Monday, March 12, 2012

BBC reduces expenses by 15 per cent

BBC has cut costs by 15 per cent compared to the last quarter as the global economy shows no signs of an economic recovery. The UK pubcaster has published its latest expenses relating to taxis, hotels, flights, rail and hospitality for the 101 senior managers - those who earn over £150000 and sit on one of the Divisional Boards.

A BBC spokesperson said: "The BBC is a major broadcasting organisation with production bases across the UK and a news operation that covers a constantly changing global news agenda. There will always be unavoidable costs to keep the business running but we are mindful that we spend public money and we work hard to keep this expenditure to a minimum."

BBC is also publishing the Gifts & Hospitality Register for these senior managers for the same period, together with Declarations of Personal Interests. The disclosure includes specific information on each of these senior managers in terms of leadership, financial and decision-making responsibility.

From this disclosure period onwards, updated information on pay and total remuneration for senior managers will also be published on a quarterly basis.
BBC said it is committed to being open and transparent, and this will give a more accurate reflection of changes within the business as they occur.[ 11/03]