Wednesday, January 11, 2006

RADIO HABANA CUBA invites you to participate in the AMECA contest

The Caribbean Medical Association (AMECA) has created the 120 Year Old Club to bring together all those who have decided to live their lives to the fullest. Along with Radio Havana Cuba, Cubana de Aviacion and the National Hotel, the Association invites you to participate in the following contest.

What recommendations in today's life-style do you propose to improve the quality of life in longevity?

Fist prize will be a free trip to Cuba to participate in the Eleventh AMECA Congress in April 2006. A further 10 runners up will receive gifts from the sponsors of the contest.

All responses must be received by the closing date of March 31, 2006.
Please send all correspondence to:
Apartado Postal 6240
La Habana
Or Fax: (537) 8705810
Or E-mail:
For more information on the congreso contact:
Calle 18 # 710,
entre 7ยช y 29 A,
La Habana,
Fax (53-7) 66-2075
Tel (53-7) 2051575, 2023636