Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Results of Wavescan "Silent Stations DX Contest"

In our program on Aug 04, we announced the winners for our big 2009 "Silent
Station DX Contest". You will remember that the month of June was our
contest month, and we waited until the end of July until all mails arrived
from all over the world. Many of these contest entries came in large
packets and large envelopes, so many of which were registered to ensure safe
delivery.This was again a very rewarding contest which attracted entries
from many well known international radio monitors, as well as from those
whose names are not known widely. As in all previous years, entries came in
from many different countries, and the quality of so many entries was indeed
very high once again.

Our contest for this year required five areas of information: -
* List of five QSLs from stations now silent
* Brief description of each QSL
* Photocopy of each QSL
* Three reception reports from any AWR transmissions anywhere in the world
* Three radio cards of historic importance

As our continental winners, we are pleased to announce the names of the
following personnel:
* Asia Nobuya Kato Fijisawa Japan (DSWCI member!)
* Pacific Brian Webb Upper Hutt New Zealand
* South America Leonardo Santiago Merida Venezuela
* North America William Patalon Fallston MA USA
* Europe Hans Lollike Hedehusene Denmark

Entries of Merit:
* India Girish Chadaga Bangalore
* New Zealand John Durham Tauranga
* Indonesia Jemmy Liwang Sulawesi
* Mexico Luis Vallebueno Durango
* Canada Jonathan Pukila Thunder Bay ON
* Sweden Bjorn Fransson Visby (DSWCI member!)
* USA Edward Insinger Summit NJ

And now for the news you have all been waiting for: Who is our world winner
for the year 2009? As you hold your breath, we can tell you that this is
now the fourth occasion in which he has won our annual DX contest. Our
world winner for 2009 is none other than Günter Jacob of Passau in Germany.
Congratulations again Günter, and you monumental entry is most remarkably
prepared. Your many pages of valuable information are a delight to peruse.
In fact, your entries on these four occasions rank as among the best we have
ever received since these annual contests began way back in 1977. The only
other entry that equals the quality and excellence equal to yours was the
1996 entry from William Matthews in Columbus, Ohio, USA. His entry was
bound into a loose leaf book one inch thick and we still use his information
to this day as a reference volume for important historical information.

The entry from Günter Jacob lists his five best QSLs from stations now
silent and they are:
* Radio New Zealand ZL5 7.5 kW Titahi Bay 1970
* Radio Australia 10 kW Perth 1971
* Radio Tahiti 20 kW 1972
* Radio Americas 7.5 kW Swan Island1972
* Radio Senegal 100 kW 1961
We express our appreciation to each person who sent in an entry to our 2009
Annual DX Contest. (Adrian M. Peterson). Günter Jacob is a member of the
DSWCI since 1957 and Bill Matthews has also been a member. Congratulations
to all! (Ed)

(Via DX-Window No. 383, Danish SW Clubs International)

Alokesh Gupta
New Delhi, India

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