Tuesday, June 02, 2009

FM players in NE seek swift fee structure relaxation

FM radio operators in the north east are lobbying hard to get their voice heard - one of TRAI's recommendations last year on third phase of private FM radio broadcasting in 2008 was the relaxation of fee structure for North-East and Jammu and Kashmir.

The players, particularly in the north east, are now hoping for approval of the proposal by new Information and Broadcasting Minister Ambika Soni.

TRAI had recommended that the rate of annual fee be reduced to 50 per cent of what is being charged from all the existing permission holders in other areas, for private FM radio broadcasters in North east and Jammu and Kashmir region for an initial period of three years. Apart from this region specific recommendation, it was also proposed that the minimum annual fee for a district be calculated based on five per cent of reserve OTEF (One Time Entry Fee) across India.

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