Monday, January 09, 2006

Best CRI Listeners' and Monitors' of 2005

Dear Listener,
We're nearing the end of 2005. Listeners' and monitors' reception reports, comments and suggestions over the course of the year have helped bring about improvements to both our broadcast and program quality. Thanks for making 2005 such a success here at China Radio International (CRI). To show our appreciation, we've chosen some especially good listeners and sent one small gift to each of them. The list is printed below. Happy New Year from CRI, and let's work together to make 2006 our best year ever!

Good Listeners

Gifts include: a Snuff Bottle, a Waistcoat, a Fish-shaped Bag, a Cushion Cover, or a Sweat Band

Hannu.Kiiski, Finland
Jacques.Augustin, France
Zdzislaw.Gomulka, Poland
Dmitriy Kutuzov, Russia
Olli-Jukka Paloneva, Finland
Jouke Van Der Galien, The Netherlands
Brian.Stokoe, New Zealand
Ian Cattermole, New Zealand.
Andrew McKean, Australia
Lu Derming, Australia
T.Jaisakthivel, India
S.Selvam, India
Aaquib Nehal Khan, India
Md. Salahuddin Dolar, Bangladesh
Faramarz Bahramloo, Iran.
Mogire O Machuki, Kenya
Tiaweh Tyee, jr., Liberia
Oyesanmi Oyedotun, Nigeria.
George J. Poppin, USA
Franz. Schwartz, USA
Bill Watters, USA
Melvin. Williams, USA
Gordon Blom, USA
Eric Walton, Canada
Jeff Bowes, U.K.
David.Ansell, U.K.
Peggy Meadows, U.K.
David.Gray, U.K.
Ron. Haynes, U.K.
NG. Wing Yuen, U.K.
Roger Tidy, U.K.
Alastair Pamphilon, U.K.
Nick Sharpe, U.K.
Gunter.Kastner, Austria
Gerd. Wedemeyer, Germany
G√ľnter Jacob, Germany

Good Moniotors

Gifts include: a Waistcoat and a Fish-shaped Bag

Mike Peraaho, USA
Roger R. Roussel, Canada
Brian Kendall, U.K.
Christer Brunstrom, Sweden
Azam Ali Soomro, Pakistan.
A. Balakrishnan, B.Com., India
Md. Azizul Alam Al-Amin, Banglade
Mrefe Akpotu, Nigeria

Dear CRI Thank you for selecting me as Good listener.