Thursday, March 08, 2012

Media Network is ending on 24th March 2012

Hello from Hilversum,

This week I had a meeting with my Head of Department, to finalise details of my final weeks at RNW. Following that meeting, I can now officially make the following announcement:

Media Network is ending on 24th March

I shall be retiring from RNW at the end of April. The Media Network Weblog will be closing at the end of the winter broadcast season, Saturday 24 March 2012. Due to the new mandate of RNW effective on 1 January 2013, it will no longer be possible for this organisation to provide coverage of international media news.

In April I shall be writing a series of articles reflecting on the changes in international broadcasting since I started appearing on the Media Network radio show in 1981, and looking ahead to the coming decade. The articles will be published on the RNW English website.

If you have any memories of RNW or other international broadcasters that you would like to share, I will be pleased to hear from you at MediaNetwork[at]rnw[.]nl and I'll try to include them in the articles.

The Weblog contains over 15,000 media news items published since October 2003. It will remain online as a searchable archive. To prevent spam, it will no longer be possible to add comments, but nearly 14,000 comments already received will still be available.

This means there are just two more Newsletters to come - on the 15th and 22nd March.

Source: Media Network Newsletter, 8 March 2012 Via DXLD, Sergei