Thursday, March 08, 2012

The radio wave

Last week, a scheme to gift radio sets to all the 2. 2 million
Mahadalit families in Bihar took wing in Masaurhi block, 40 km from
Patna. Once the radios are distributed, the government will air
exclusive educational and cultural programmes for the backward
community on All India Radio in the local dialect. "Three places -
Patna, Gaya and Muzaffarpur - have been selected in the first phase
from where this community-based radio will be launched, " says Ravi
Parmar, SC/ST welfare department secretary. "We hope to start in July."

Under this Rs 85-crore plan, radio sets will be made available to all
Mahadalit families by the end of 2014. Each family will receive a
coupon worth Rs 400 after identification and verification and can
procure a radio set from "radio fairs" to be held in 534 blocks
covering 45, 103 villages.
- Faizan Ahmad | March 3, 2012 -
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(Via Alokesh Gupta, New Delhi)