital decision to complete the digitisation of the terrestrial Radio
and Television broadcasting network of AIR and DDI by 2017.

AIR's one hundred and forty-nine medium wave (MW) transmitters, of
different powers, provide Radio signals to over 98% of the population of
India and to most of the neighbouring countries, whereas forty-eight short
wave (SW) transmitters of AIR enable the radio listeners, in most parts of
the world, to enjoy AIR's programmes in a number of Indian and foreign

AIR has adopted DRM and launched the DRM service, from one of the 250 kW SW
transmitters, on the 16th January 2009. The service is in pure digital
mode. Initially about four hours of programmes for the UK and Western
Europe and three hours for the areas around Delhi were being broadcast
daily. However, from 30th Oct 2011, AIR extended the DRM transmissions to
about 15 hours per day. This service is now available in Nepal, Sri Lanka,
Russia, NE Asia, Mauritius and East Africa.

In the first phase, another nine SW and seventy-two MW transmitters are in
the process of either being replaced or converted to DRM by AIR. Out of
these, eight medium wave DRM transmitters, including two of 1000 kW power
each, have already been received by AIR and are in the process of being
installed. An order for one short wave transmitter has also been placed. It
is understood that the orders for the procurement and/or conversion of rest
of the transmitters are at the advanced final stage. AIR proposes to
digitise the remaining MW and SW transmitters in the second phase,
achieving total digitisation by 2017, the cut off date fixed by the Indian
AIR have decided that before the switch over in 2017, MW transmitters are
to be operated in simulcast mode and the SW transmitters only in pure
digital. On MW transmitters the existing programmes would continue to be
available in analogue mode but special entertainment programmes, which are
now available in a very limited area, will be provided in digital mode.
Value added services are also being planned.

Source : DRM India Chapter Noticeboard, 13th June 2012, Issue 01

[Alokesh Gupta, New Delhi]

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

DRM launches dedicated information for India

The Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) Consortium is pleased to announce the
launch later this week of their new online information web page targeted at
India. This is the first initiative of the new DRM chapter/group for India
which was established a year ago in New Delhi. The new "Noticeboard" is for
the benefit of all stakeholders and members of the public who are
interested in making DRM a reality in India. Led by former AIR senior
executive, Mr Yogendra Pal, the India chapter brings together AIR, some
commercial broadcasters, chipset and receiver manufacturers, OEMs and other
expertise from India and abroad.

Mr Pal described the new initiative as "coming at an opportune time as
India is preparing for the introduction of DRM".

Ruxandra Obreja, DRM Chairperson, welcomed the launch of the new
"Noticeboard" which can also be found on the DRM website:  "We want all
those interested to have an open space to share information, ask questions
and get real news about DRM developments and receivers primarily in India".

(Press Release) Via Alokesh Gupta, New Delhi

Updated list of AIR Stations

DX India database has been updated & information is now available for 553
AIR stations !

Please see the updated lists of AIR stations here :

Thanks to Jose Jacob,VU2JOS for painstakingly maintaining the database.

[Alokesh Gupta, New Delhi]

RMRC repeat the special broadcast from Sitkunai to USA

Hello Rich and all DXers everywhere,  
The Rhein-Main Radio Club special broadcast to USA from Sitkunai in English concerning the EDXC / DSWCI Conferences 2012 will be REPEATED on 16. June 2012 ( Saturday)  in  11900 KHz  at 02:00 - 03:00 UTC
Good listening and 73, Robert Kipp   RMRC   DSWCI
(Jaisakthivel, ADXC, Tirunelveli, India)

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Brahma Kumaris to launch radio service

Prajapita Brahama Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya (PBIVV) is planning to launch a community radio service in several districts of the
state. Through this, the spiritual, value-based educational institute aims at reaching households with its message on humanity and universal brotherhood.
Speaking to TOI, B K Karuna, chairman, national media wing, PBIVV, Mt Abu, said that the new community radio will focus on disseminating information
on moral and spiritual values.
[Jose Jacob & Alokesh Gupta]

RNW English Service will be closing at the end of June

News from RNW

Dear reader, we're sorry to inform you that the English service of Radio Netherlands Worldwide will be closing at the end of this month. As a result, this website will see some changes. 

From 1 July 2012 there will no longer be a daily review of the Dutch papers. Our coverage of Dutch news stories will also cease. And since RNW's English webstream will end on 29 June, there will be no more Listening Guide.

We will continue to serve you, however, on this website, with background articles relating to our new brief: promoting free speech in areas where people are not free to gather information, or to form and express independent opinions.

The measures are a result of steep budget cuts imposed by the Dutch government and a concomitant change in focus. Providing the world with a realistic image of the Netherlands, as we have proudly done since 1947, will no longer be one of our statutory duties. 
The last radio show
On 29 June we will broadcast a radio show looking back at the past decades of Radio Netherlands Worldwide. Have you got a memory to share? Please let us know, at the usual address, We'd love to hear from you.
[The RNW English team]

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Dxers Guide April - June 2012

Dxers Guide April - June 2012 is ready to post for the active subscribers. 
They may received it with in a week. 

In this issue...

Also they will get A12  'Broadcast in English' supplemental issue 

Monday, June 04, 2012

Kutch's 1st community radio goes on air

The experiment that started in 1998 bore fruits after 14 long
years. Radio Ujjas, which went on air on Saturday from Bhimsar village near
Nakhatrana in Kutch district, will serve a population of more than 20,000.

The inauguration took place in the presence of many local dignitaries,
community communication activists and members of Kutch Mahila Vikas
Sangathan (KMVS) amidst fanfare. The radio's first broadcast was about the
inaugural ceremony itself. After broadcast of two-hour programme daily for
a while, the radio is expected to be fully-functional in a few months.

More at :

[Alokesh Gupta, New Delhi]

Digitalization of AIR network

Excerpt from Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, Govt. of india, Annual
Report 2011-12 ....

Digitalization of AIR network is one of the Major Thrust Areas of draft
11th Plan. Government has approved the scheme of AIR Digitalization of
Transmitters, Studios Connectivity in AIR Network at a cost of 898.32
crores. This includes the following:
- Digitalization of 98 studios & connectivity.

- Replacement of 31 old MW Transmitters by new DRM MW Transmitter at
Existing Stations.
- Upgradation of MW DRM Tr. with Captive Power Plant at Arunachal-China
Border at three places.

- Replacement of 10 kw. MW Mobile by MW DRM Tr. at six places.
- Conversion of 36 compatible MW Tr. to DRM Mode.

- New 1 kW/5 kw. FM digital compatible Tr. at 24 places.
- 100 Watt FM Digital Compatible Tr. at 100 locations for extending FM
coverage in uncovered rural and semi urban areas (at existing AIR/LPT sites
of DD) and connectivity.

- Replacement of old FM Trs. at remote and border areas at 34 locations
with the same power & six nos. of 1 kW MW Trs. by 10 kW FM Trs.

- Replacement of five SW Tr. by DRM SW Tr.

- Augmentation of Archival facility at Delhi & creation of Archival
facility at Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata & Hyderabad.

- Augmentation of 44 existing New Units and Creation of seven New Regional
News Units.
- Opening of New-on-Phone service from 16 places & augmentation of existing
News-on Phone services at 13 places.
- Digital Studio Tr. links.

- Three New Captive Earth Stations at Tiruchirapalli, Madurai & Dharwad.
(Source : Govt. of India, Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, Annual
Report, 2011-12)

Alokesh Gupta
New Delhi