Monday, January 09, 2006

Fantastic prize from CVC Planet 30

On February 4th & 5th the Planet 30 will count down Your Top 30 most requested songs as voted by you!

Plus, whenever you send in a vote, you’ll go into the draw for a fantastic prize pack containing:-
A triple music CD set
A Video
A CD Rom
A CVC T-Shirt
A Bunch of CVC stickers
An Aussie Plush Toy
Some booklets

We will give away 5 packs in mid January and another 5 at the end of January.

Send in your vote now along with your full name and address

To enter you can:-
Write to P.O. Box 6361 Maroochy BC 4558 Queensland Australia and clearly write the word “Comp” at the top of your letter.
Send an SMS text message to +61 416 905 878 But remember, you must enter the code word “COMP” first in the message screen.
Send an email to our new competition address: comp at

You can vote as many times as you like - the more votes you send in, the greater the chance your favourite song will make it into Your Top 30 countdown on the planet 30 in early February and the greater your chances of winning a prize!