Monday, March 16, 2015

DX Quiz 2015

In 2015 the Ardic DX Club celebrates its 17th anniversary. For 17 years it has been the primary source of information for dxing enthusiasts all over the Tamil Nadu, India. In order to celebrate this event, a quiz is being organised. The quiz is open to anyone, regardless of location or club membership. The quiz does not solely deal with Tamil Dxing, but covers very different radio aspects. Answering following 25 questions you can show your radio knowledge.
No quiz without prizes of course. And to make the contest interesting to everybody, a few prizes will be given anomaly to entrants. So if the questions look hard, participate anyway.

Quiz starts from 1 March 2015, Last date for the entry 30 April 2015.

Quiz Questions

1. New Somali-targeted clandestine station Voice of Khaatumo broadcast from?
a. Biblis, b. d. Saipen, c. Iranawilla, d. Issoudun

2. Email ID of European Music Radio?
a., b., c., d.

3.Kalundborg Radio were broadcast in which band?
a. SW, b. MW, c. LSB, d. LW.

4. Reading DX Meeting held regularly in which country?
a. Canada, b. Great Britain, c. USA, d. Japan.

5. Radio Oomrang broadcast from which Island?
a. Amrum Island, b. Diego Garcia, c. Andaman Nicobar, d. Sri Lanka.

6. In which date clocks change to summer time in most of Europe?
a. 29 March, b. 30 March, c. 31 March, d. 1 April.

7. LPFM stands for________
a. Long Power FM, b. Long Play FM, c. Lonely Power FM, d. Low Power FM.

8. ComRadio CR1 is a _________
a. Digital Radio, b. SDR, c. DRM Radio, d. DAB Radio.

9. Eton G3 is a _________
a. Third Generation Radio, b. Analogue Radio, c. Global Traveler, d. Valve Radio.

10. Unearthed is a popular programme from __________
a. Radio Australia, b. Radio Nederland, c. Radio Prague, d. BBC.

11. Who is presenting an apparently live edition of VOA’s Border Crossings?
a. Mark Tully, b. Anker Peterson, c. Keith Peron, d. Larry London.

12. Jade Bells and Bamboo Pipes is a popular music programme from ________
a. RSI, b. RTI, c. VOA, d. BBC.

13. DX Listening Digest is published by _______
a. Shortwave News, b. DSWCI, c. Glenn Hauser, d. Monitoring Time.

14. KLDE-FM is known for __________
a. 11 meter,  b. 13 meter, c. 16 meter, d. 19 meter.

15. Elad EDM S2 SDR stands for __________
a. Direct Stereo Receiver, b. Dual Sampling Receiver, c. Digital Sampling Receiver, d. Direct Sampling Receiver.

16. Which new station broadcasts weather news from 1 April 2015?
a. RCI, b. DWD, c. NHK, d. CRI.

17. Which international station ceased all the broadcasts to Asia via Kranji, Dhabbaya and Palau?
a. Radio Vatican, b. Radio Canada International, c. Radio Australia, d. Radio Japan.

18. Punjab Radio broadcasts on DAB from _________
a. Amritsar, b. London, c. Chandigarh, d. Lahore.

19. MFSK32 data transmission was done by _________
a. ABC, b. DW, c. VOA, d. BBC.

20. Virupaksha Temple QSL was sent by __________
a. AIR, b. Radio Nepal, c. SLBC, d. Radio Pakistan.

21. was run by ________
a. John Hoad, b. Jim Chelmsford, c. Gary drew, d. Stephen Howie.

22. The Name Thomas Witherspoon is known for which site?
a., b., c., d.

23. RCA factory is located in which country?
a. UK, b. US, c. UAE, d. Vatican.

24. Which radio Tx was a concept that was presented to Winston Churchill?
a. Rhodes Tx, b. BELL Tx, c. The Aspidistra, d. Marconi Tx.

25. Which Tamil station start broadcasting in DRM?
a. AIR, b. BBC, c. CRI, d. None of these.

Please note the following things when you send the entry.

1. Every entry will get the special pennant in the memory of the All India Radio.
2. Every entry must send one reception report of any frequency of All India Radio for the anniversary special QSL.
3. Every entry should send any one radio sticker. Local radio sticker is appreciated.
4. Every entry should send one any radio QSL card / view card from broadcasting station. (Extra QSL cards from you collection, if you don’t have the extra QSL, you may send the photo copy of the rare QSL in your collection.
5. Indian listeners must send Rs.25/- mint stamp for postage and International listeners must send 2 IRC or 2 US $. Those who are send US dollars; kindly send it only by register post. Otherwise it will be theft and the ADXC were not take the responsibility of your US $.

Send your answers to T.Jaisakthivel, Assistant Professor, Department of Journalism and Communication, University of Madras, Chepauk Campus, Chennai – 600005, Tamil Nadu, India.

Last Quiz winners and runners

International Participants
  1. Matthias Martin, Germany
  2. Kurt Enders, Germany
  3. Patric Robic, Austria
  4. Christian Ghibauda, France
  5. Rudolf Sonntag, Germany
  6. Stefan Druschke, Germany
  7. Andreas Muecklich, Germany
  8. Klaus Kohler, Germany
  9. Werner Reimers, Germany
  10. Arnold Heiles, Luxembourg
  11. Jose Roberto da SilvaCunha, Brasil
National winners

  1. S. Prema, Coimbatore
  2. B. Ramakrishnan, Udumalpet
  3. D. Vijaya Krishna Bhat, Puttur
  4. Mittul Kansal, Haryana
  5. Prithwiraj Purkayastha, Assam
  6. S. Sakthivel, Thasappa Kownadan Puthur
  7. M. Ganesan, Goa
  8. Ashok Kumar, Haryana
  9. N. Neelaveni Sivaraj, Idappadi
  10. N.T.Shanmugam, Thasappa Kowndan Puthur
  11. M.Muralidhar, Bangalore
  12. Muhammad Shammim, Tiruvandrum
  13. S. Vetrivelraj, Idappadi
  14. S. Shanmugasundaram, Madurai
  15. K.C.Sivaraj, Idappadi
  16. S. Santhoshraj, Idappadi
  17. P.S.Sekar, Thalainayar
  18. S.Sudarshan, Thasappa Kowndan Puthur
  19. K.Anitha, Meenatchipalayam
  20. K. Arun, Meenatchipalayam
  21. Bedant Das, Assam
  22. Mohammed Ilyas, Hubi
  23. P.Kathiresan, Madurai
  24. K.Brishneve, Tirunelveli
  25. M.C.Boopathi, Erode
  26. Porunai balu, Tirunelveli
  27. A.M.Subramanian, Neyveli
  28. V.S.Kumaran, Cuddalore