Saturday, September 03, 2005

September Month radio quizes

DW September Quiz

Our quiz this month focuses on a key date. When communism collapsed across Eastern Europe, Germans got a unique opportunity to reunite their country. We want to know when the Communist German Democratic Republic joined the Federal Republic to form united Germany.
Was it on:
a)October 3rd, 1989
b)October 3rd, 1990 or
c)October 3rd, 1991?
Send your answer on a postcard, please, postmarked no later than September 30, 2005, to Deutsche Welle, English Service, Postcode 53110 Bonn, Germany. Or email us at There's a shortwave radio for the winner and consolation prizes for the first five runners up. Good luck!
Previous Winners June:
Runners-up:Ray Runyon - U.S.A.Idrees Sameer Makky - JordanSouad Zekrani - MaroccoMiss Shashi - BangladeshLuisana Santiago - Venezuela
Winner: Mazar Hashmi - Pakistan
DW Inside Europe Quiz
Test your knowledge about Princess Grace of Monaco, who died this month in 1982.
On September 14, 1982, Princess Grace of Monaco was killed in a car crash. Her death brought to an end what many saw as a modern fairytale. She was the beautiful and talented Hollywood actress who married her prince charming and lived happily ever after in a pink palace.
Grace Kelly gave up her film career when she married Prince Rainier of Monaco. We’d like you to tell us which film she was working on when she met him.
You can email your answer to us. The address is Or simply write to us via snail mail at European Desk, Deutsche Welle, Bonn, Germany.
We’ve got 5 Deutsche Welle prizes to give away and we’ll announce the winners next month.
Get those answers in and good luck.
Voice International Quiz
Congratulations to the WINNER of the Quizmaster competition! Prayer works, for sure ! Gaby Prayed and got her victory over the boys with the final score 30 to the girls and the boys 28
Luke will cuddle a snake at the Australia Zoo!
But the fun doesn't stop there!
You can join in by telling us "Who belongs in the zoo?"! No, surely not Gaby, Luke or Phil. Who do you think belongs in a zoo and why?
Phil thinks his brother does because he needs cleaning up after and would enjoy not having to forage for his own food.
Gaby thinks her brother and sister would be good and amusing inn-mates to observe...
We have 3 Australia Zoo packs to give away. Let us know who belongs in the zoo
Check out his great mag...
Each week we catch up with the editor of NETGUIDE, Gail Lipscombe, and we talk abou the latest technology, common difficulties and new internet phenomena......!
If you share a fantastic website with us, you could WIN a free copy today!
Does your area have a mobile phone service network but you feel disconnected because you don’t have a mobile phone?
Is your current phone so old you can’t send TXT?
Maybe your phone is so big you feel like you're carrying around a brick?
Whatever the reason you need a new mobile … let us know.

CVC is giving you the chance to get connected with a new Nokia mobile phone!!!
It is so easy to enter the competition, simply tell us why you deserve to win a mobile phone, in 100 words or less.
We are giving away a mobile phone every week until September, and you could win.
To be fair we will NOT accept the same answer more than once.
So tell us how a mobile phone could change your life and keep listening to see if you win.

Send your email now or write to
P.O. Box 6361
Maroochy BC QLD 4558
Phil Grey joins Gaby McEwan from THE EDGE for the next few weeks, so we thought that we would mess with your head and throw HIM into the enchilada mix...
Sounds messy.
Can you guess who this is...
I like riding children's bikes... LUKE OR GABY.