Tuesday, August 26, 2008


An ecstatic RJ Dheena had tears in his eyes as he completed the 92.7 hour marathon that he set out to achieve on August 20th , 2007at 3.00 pm, which ended at 11:07 am on August 24, 2007. The on-air stunt has created history and BIG 92.7 FM, is overjoyed and is now taking forward the papers with the LIMCA book of records. The marathon was a true test of fortitude, endurance and of course a true radio lover.

BIG 92.7 FM had ensured all arrangements required like medical assistance, food, energy drinks, string of well wishers to ensure Dheena is in high spirits and also a well chalked out programming plan to ensure the successful completion of the marathon. Friends, family, school kids, fans thronged the BIG 92.7 FM office throughout his 92.7 hour stunt, of course not to forget his co-jocks who kept encouraging him and connecting him to people across different parts of the city. There were also celebrities like Sruthi Hasan, Aishwarya Dhanush Rajnikanth, Naresh Iyer, Priya Mani, Swarnamalya, Venkat Prabhu, Vijay Adhiraj, actress Priyanka and Mumtaz who came forward to encourage Dheena and ensure he was in high spirits. In fact they were quite amazed at his enthusiasm since he was livelier than others. People coming in to meet him, brought coffee – to help keep him awake and fresh, food - some of his favorite food that was specially prepared by the listeners who brought them to the office for him.

Since such a marathon had never been attempted before and hence there were no learning’s for RJ Dheena to go by. Dheena had been preparing himself for this marathon both physically and mentally and undertaking several fitness, yoga and meditation classes to ensure the highest levels of patience, commitment and focus. These preparations along with prayers to the almightily and seeking blessings from his near and dear ones and of course listeners who kept calling in and encouraging him, helped him complete the mammoth marathon!