Friday, March 23, 2012


The world Amateur Radio Day is celebrated every year on 18th April to commemorate the formation of International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) on this day in 1925 at Paris. The QARL celebrates the event every year on 18th April or the nearest Sunday by conducting Ham fair. This year the programme will be held on Sunday, the 22nd April.
The formation of QARL HEART (Ham Emergency And Rescue Team) will be announced on 18th April, 2012. A special issue of 'QARL News' will also be published on this occasion. You are requested to contribute articles and advertisements well in advance. On behalf of the QARL, we invite you along with your family and friends to participate in the program and make it a grand success. Looking forward for a memorable eye-ball. Please visit (Rajesh.R.K. Nair, VU2IDB, Treasurer,QARL)