Friday, July 08, 2005


Excerpt from report by London- based Zimbabwe independent Short Wave [sic] Radio Africa website on 8 July

SW Radio Africa is a trusted lifeline of accurate and informative
news, including vital HIV/AIDS awareness, and is available to even the poorest and most remote communities. But SW's funding is remains
uncertain. Mugabe's jamming of the airwaves has forced the station to suspend its transmission on shortwave and drained its funds because of the high cost of using extra shortwave frequencies to counteract the jamming.

The station can now only broadcast on mediumwave. If there is no new
funding, this may also be silenced. If there was additional funding it could go back onto multiple shortwave frequencies. If we could get 4,000 people to give10 pounds a month, we could ensure that SWRA has a long term future! Donations from individuals might seem like a long shot, but if you do it, get your friends to do the same, use the 'Send to a friend' option to forward on the ad you've just seen, use your powers of persuasion and we might just keep the station alive. We might be able to help continuing giving a voice to Zimbabweans and continue to help promote democracy. [Passage omitted] Source: SW Radio Africa website, London, in English 0940 gmt 8 Jul 05

(via BBCM via DXLD)