Thursday, February 03, 2011

DX QUIZ 2011

In 2011 the Ardic DX Club celebrates its 13th anniversary. For 13 years it has been the primary source of information for dxing enthusiasts all over the Tamil Nadu, India. In order to celebrate this event, a quiz is being organised. The quiz is open to anyone, regardless of location or club membership. The quiz does not solely deal with Tamil Dxing, but covers very different radio aspects. Answering following 25 questions you can show your radio knowledge.

No quiz without prizes of course. You wish to contribute a prize? So if the questions look hard, participate anyway.

Quiz starts from 14 February 2011, Last date for the entry 28 March 2011.


Quiz Questions

See the Quiz Questions on the special website

Send your answers to



Radio World,

Gyanvani FM,

Assistant Professor,

Department of Communication,

MS University,


Tirunelveli – 627 012,

Tamil Nadu,



Every entry will get the special pennant in the memory of the second anniversary of Gyanvani FM 105.6 - Tiruneveli. 1. Every entry must send one reception report of any frequency of All India Radio for the 71st anniversary special QSL.

2. Every entry should send any one radio sticker. Local radio sticker is appreciated.

3. Every entry should send one any radio QSL card. Indian listeners must send Rs.25/- mint stamp for postage and International listeners must send 2 IRC or 2 US $. Those who are send US dollars; kindly send it only by register post. Otherwise it will be theft and the ADXC were not take the responsibility of your US $.

For more details
ardicdxclub (at) yahoo (dot) co (dot) in
[Jaisakthivel, ADXC, India]