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by Bob Locher W9KNI
3rd Edition

At last, the long awaited third edition of "The Complete DX'er" is becoming available. Far and away the most popular DX book ever written, "The Complete DX'er" is both the highly entertaining diary of a serious DX chaser, and at the same time full of lessons for DX'ing success.

Written in a warm, personal style, this is a work you will read again and again. It very much respects and honors the traditions of DX'ing, yet brings a sense of excitement to the chase.

There are over 26,000 copies in print; yet try to find a used copy anywhere. The new edition has been revised to take into account the realities of DX'ing in the 21st century.

Publication date is June 1, 2003. Place your order now for your copy!
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Book Reviews
Here are a sampling of the reviews of the previous edition of "The Complete DX'er":
Locher proceeds to spill the beans about operating techniques..(that are)..dark mysteries to most operators. A more apt title for his book might have been 'The Complete Operator,’ because most of what he has to say can apply to every time we turn our radios on.. Locher has put it all together in a readable fashion. His easy, conversational style never condescends to the reader.. “The Complete DX’er” leaves other tutorials behind: it not only advises what to do, it tells how to do it.. Sections on choosing a station and selecting antennas are particularly useful.. Locher pulls everything
together.. Developing skills is what this work is about. What you have is a timeless work that will teach as well in the year 2020 as it teaches today.

QST Magazine:
Some weeks back, your DX editor had the good fortune to peruse galley proofs of W9KNl's new book, which is sure to increase the competition for DX on our bands! The book reads as if Bob was sitting at your side as you tune the band, conversationally telling you how to use those tricks that are the hallmark of the seasoned DX’er. In addition to his realistic hands-on approach, his sidelights all through the book seem to catch both his personal style and the intangible allure of our world of DX.

Over the years there have been some pretty good DX books, and a few that have been simply terrible. What there hasn't been is a really great DX book - until now, that is. W9KNl has created a first class treatise on the art of DX’ing that's every bit as entertaining as it is educational. No one, whether newcomer or grizzled DXCC Honor Roll member will fail to find something useful in Bob's latest dissertation on DX’ing.. Bob sends the reader back to the shack to resume that search for that ever-elusive new one. He'll find him, too, now that he's been helped along by one of the true masters of the art.. Those who buy this book looking for beam heading charts, prefix lists and postal rates are going to be disappointed - there are no charts or tables. What it does contain are the wit and wisdom of DX chasing, written by an acknowledged expert. This book could be the best investment a DX’er could make; I can think of no higher recommendation!

73 Magazine:
Few enjoyments surpass the pleasure of a good book. The book should be interesting - entertainingly written or instructive, preferably both. It should be fact-filled, yet exciting, never permitting boredom. Most of all, a good book should fascinate the reader and, when possible, place him or her right in the middle of the action. You will find Bob Locher W9KNl's `The Complete DX'er’ such a book.
Written by an experienced DX chaser, yet clear and simple enough for the beginner, the book tantalizes and teaches at the same time. “The Complete DX’er'” can be a reference and a guide ... a welcome companion to be savored at leisure. Most assuredly, it represents a solid-gold treasure trove of information amassed by a skilled operator during a lifetime of DX chasing.

The first section of the book deals with basic and intermediate skills and equipment.. a primer of great and lasting value. The second section of the book builds upon the first, adding refinements of technique, special tricks of the trade, and how to be a sportsman in the truest sense of the word. It teaches you about 'Winning, Losing, and Playing the Game.' Finally, Bob teaches you his 'Last Secret' before turning you loose on the unsuspecting world. In 'Conclusion,' you are left with a philosophy and a new beginning.

“The Complete DX’er” is bound to be a smash hit, so you had better get out the checkbook right away and put in your order before they're gone..

Last Friday, I bought a copy of a paperback book titled “The Complete DX'er,” by Bob Locher W9KNI. To make a short story shorter, I received the book, read it cover to cover that night, and read it cover to cover the next night too! W9KNI is not just another journalist with a hundred countries. He is presently at the very top of the DXCC CW Honor Roll, and uses that experience to illustrate his ideas. Unlike other 'How to DX' writers who tell us what equipment to buy and what a DX Bureau is, Locher describes HOW to listen, HOW to attack a pileup, and HOW to think like a DX station so that you can get him into the log. Chapters on basic, intermediate and advanced listening and pile-up technique are peppered with interesting narratives. Only a few chapters are devoted to hardware, and the references there are amazingly sparce. It gives one the notion that DXing is not a rich man's game, but an artform which can be mastered and enjoyed regardless of the amount of hardware in the shack and on the tower. This is not a book which will gather dust on the shelf after one reading, but rather a course in DX technique which you will want to refer to again and again. Buy, beg or borrow a copy of this book if you are at all interested in DXing.

WESTLINK REPORT: “The Complete DX'er,” by Bob Locher (W9KNI) is simply the best book of its type ever written. Locher, a world class operator who has dominated the CW DXCC Honor Roll since 1975, now shares much of the insight that has brought him to this prestigious position. What is more important is that he has done so in a way that you will find almost spell binding.

There are no charts, formulas or maps. Rather, Locher uses his literary ability to 'converse' with the reader, almost as though he is sitting in your shack in a one on one conversation. He shares secrets and often forgotten common-sense operating techniques in an effort to help you snag the 'rare one.'

Simply said, “The Complete DX'er” is a book that all amateurs will find interesting and entertaining, even if they spend all their time on their local two meter repeater. We feel that it's worth every penny!