Saturday, June 12, 2010

DX QUIZ 2009 Winners

AIR 70th anniversary special QSL (Front)

Answers for DX Quix 2009

1. a) Jerome S. Berg, 2. c) International Broadcasting Corporation 3. a). Kununurra 4. b)Jonathon Marks 5. b) DW 6. a) RN 7. c) RN 8. a) 1413 9. c) Digital Radio Mondiale 10. a)Best regards 11. b) FEBC 12. c) What is your position in latitude and longitude 13. b)Shortwave News 14. a) China 15. a) Dublin – Ireland 16. a) Bangladesh Betar 17. c) RadioNacional d'Andorra 18. a) RVA 19. c) RAI, Italy 20. a) Over to you 21. a) PoornamVishvanathan 22. a) 872 23. c) Radio Free Asia. 24. b) 70 25. c) Rhein-Main-. Radio-ClubSupported by ADDX.

AIR 70th anniversary special QSL (Back)

Winners of the quiz

1. P. Girish Chadaga, Bangalore – WRTH 2010

2. S. Muhammad Shamim, Chullimanoor, Kerala – PWBR (Collectors copy)

3. E. Selvaraj, Minnakal - “This is All India Radio” book given by Alokesh Gupta

4. M. Ganesan, Goa – WRTH (Collectors copy)

5. P.S. Sekar, Thalainayar – Shorwave Reception Booklet & DW cotton bag

6. N. Arun Kumar, Chennai – Shorwave Reception Booklet

7. S. Vetriveljar, Salem – Shorwave Reception Booklet

8. M. Muralidhar, Bangalore – DW Cap

9. S. Porunai Balu, Tirunelveli – DW Cap

10. Goutam Mandal, Bankura, West Bengal – DW Cap

11. Kavithuli Saktheeswaran, Namakiripettai – Radio Mirchi CD Case & DW cotton bag

12. K.C. Sivaraj, Salem – Radio Mirchi CD Case & DW Cotton bag

13. M. Asaithambi, Vedasandur – DW Pen & Cell phone tag

14. C. Manokaran, Theni – DW Pen & Cell phone tag

15. S. Santhosh Raj, Salem – DW Pen & Cell phone tag

16. T. Sivaraj, Coimbatore – Domestic broadcasting survey by DSWCI

AIR 70th anniversary special pennant

International winners

17. Jonathon Pukila, Canada – “This is All India Radio” book given by Alokesh Gupta

18. William Patalon, USA – European Medium Wave Guide in pdf

19. Bjorn Fransson, Sweden – European Medium Wave Guide in pdf

20. Patrick Robic, Austria – European Medium Wave Guide in pdf

21. Kenji Takeuchi, Japan – One year e-subscription of “Dxers Guide”

22. Sergej Rogov, United Kingdom – One year e-subscription of “Dxers Guide”

23. Ihor Karivets, Ukraine – One year e-subscription of “Dxers Guide”

24. Etienne Srtyn, Belgium – One year e-subscription of “Dxers Guide”

25. Jorge Luis Medina, Venezuela – One year e-subscription of “Dxers Guide”

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Cellphone-based community radio

The Auroville Radio is testing since December 2009 broadcasting trough
cellphones connect with GPRS connections.
It's working fine but you need a cellphone supporting Flash technology
and for time being are expensive.
If you have a Flash enabled phone connected with Internet you can log
into and listen the AurovilleRadio
from all over India.

cr-india Via Andrea Tazzari

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

All India Radio wins international prizes in Iran

All India Radio Jalandhar & Bangalore stations have won four & threee international prizes respectively at the 11th International Radio Festival held in Iran.
Read the full story here :
Another report with Photo :
Jalandhar AIR programme bags international awards

(by Alokesh Gupta)

Monday, June 07, 2010

IBC Tamil to launch on London DAB

A new South Indian radio service is set to launch on DAB digital radio in London in the coming weeks.

IBC Tamil has previously broadcast on multicultural station, Spectrum Radio before it was removed off the platform. According to industry sources, IBC Tamil failed to make payments on time during its contractual period with Spectrum Radio. It will however run full-time on digital radio.

IBC Tamil has been on air for over 11 years and was started as a community radio station for the UK Tamil community.

IBC Tamil will replace Q Radio on London DAB multiplex 3. A launch date is yet to be confirmed.

(Alokesh Gupta Via

SLBC revises its External Service schedule

Victor Goonetilleke writes: As of today (4 June) the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation (SLBC) has temporarily discontinued its service to Sri Lankan expats in South Korea on 15120 at 1030-1130 UTC via DW Trincomalee. Instead, SLBC has started another hour of Hindi to India on 11905 kHz via Trinco (azimuth 355 degrees) with 200kW at 1530-1630 UTC.

Reception reports will be welcome to:

Engineer AM Services
Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation
PO Box 574

SLBC in association with the Union of Asian DXers (UADX) will QSL all reports on all its shortwave broadcasts during June. If the project is successful we will extend it. The full schedule is:

* 0055-0330 (Sun 0430) UTC on 6005, 9780, 15745 kHz (English to Asia)
* 0020-0500 and 0830-1230 UTC on 11905, 7185 kHz
* 1530-1630 on 11905 kHz
* 1615-1830 on 11750 kHz

SLBC is also progressing with the installation of a 50kW mediumwave transmitter in Puttalam on 1125 kHz to beam to South India where there are large numbers of Sri Lankans who fled the war over the last 30 years, and also to strengthen the coverage to the North of Sri Lanka.

(Source: Victor Goonetilleke, UADX by Andy Sennitt)