Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hello FM rebrands as Radio Hello

Malar Publications promoted radio venture Hello FM 106.4 has been rechristened as Radio Hello.

The Tamil Nadu based venture that garnered revenues of Rs 70 million for 2008-2009 with an EBIDTA of Rs 30 million, runs seven stations in the state.

The brand change has been initiated on air across all Hello FM stations in Chennai, Kovai, Madurai, Trichy, Nellai, Tuticorin and Puducchery, and was kicked off in a phased manner beginning end July. According to a recent assessment of the station’s popularity, it was found that listeners were able to recall the frequency more than the station name. Hello FM CEO Rajiv Nambiar says, “The listeners were identifying us as 106.4, especially because of the tagline, ‘idhaan right number’ (this is the right frequency). Considering that, the station decided to morph the brand name, keeping it more generic and using a name synonymous with the medium, given its on-air and on-ground initiatives.”

Nambiar further adds, “By prefixing the word ‘Radio’ to the station’s name, we can now be sure that attention will be clearly on the brand name, rather than the frequency, especially since multiple frequencies are likely to be allowed soon.”

The name change falls in to place, as the station plans to explore new shores and new places.” Consequently, the tagline ‘idhaan right number’ will also witness a gradual phasing for the same reasons, he says.

With the brand change, the radio station is bringing about changes in the station gradually. The station has started round the clock broadcast since the past four months. “There are few stations which broadcast through the night. All our seven stations broadcast live and it is not just back to back music; the stations are manned by RJs till 4 am,” states Nambiar.

The station is also experimenting with strengthening its property over the web space. Radio Hello provides a web platform for its on air advertisers, thereby giving them a grounded presence. “We also stream our deferred on-air radio content on the website and plan to pump in more shows. Also, we are in talks with music label owners for adding audio content to the website.”

Radio Hello has also kickstarted an on ground activation targeting 13 colleges each in Chennai, Kovai, Madurai, Trichy, Nellai, Tuticorin and Puducchery. The activation named ‘College Sema Star’ picks up students proficient enough to be radio jockeys, show producers, scriptwriters and music schedulers. These students undergo three days of training at the studios of Radio Hello and eventually run the station all by themselves on a Sunday. (radioandmusic.com)