Thursday, September 22, 2005

KK-DRM01 digital broadcast receivers

KK-DRM01, the first lot of domestic digital broadcast receivers duly put into operation has been out into the market.The KK-DRM01 digital frequency modulation radio maintains the function as analog radio, for which defects such as interference, signal decline, poor acoustics and troubles sought by broadcasting stations, etc frequently occurring in analog broadcast can be eliminated. In the meantime, it can also provide text information, automatic frequency switchover or program accompanied text information, facilitating simple and easy operation of radios. The DRM digital broadcast system is a non-patented digital system that is the only one in the world using long, medium and short wave broadcasts. It can use the existing frequencies and bandwidths around the world, hence the substantial improvement in analog AM broadcasts.Due to the fact that this unit has relatively more functions and better reception effects, the operations are complex accordingly. Before using this unit, please read carefully this Operation Manual and keep it properly for later reference. For more details