Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Farewell to Rajkot 1071 kHz 1000 kw Transmitter

Dear Friends,It is now confirmed that the 1000 kW transmitteroperating from Rajkot on 1071 kHz for ExternalServices of AIR has closed down in June 2004. Itstarted tranmsisions sometime around (August) 1970 andused to beam towards Pakistan and Afghanistan.They used to issue nice QSL cards. To view the one Igot please click: http://www.qsl.net/vu2jos/qsls/rajkot_1071.jpg

Jose Jacob, VU2JOS
National Institute of Amateur Radio
Raj Bhavan Road, Hyderabad 500082, India
Tel: 91-40-5516 7388 Telefax: 91-40-2331 0287
EchoLink: Node No. 133507 VU2NRO

Note: This QSL picture shows that Mamalapuram, Tamil Nadu.

I think this is the only QSL AIR published the Tamil Nadu tourism place.