Monday, January 30, 2006

RTM's domestic service in Tamil, Minnal FM on 15295


Today (30 Jan) and for the past few days, RTM's domestic service in Tamil, Minnal FM, has been relayed for part of the local afternoon and evening on 15295 (from before 0930 UTC, with distorted audio) and 11885 (from around 1020 UTC), both frequencies continuing past 1040 UTC. The shortwave frequencies normally carry the external service Voice of Malaysia in Malay on 15295 only until 1030, then in Chinese 1030-1230 on 15295 and 11885.

Time will tell whether this is a permanent change or just a temporary suspension of the external service programmes during the Chinese New Year period. Voice of Malaysia in Indonesian is still heard signing on as usual at 1000 on 6175 kHz. Minnal FM, then called RTM Radio 6, used to be relayed 24h on 4845 kHz but that frequency has been inactive for several years now.

Alan Davies
visiting Kuala Lumpur [via dxld]