Wednesday, March 25, 2009

DRM general assembly to discuss DRM+ technology for FM

The DRM Consortium annual General Assembly to be held in Erlangen, Germany on 26-27 March will hear and debate how the recent decisions of India and Russia to implement DRM technology for their SW and MW bands, will become the driving force for the rollout in the rest of the world.

Held under the theme of 'DRM Digital Radio - From Possibility to Reality' the General Assembly will be attended by Consortium members, experts, broadcasters, service providers and manufacturers from all over the world. India and Russia have recently made public their decision to implement DRM as the solution for digitising radio in their respective countries.

The DRM General Assembly will also assess the standardisation plans of DRM +, the technology to digitise FM bands with all existing DRM features plus CD quality sound. Scientists and experts involved in the development of DRM+ will explain how this new addition will complete the DRM family and make it a viable, total solution for broadcasters all over the world.

An independently commissioned business case study for DRM+ will also be unveiled at the event in southern Germany.

The technical heads of the European and Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Unions will also take part and express their views on the digital scene in the two continents. Ruxandra Obreja, Chairperson, DRM Consortium and Controller, Business Development, BBC World Service says, "I am excited and encouraged by the developments in India and Russia with their huge broadcasting networks and where DRM implementation will give radio a new and exciting 'digital' lease of life. The DRM General Assembly is well-timed to discuss the implication of this roll-out and that of DRM+, expected to join the family of openly-available worldwide DRM standards later this year."

The rollout of the DRM technology also heralds an opportunity for manufacturers to tap into these huge markets with smart receivers offering the consumers an enhanced radio experience. (