Saturday, January 21, 2006

CRI Top Ten 2005 results

CRI Online’s vote for the most important events of 2005 has come to an end. During the two-week voting period, we received 20,282 votes in all five categories. Thank you for your participation in the poll and also for your wonderful comments on different events and about CRI’s English Service. We really appreciate it!

Top Winners
Nick Sharpe Age:45 Country:Great Britain (UK)
Mohammad Arshadd Qureshi Aazadd Age:28 Country:Pakistan
Jyrki Hytonen Age:49 Country:Finland

Xuecun Li Country:China City:Xinjiang
Cheng Yu Country:China City:Beijing
Yingtian Hu Country:China City:Beijing
Barbara Xu Country:China City:Beijing
Cherry Country:China City:Zhejiang
Zhou Zhengxi Country:China City:Fujian
Yilei Huang Country:China City:Shanghai
Yafei Hu Country:China City:Beijing
Liao Junyu Country:China City:Beijing
Yang Yong Country:China City:Beijing
Li Jue Country:China City:Beijing
Jian zhu Shi Country:China City:Zhejiang
梁 爽 Country:China City:Shanghai
张 扬 Country:China City:Beijing
Sujan Parajuli Country:Nepal
A. K. M. Nuruzzaman Country:Bangladesh
Jeff Bowes Country:United Kingdom
Bijaya Niroula Country:United Kingdom
Shaikh Muhammad Younis Country:Pakistan
Abbid Hussain Sajidd Country:Pakistan
Muhammad Shamim.S. Country:India
Sujan Parajuli Country:Nepal
Jamal Ghamous Country:Iran
Nahidf Saeed Country:Pakistan
Maruf Dewan Country:Finland
Nazir Chaudhry Country:Pakistan
Francisca Yanett Country:Chile
Emmanuel Alley Country:Ghana
Jaisakthivel Country:India
Mohammad Aslam Country:India
Amir Manzoor Country:Pakistan
Jianming Cai Country:Australia
Greti Terzieva Country:Bulgaria
Marjory Langridge Country:Australia
Eduard Boada Country:Spain
Ibrahim Rustamov Country:Tajikistan
Capt. Ed. Clemente Country:USA
Shehzadd Baber Country:Pakistan
Ka Cheung Country:United Kingdom
Salisu Muhammad Dawanau Country:Nigeria