Monday, July 04, 2005



Over the years information about LW & MW transmitters operating in the
UK & Ireland has been fragmented, incomplete or out of date.

More recently the Internet has augmented the printed medium but still
it is exceedingly difficult to get all information in one place.

In an attempt to improve matters I have spent several weeks
collecting, collating and checking data about radio transmitters
operating on Long and Medium Wave frequencies; in essence every
transmitter in the UK and Ireland operating below 1700 kHz.

I imagine that I won't be the only person interested in having as much
information as possible all together in one place, so I will happily
copy my files onto a CD-ROM for anyone who wants one.

The CD contains the following:
1. A full listing of over 500 transmitters and who is using them,
along with data about them such as power, location (both National Grid
Reference and latitude and longitude) and, where known, date
activated. A description of the antenna and its radiation pattern is
also included. The listing includes all currently active stations and
some recently decommissioned. You will find broadcasters, navigation
beacons, time standards, maritime and military transmitters listed.
You will also find some unusual frequency allocations; do you know who
uses 87 kHz, 457 kHz, 846 kHz or 1641 kHz?

2. A collection of BBC local radio coverage maps.

3. A similar collection of maps for non-BBC stations.

4. A large collection of detailed photographs of 200+ transmitter
sites and the antennae in use.

5. A collection of high quality scans of QSL cards from 100+ of the
stations in the file.

6. Directional antennae radiation patterns.

7. Features: Extra features include a historical perpective of MW
frequency assignment & usage in the UK. Additionally a dossier
covering quiet radio areas in the UK is included with detailed
information to help you select a listening site with minimum noise or
interference. The CD also contains a range of useful country maps
showing counties, postcode areas and so on.

In addition it includes direct linking to the Internet which will take
you to a station's own website and to a detailed on-line mapping
service that will show you on an Ordnance Survey map where the
transmitter is physically located.

The CD is fully interactive and uses links to ensure you can quickly
find the info you need. The main station listing uses a spreadsheet
that you can sort and filter data as you wish.

There are two ways of ordering a copy of this CD

1) By post. Write to me enclosing payment, and your mailing address
and I will send you the CD by return post. Write to me at: Landsvale,
High Catton, York YO41 1EH, England. Cash payment can be $11US; 10
Euro or £5 Sterling notes well concealed inside an ordinary letter
envelope. If you don't want the risk of sending cash in the post, I
recommend registered post. Non-cash payments such as cheques, Postal
Orders or International Money Orders must be £5.00 Sterling.

2) Over the Internet
You can pay by PayPal by sending payment to: transmitters @
The PayPal prices are $11.75US; 10.75 Euro or £5.50 Sterling due to
the charges levied by PayPal.

Prices include post and packing. All orders will be despatched by post
in a protective envelope and overseas orders will go airmail. I only
use high quality CDs, such as TDK, to ensure you have a reliable and
long lasting archive.

If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to ask. 73
(Steve Whitt, UK, June 30, mwdx yg via DXLD)