Friday, June 05, 2009


And now here comes the long awaited announcement: "and the winners are.."
RRI has offered 124 smaller prizes. 21 of them have been won by
listeners to the English language Service of RRI.
Here they are:
Riaz Ahmad Khan of Pakistan,
Richard Chen of Trinidad &Tobago,
H. Poortvliet of Zeist, the Netherlands,
Hans Verner Lollike of Denmark,
Satadal Ghosh of Kharagpur, India,
Kelvin Lee of Johor, Malaysia,
Prasanta Kumar Padmapati of Assam, India,
Serge Tremblay of Ontario, Canada,
Amin Najmi of Hay Tarik, Morocco,
Abu Mostofa Byuia of Abador, Bangladesh,
Heath Hall of New Mexico, the US,
Kamlesha A Gautam, of Haryana, India,
Asghar Shah of Karachi, Pakistan,
Takeshi Murakami, Japan,
Rabisankar Bosu of West Bengal, India,
Mohammad Aslam of Azamgarh, U.P. India,
Syed Ali Akbar of Karachi, Pakistan,
Ali Ahmad Hussein of Sweileh, Jordan,
Riaz Ahmad Khan of Sheikhupura, pakistan and
Zahoor Ahmed Solangi of Islamabad, Pakistan.

Of a total number of 66 third prizes, 11 of them were won by listeners
of the English language programs of RRI.
And the winners of the 3rd prizes are:
Krzystof Borski of Poznan, Poland,
Stephen Wara of Paris, France,
Halim Chahed of Tunis, Tunisia,
A Ragu of Vedereniam, India,
Catherine O. Agboola of Ekiti State, Nigeria,
Jim Drexler of Wallingford, the US,
Surendra Kumar of Delhi, India,
Brian Kendall of Kent, Great Britain,
jason Nugent of New Brunswick, Canada,
Jonathan Murphy of mallow, Cork, Ireland and
Roberto Carlos Alvarez Galosso of Florida, the US.

Of the 34 second prizes, 3 have been won by listeners to our English
Chadrick Bulinda of Kenya,
Umesh Kumar Yadav of Mumbai, India and
Michael Whing of Norfolk, Great Britain.

18 first prizes have been offered by our sponsors to:
Zhang Shifeng, Han Keqin, Li Meng, Wang Jiangyang, Xie Yujing (all of
them from China),
Yong Cher Leong of Malaysia,
Giovanni Lupoli of Italy,
Abdel-Kader Khalil of Algeria,
Abdel-karim Ahmad Al-Mabrouk of Lybia,
Alastair Pamphion of Warwickshire, the United Kingdom,
Iulia Stepanova and Vladimir Ignatiev of Russia,
Friedrich Andorf of Germany,
Amady Faye of Senegal,
Rene Pigeard of France,
Irina Halaiciuk of Ukraine,
Antonio-Angel Morilla Rios of Spain and
to our co-naitonal Brandusa massion, now living in Germany.

The 11 Special Prizes have been offered by the Alba and Bihor branches
of the Fine Artists's Union. They were 6 and 5 paintings,
respectively. These valuable prizes go to:
our co-national Camelia Himcinschi of Germnay,
Olexandr Havrysh of the Ukraine,
Juan Carlos Gil Mongio of Spain,
Leny Boulay of France,
Serghei Lobatzeev of Russia,
Khalil Bourazzan of the US,
Alesia Porreca of Italy,
Wu Xuan and Wang Qiuling of China,
Chen Nanlu of Taiwan and
Mark Ludlow of Rochestown, Ireland.

And now the long-awaited moment…They participated in our contest,
provided correct answers and won a stay in the Apuseni Mountains
between August the 1st and 11th 2009…………………Martin Prochazka and
Romanian-born Eva Duica of Graz, Austria. Asked whether or not he
accepts the Grand Prize, Mr Prochazka wrote:" Of course I will come on
the trip to Romania. I thank you very much for the prize. For years
now I have been dreaming about visiting Romania again, but my dream
could not come true for financial reasons and time constraints. I am
extremely happy that you give me this chance. I was really surprised
to hear the news, as I have never been lucky or won any contests.
Thanks once again and please send my best regards to all staff of

As you know very well, this is not the only Grand Prize.
The second Grand Prize, a stay between August the 15th and 24th 2009,
goes to……………Yuan Jing of Guangdong, China and to …Jin Tao of Hubei,
China. Congratulations dear friends and look forward to meeting you in
Romania this summer.

(Source : RRI Via Alokesh Gupta, New Delhi)

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