Thursday, September 08, 2005

Try BBC classic news quiz

What year did Berliners celebrate the fall of the Berlin Wall?From Our Own Correspondent has been broadcasting BBC correspondents' personal reflections on news events for five decades. Find out whether you have been paying attention in our quiz.
All the answers to the questions below can be found in our classic From Our Own Correspondent pieces which cover 50 years of events that have changed the world.
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Question 1
The citizens of which country were said to have the natural patience of a people to whom foreign invasion was only too familiar?
A: Czechoslovakia
B: France
C: Egypt

Question 2
Which nation was described as "the showpiece of the Eastern Bloc?"
A: China
B: East Germany
C: Russia

Question 3
Why was a British Embassy advising foreign nationals to gather at the InterContinental Hotel in 1997?
A: So they could cast their votes in an international film festival
B: So they could be interviewed by UK immigration officers
C: So that Marines could evacuate them across a river

Question 4
Which was the polyglot country in which no language was incomprehensible?
A: United Kingdom
B: India
C: Israel

Question 5
What efforts were made to cool the train passengers travelling to Allahabad in 1964?
A: They were fanned with palm leaves
B: They were seated close to blocks of ice in tin baths
C: They were able to enjoy state of the art air conditioning

Question 6
In which war was it considered generally more useful to have efficient, rather than brave, soldiers?
A: World War II
B: The Vietnam War
C: The Four Day War

Question 7
Which national leader was said to have made the springtime flower?
A: Jimmy Carter
B: Jawaharlal Nehru
C: Joseph Stalin

Question 8
What threatened the phone connection between the Thai border and London?
A: Malayan insurgents
B: A sacred goat
C: A violent thunderstorm

Question 9
What was the official reason for the non-appearance of the usual photo-montage of a president's activities on the television news?
A: Because the president was unwell
B: Because he was absent, touring in Europe
C: For technical reasons

Question 10
What was the correspondent told about in a phone call on 4 July 1976?
A: The fall of the Berlin Wall
B: The raid on Entebbe
C: The moon landing