Thursday, August 28, 2008

On radio for 168 hours, Dheena sets new Guinness record

Big 92.7 FM's Radio Jockey (RJ) Dheena has broadcast live on radio continuously for 168 hours and entered the Guinness Book of World Records, bettering the previous mark by 33 hours. He is "ecstatic" after breaking the existing world record of 135 hours set by Italian RJ Stefano Venneri in 2007. Dheena began his on-air marathon Aug 21 at 5 a.m. that ended at 5 a.m. on Thursday.

Though Dheena, who hosts "Big Vanakkam" on Big FM's station at Chennai, broke Venneri's record at 8:01 p.m. Tuesday itself, he continued on to set a new record which would be tough to break. "I didn't want to be a sprinter. I wanted to be like a marathon runner who would lead by hours and I have done that. I wanted the target to be very high so that for the next five to 10 years, no one should even think of attempting this," Dheena told media.

This was not the first time Dheena attempted an on-air marathon. In August 2007, he had worked non-stop for 92 hours and seven minutes. For his Guinness record, the FM station ensured all medical requirements for Dheena. A team of physicians was present to monitor his health. "I used to get five minutes rest in every hour and after every 12 hours, I used to get an hour's interval for myself. In that time, I used to take a nap. I kept eating something in between and that's how I managed," said Dheena, who joined Big FM in 2006.

Before taking on this challenge, Dheena prepared himself physically and mentally. "I undertook rigorous yoga practice to boost my mental endurance and also went to the gym regularly to keep fit and be awake for so many hours," he said. Dheena is overwhelmed with the response of his listeners who gathered outside the Big FM office to meet him. He said: "I have got a tremendous reaction from the people in Chennai and I have managed to get a huge fan following. They were constantly concerned about my health and me. It was really motivating. People across ages came over to meet me, called me and helped me through this feat." He says that the experience has taught him to be "patient, focussed and to concentrate with no sleep".

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008


An ecstatic RJ Dheena had tears in his eyes as he completed the 92.7 hour marathon that he set out to achieve on August 20th , 2007at 3.00 pm, which ended at 11:07 am on August 24, 2007. The on-air stunt has created history and BIG 92.7 FM, is overjoyed and is now taking forward the papers with the LIMCA book of records. The marathon was a true test of fortitude, endurance and of course a true radio lover.

BIG 92.7 FM had ensured all arrangements required like medical assistance, food, energy drinks, string of well wishers to ensure Dheena is in high spirits and also a well chalked out programming plan to ensure the successful completion of the marathon. Friends, family, school kids, fans thronged the BIG 92.7 FM office throughout his 92.7 hour stunt, of course not to forget his co-jocks who kept encouraging him and connecting him to people across different parts of the city. There were also celebrities like Sruthi Hasan, Aishwarya Dhanush Rajnikanth, Naresh Iyer, Priya Mani, Swarnamalya, Venkat Prabhu, Vijay Adhiraj, actress Priyanka and Mumtaz who came forward to encourage Dheena and ensure he was in high spirits. In fact they were quite amazed at his enthusiasm since he was livelier than others. People coming in to meet him, brought coffee – to help keep him awake and fresh, food - some of his favorite food that was specially prepared by the listeners who brought them to the office for him.

Since such a marathon had never been attempted before and hence there were no learning’s for RJ Dheena to go by. Dheena had been preparing himself for this marathon both physically and mentally and undertaking several fitness, yoga and meditation classes to ensure the highest levels of patience, commitment and focus. These preparations along with prayers to the almightily and seeking blessings from his near and dear ones and of course listeners who kept calling in and encouraging him, helped him complete the mammoth marathon!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

German radio to air programme in three Indian languages

Deutsche Welle (DW) Radio, Germany's international broadcaster, will soon broadcast programmes in three Indian languages, an official said Tuesday.The broadcaster and the Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) have signed an agreement to this effect, varsity pro-vice chancellor Latha Pillai said Tuesday.Gyan Vani FM, the radio channel of IGNOU, will facilitate broadcasting of DW-RADIO programming in Hindi, Urdu, Bengali and English over campus radio at 29 universities across the country.'This will facilitate students of our 29 associated universities getting a broader perspective of subjects happening across the world,' IGNOU spokesman Ravi Mohan told IANS.In addition, 'Tomorrow Today', the science magazine from DW-TV, will be integrated into the schedule of Gyan Darshan, an educational TV channel of IGNOU that operates nationwide via satellite and cable.In return, DW radio has agreed to support IGNOU with training courses for community radio operators and journalists. Germany's international broadcaster will oversee several intensive courses per year at the School of New Media Studies at IGNOU.'We are happy to have the opportunity to reach out to students throughout India,' said Petra Schneider, head of sales and service at DW radio.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Big 92.7 fm's RJ big dheena attempts for guinness book of world records

BIG 92.7 FM, emphasizing on its greater content offering and its "Tamilian's Pride" celebration has now come out with a bigger announcement whereby the station will get its RJ, BIG Dheena, hosts "BIG Vanakkam" show on BIG 92.7 FM to attempt for Guinness Book of World Records. As everyone in Chennai are aware that RJ BIG Dheena has successfully completed 92 hours and 7 minutes RJ marathon last August. This August he is taking a big leap and will attempt to break Guinness records by continuously RJing for more than 136 hours. It will be extremely a proud moment for all the Tamilians not only in Chennai but the entire globe as our own Tamil boy RJ BIG Dheena will start his attempt on 21st August 2008 be completing this record on the 26th August 2008.

Adhering to the Guinness Book of World Record's rules and regulations, BIG 92.7 FM has ensured all arrangements required like medical check up for RJ BIG Dheena which certifies him to attempt for the record. A team of medical practitioners will be present to constantly monitor RJ BIG Dheena's health. There will be witnesses present at BIG 92.7 FM studios who will constantly monitor RJ BIG Dheena's performance. As per the requirement, the attempt will be video graphed and a copy of the same will be sent to Guinness. Even the minutest details have been taken care of by BIG 92.7 FM.

This unusual Guinness attempt requires the Radio Jockey to have immense passion for Radio, given that it is a true endurance test. Such a marathon has never been attempted before in India and hence there are no learning's for RJ BIG Dheena to go by. Dheena has been preparing himself for this record both physically and mentally and has been undertaking several fitness, yoga and meditation classes to ensure the highest levels of patience, commitment and focus. These preparations along with prayers to the almightily should give him success.

BIG 92.7 FM has put together a greater on-air content, with RJ BIG Dheena interacting with celebrities, friends and fans who will be present at BIG 92.7 FM studios. In terms of on-ground connect, the station will get its other RJs like BIG Imsai Arasi, BIG Sangeetha and BIG Balaji to travel to different parts of Chennai and connect with the public and take their wishes towards the success of the event. RJs will also hold various on-ground contests to make things more interactive. BIG 92.7 FM will also carry out a signature campaign using its BIG Bus which will allow Chennaites to pass on their messages and wishes to Dheena. BIG 92.7 FM's website will broadcast live video of Dheena and the blogs and Podcast will carry regular updates on Dheena's performance.

Speaking about his Guinness attempt, RJ BIG Dheena said in a very jovial mood, "I am excited and nervous, both at the same time. It is great that me and my listeners will be together throughout day and night giving company to each other. I know the wishes of the people of Chennai are with me and am all geared to complete the record" Speaking about Dheena's attempt, Mr. PB Ramaswamy, Cluster Director, BIG 92.7 FM, TamilNadu said, "Dheena has become the most popular RJ in Chennai because of his sheer hard work, focus and dedication and I am sure that he will give all his attention and energy to attempt and succeed in breaking the record . We at BIG 92.7 FM are proud to have him with us and will all be here cheering for him with each passing hour. Given his passion and love for Radio, I think BIG 92.7 FM and Dheena are going to keep the listeners happy" To know more about the Dheena's Guinness attempt, log on to or tune in to BIG 92.7 FM.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Reaching Out on Airways: AT8LH

Add HAM radio in school syllabus -By N.Arunkumar

Users of amateur radio, also known as, HAM radio, have urged the Centre and state to include their hobby in school syllabus. They say this would take the technology to youngsters and since amateur radio often turned out to be the only mode of communication during disasters, it would help the HAM community to reach out more. In the west 70 to 80 persons in a population of one lakh used HAM radios but in India only one,in 20 lakh people used them, said Inarapan of Kalpakkam, who has been using these radios since 1985.

"The investment needed for setting up a HAM radio is not huge. The cost of a basic model is as cheap as Rs. 500. Most of the people in India are unaware of the advantages in using HAM or they are misled by people who do not know about it. These are the main reasons for the low number of HAM users in India," he said.Some of the famous HAM radio users include late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi, late minister for commerce and industry Murasoli Maran and actor Kamal Haasan. During the 1999 Orissa super cyclone and 2004 tsunami HAM radio was the only mode of communication used for coordinating rescue and relief measures.

Speaking to Deccan Chronicle on Sunday on the sidelines of the International Lighthouse and Lightships Week (ILLW), Ajoy, member of the Bangalore Amateur Radio Club said, "CBSE has added HAM as a lesson in disaster management subject for classes 8, 9 and 10. The state should also follow CBSE and include HAM in their syllabus."K Rajesh, another HAM user from Chennai said, "HAM is an excellent mode of communication for people across the world. This helps us to get in touch with persons from different countries, apart from developing our knowledge in electronics. "-Deccan Chronicle 18/8/2008

One more article from the Times of India

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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Thousands of new radios let India's believers hear Gospel message

International Gospel radio network Trans World Radio has doubled the goal it set earlier this year to distribute 2,000 radios to believers in India. The enthusiastic response to their campaign has allowed them to send 4,000 radios that can be used by their owners to hear the Gospel.
TWR will distribute the radios through an indigenous network of evangelistic house groups across India as part of the Radio Homes project. Members of these small groups come together to listen to and discuss Bible teaching over the radio with the support of a local coordinator.
TWR has seen huge success in its mission work in India. In a previous project spanning the last two decades, TWR planted 650 churches, each one with around a hundred members. All of the churches grew up out of listener groups set up by TWR workers in villages with no previous Christian witness. "Thanks to the support of listeners in the UK we hope to carry on spreading the Gospel in the most unreached, unchurched areas of the world," the ministry said.
Trans World Radio broadcasts Christian programmes in more than 70 countries and 225 languages each week. (Source:

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Dxers Guide July - September 2008

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