Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Tamil Internet Conference 2009 in Koeln, Germany

தமிழ் இணைய மாநாடு -2009- உத்தமம் அறிவிப்பு.

The Executive Committee of INFITT is pleased to announce that
the next Tamil Internet Conference TIC 2009 will be held in
Europe, in the city of Koeln, Germany during October 9-11, 2009.

TIC 2009 will have the same format as the last TIC 2004 held
in Singapore. It will be a technical conference devoted
to discussing recent advances and challenges in Tamil
Computing and Tamil Internet in general. To permit max.
interaction, participation will be limited to 100 persons.

We invite Tamil IT professionals worldwide to participate
in this conference - only one of its kind devoted exclusively
for Tamil. Tamil Internet Conferences of INFITT has been
held earlier in Chennai (1999,2003)Singapore (2000, 2004), Kuala Lumpur,
Malaysia (2001), San Francisco, California (2002) and
in Singapore (2004). TIC 2009 will be the first
conference to be held in Europe.

The TIC 2009 is being organized in close collaboration
with the Institute of Indology and Tamil Studies (IITS)
of the University of Koeln who will serve as the local host.

IITS, headed by Prof. Ulrike Niklas is one of the major
Tamil Studies and Research Center of Europe. A Tamil
teacher, researcher of IITS well known to Tamil community
is Dr. Thomas Malten, who led a pioneering effort two
decades back to bring Tamil literature in electronic form.
IITS of UKoeln also has the unique distinction as the only Tamil
Studies Center outside Tamilnadu to have more than 50,000
Tamil books. So we are delighted to have the next TIC at this
key Institution devoted to Tamil Research in Europe.

Pleast take note of the date and venue for the conference.
A formal call for papers with more details will be published soon.

For more details :
Dr. K. Kalyanasundaram

Va.Mu.Se. Kaviarasan
Executive Driector, INFITT

T.N.C. VenkataRangan
Vice-Chair, INFITT