Monday, March 05, 2012

Sacked home guard takes ‘aerial route'

Sacked home guard takes 'aerial route'Climbs AIR Hyderabad tower demanding reinstatement

A sacked home guard, Rambabu, went up the tower on All
India Radio, Hyderabad office premises in front of the Assembly in the early hours
of Monday 5th March 2012 demanding that he and other sacked home guards be reinstated.
The youngster not only took the police off guard, managing to sneak into
the AIR office, notwithstanding the massive security for Assembly budget session but also refused to come down. Despite repeated assurances from the police that they would consider his case, Rambabu remained on the
tower when reports last came in.
Police literally took over the areas in close proximity to the Assembly from security point of view.
Against the backdrop of a person going up the tower in AIR with a similar
demand, the Saifabad police didn't want to take any chances, and even
wrapped a barbed wire fencing around the tower at its base.
Even a picket was posted at the AIR office to ensure no stranger enters the
premises. However, the policemen were deployed at the picket from 7 a.m. Rambabu, police later realised, sneaked inside the AIR office by
scaling the compound wall around 3 a.m.
Making use of small gap created in the barbed wire fencing during painting work, the
sacked home guard sneaked inside and went up the tower. The policemen
were taken aback when they found him on the tower after reporting to
duty and alerted the higher-ups.
"Enrol us back as
home guards. Not only me but all other sacked home guards, otherwise I
will jump," he threatened from there. The police called his parents and
brother. Despite appeals from the family members, the youngster said he
would descend only if he was given a written assurance.
Rambabu hailing from Khanapur in Warangal district was among the nearly 900
home guards removed from service after reports that they were enrolled
by some police officials in violation of rules. Following appeals from
the sacked home guards to consider their re-enrolment, nearly 270 were
(Jose Jacob Via DX India)