Saturday, July 02, 2005


All India Radio were going to start two new radio stations in Tamil
Nadu. One is from Kanchipuram and another one from Dharmapuri.
According to the AIR Chennai, we came to know that the Kanchipuram
station were going to start first and then only the Dharmapuri were
going to launch.

Here the detail history about the Dharmapuri. It is 307 Kms away from
Chennai. The STD code is 04342. Several dynasties- hoysalas, Pandyas,
Vijayanagar kings, Muslim Sultans of Bijapur and Golconda and the
Nayak rulers ruled the area of Dharmapuri. Finally the British had
control over this area since 1792 AD. During the British rule in the
country and even till the year 1947 there was no separate district. It
was just one of the Taluks of Salem district. it actually became a
separate district in the year 1965 Dharmapuri itself as its Head

Brief details of the Dharmapuri Radio station. Transmitter Power 10 kW
and the plane to start it as a FM radio and the Frequency is 102.5 KHz
(Stereo). Technically ready for service, but awaiting for staff. As a
interim arrangement, they may relay Vividh Bharathi programmes from
Tamil new year day. For more Details: (Jaisakthivel. T, Chennai. Dxers
Guide, Quarterly DX Magazine from South India. Ardicdxclub @ Feb 22, DX LISTENING DIGEST)