Sunday, February 01, 2015

Wavescan NWS310

* Opening Announcement - 00:00
            Welcome to Wavescan, international DX program from Adventist World Radio
            Researched and written in Indianapolis, produced on cruise ship, Nassau Bahamas
            Program outline
                        1. NASB Anniversary
                        2. Publication Review: WRTVHB 2015
                        3. Japan DX Report
                        4. Special QSL of the Week SQOTW26: Low Power on Tropical Shortwave

* Theme Music - 00:27
            Bahamas: Local music

* NASB Anniversary - 01:09
            Jeff White

* Tourism - 05:03
            Nassau, Bahamas

* Music of the World - 06:17
            Bahamas: Instrumental & vocal

* Publication Review: WRTVHB 2015 - 08:54
            The new 2015 edition of the World Radio TV Handbook again lives up to its high reputation with excellence in printing, detailed current information about radio broadcasting on every country throughout the world all 240 of them, a series of atlas maps in color, interesting and illustrated feature articles, and of course, advertising that presents the latest in the radio world.  This new publication contains the same number of pages as last year, 672, and a list of worldwide contributors shows so many well known names, international radio monitors who stand high in the radio world.
            Early in this new edition is a bio and photo of Mauno Ritolo in Finland who is listed as the Schedule and Web Editor.  This item is followed by articles describing the latest radio receivers and associated equipment.
            David Porter in England gives us the 70 year story of the BBC Woofferton with pictures in color; Max van Arnhem in Holland ponders the future of DXing; and David Foster in Australia visits the radio station on Lord Howe Island in the South Pacific.  The 13 pages of maps in high gloss color seem to be the same as in the previous 2014 edition.
            However, beginning on age 66 and following on for another more than 400 pages, each country is listed in the same familiar style, with the latest information about all mediumwave, FM and shortwave stations in all countries throughout the world, each listed in alphabetic order.  The first country in this listing is Afghanistan, and shown are the current mediumwave and FM stations in this tragic wartorn country.
            Surprisingly, Alaska is on the air with nearly 50 mediumwave stations and a host of FM stations.  There are a dozen local stations on the air in Antarctica; and it takes 33 pages of print to list all of the mediumwave and FM stations in Brazil.  Apparently the low power local FM station on Pitcairn Island in the lonely central Pacific is now inactive.  However, the maritime station in Monaco 3AC with its daily weather broadcast on shortwave is indeed shown.  This station, with its brief daily broadcast, will verify with a QSL card.
            Also listed is 8 pages of detailed information about clandestine shortwave broadcasting stations; and also shown are all of the chronohertz stations with their time pips and callsigns.  Another listing presents all of the active DX clubs throughout the world.
            All shortwave broadcasting stations throughout the world are listed according to frequency, and this makes for quick identification of an unknown station you are hearing on your radio receiver.
            As always, the latest edition of the World Radio TV Handbook is a must for every serious international radio monitor.  Those who are casual listeners, and those expatriates who want to hear news and music from home, will also find this 2015 edition of the annual volume to be of inestimable value.
            Thus, the 2015 edition of the superb World Radio TV Handbook will find its place besides the shortwave receiver on the monitoring desk of a multitude of international radio monitors throughout the world.  Our copies come to us from Universal Radio in Reynoldsburg Ohio, and their full page advertisement in color is found on age 21.
            We might add, that all 69 editions of the World Radio TV Handbook, from 1947 to the present time, are neatly arranged in two rows of book shelves in the AWR Office in Indianapolis.
* Bandscan -12:43
            Jeff White: Nassau, Bahamas

* Japan DX Report - 18:56
            Yukiko Tsuji
* Special QSL of the Week SQOTW26: Low Power on Tropical Shortwave - 24:27
            According to international radio monitor Bruce White, who lives on a farm near Karoonda in South Australia, the signal from the low power chronohertz station CHU near Ottawa in Canada seldom reaches so far downunder.  However, on September 16, 2010, Bruce heard the 3 kW CHU, with its time ticks and announcements in English and French, on his Tecsun 2000 radio receiver.  This receiver is equivalent to the Grundig 350.
            In due course, Bruce received their standard QSL card which features Sandford Fleming and the presentation of his concept for new international time zones.  An accompanying letter from CHU expressed surprise that this tropical band outlet on 3330 kHz should be heard at such a great distance.

* Music of the World - 25:20
            Bahamas: Steel Drum Orchestra

* Closing Announcement - 25:32
            Thanks for listening to Wavescan, international DX program from Adventist World Radio
            Researched and written in Indianapolis
            Next week:-
                        1. Tribute to Shortwave WYFR - 14: The Okeechobee Story
                        2. Australian Shortwave Callsigns VLB
                        3. Philippine DX Report
                        4. Special QSL of the Week SQOTW27: Trial Broadcasts for international Emergencies
            Several QSL cards available.  Send your AWR & KSDA reception reports for Wavescan to the                            AWR address in Indianapolis; and also to the station your radio is tuned to: WRMI or                                 WWCR or KVOH, or to the AWR relay stations that carry Wavescan.  Remember too,                             you can send a reception report to each of the DX reporters when their segment is on                          the air here in Wavescan: Japan, Bangladesh, Philippines, Australia & India.  They will                             verify with their own colorful QSL card.  Return postage and an address label are always                       appreciated.
            Wavescan address:-
                        Box 29235
                        Indiana 46229 USA
            Wavescan @
            Jeff White, shortwave WRMI

* Music Outrun - 27:17

* Program Ends - 28:55

1. SQOTW28: Special QSL of the Week

Progressive Topics

No  Call       Location                  Land            IRM      kHz   (k)W Year    Date     Significance                           QSL  NWS ——————————————————————————————————————————————————
001 7LA      Launceston Tasmania     AMP    1100      .1  1961 Nov 6       Emergency transmitter               C    282
002 RA       Kabul           Afghanistan AMP     96.1    .01 1971 Jul 4         Experimental FM                      C    284
003 VOA    Poro            Philippines   AMP  15000    LP   1984 Feb 19      Malfunctioning exciter                 L    286
004 TTY     Perth           Australia      AMP    1130    .2    1966 Jun 24      6NM transmitter to 6ED        DIYC    287
005 ICPA    Kabul          Afghanistan AMP   102.8    ½                1972 Aug 27      Hotel Intercontinental            DIYC    289
006 KSFO  Frisco                      California     AMP      560    5     1989 Oct 18      Temporary after earthquake        C   290
007 RM       Havana       Cuba           AMP    9600 100     1982 Feb 3        Relay Radio Tashkent                C    291            008 NILB    Central   Pacific         PH    10800   LP     1968 Dec 23      Apollo Recovery, 1,000 SW         L    292
009 AWR    Ekala         Sri Lanka     CG    11800 100      1981 Feb 21      Test broadcasts Africa & ME       C    293                
010 PJC     Willemstad              Curacao      PH       8694    1      1969 Jan 9        Morse loop                                C    294
011 AFRTS Adana         Turkey         AMP    1590  .01    1980 Mar 24      Plane, WL in ft                       DIYC   295   
012 AWR    Sines          Portugal      TD       9670  250    1977 Aug 26      Self-designed AWR card            C   296
013 VoM     Honhor       Mongolia     CL     12085  250    2012 Sep 14      Lived in Ulaan Baatar              L&C   297           
014 CRI      Beijing         China           UQ    21660            2005 Sep 19      Firedrake jammer                       C   298
015 RM                         Russia         AMP  11875           1984 May 2       Russian jammer, BBC ARS?      C   299
016 NBC    Pt Moresby  New Guinea VL       4890   35      2006 Mar 18      Reduced power                          C   300
017 RM       Murmansk               Russia         JB       5930     5    1979 Jan 13      Long wait                       DIYC & L   301 018 RM      Pzavodsk          Russia         JB       5065     5    1979 Jan 21      Long wait                                    DIYC & L   302           
019 VLU2  Christmas Is Indian O.      AMP  1420     .5     1977 Aug 23      Tried many locations       DIYC & L   303            020 XMX   Christmas Is Indian O.      AMP    341     .1           1977 Aug 28      Airplane reception                  DIYC   304           021 AIR            Pt Blair        Andamans   JJ      1440      1     1992 Nov 12      Emergency transmission              L   305            022 ABC    Shepparton        Australia      TA     6080 100      2011 Feb 4        Emergency transmission            C   306 023 ORTB                        Benin           CO      SW             1985 Sep 20      Hard to hear, difficult to QSL     C   307 024 WQTC Bryan            USA-OH      AMP  1520     .5     1986 Jul 17       Two words, Bryan Radio       DIYC    308           
025 AIR        Bangalore  India            MKP   9690  500     2014 Feb 28      Memory of 1st radio broadcast   C   309 026 CHU     Ottawa  Canada        BW                 3330     3     2010 Sep 16      Low power TSW                      C&L   310
027 SW       11 Sites      Asia              TA              2 SW              2014 Jun 5        IRDR Trial Broadcasts                 C  311
028 TMR     Rogaland    Norway         TD               6210              1970 Jul 8         Jamming against RNI                    P  312
029 NBC    Pt Moresby  New Guinea JJ     3925     10      1976 Oct 25      1st report from India                      C  313 030 VOA                        Hawaii          AMP                                                                                                     314

2. SQOTW28: Special QSL of the Week

Alphabetic Listing

            Title                              Call       City                  Country             IRM      City              Country         NWS            ——————————————————————————————————————————————————
Airplane Monitoring                   AFRS   Adana               Turkey              AMP     Airplane        Turkey            295
                                                XMX     Christmas Is      Indian Ocean     AMP     Airplane        Indian Ocean  304 
Apollo Recovery                       NILB     USS Arlington   Pacific              PH        Woodland H USA-CA          292
Demonstration Transmitter         TTY      Perth                W Australia       AMP     Perth            Australia         287
Difficult to hear                         ORTB                           Benin                CO       Norrkoping   Sweden           307 Earthquake Emergency                   KSFO   San Francisco   USA                 AMP     Eugene         USA-OR          290
Emergency Transmitter              7LA      Launceston       Tasmania          AMP     Launceston  Tasmania         282
                                                AIR       Port Blair          Andaman Is       JJ         Hyderabad   India                305
                                                ABC     Shepparton       Australia           TA        Depok          Indonesia        306 Experimental FM                       RA        Kabul                Afghanistan      AMP     Kabul            Afghanistan     284
First Report: India                      NBC     Port Moresby    New Guinea       JJ                             India               313 Jammer: Firedrake                      CRI       Beijing              China                UQ-S    Norrkoping   Sweden           298
              Rogaland                    TMR     Rogaland          Norway             TD        Rosrath        Germany          312
              Russian                      RM                               Russia              AMP     Poona          India               299
Listener Designed QSL Card      AWR     Sines                Portugal            TD        Rosrath         Germany         296
Long Wait: 11 Years                  XMX     Christmas Is      Indian Ocean     AMP     Airplane        Indian Ocean  304
                 23 Years                  RM       Murmansk         Russia              JB        Lexington      USA-MA         301
                 23 years                   RM       Petrozavodsk    Russia              JB        Lexington      USA-MA         302
Low Power                                CHU     Ottawa              Canada             BW       Karoonda     S Australia       310           
Malfunctioning Exciter               VOA     Poro                 Philippines        AMP     Lahore          Pakistan         286
Many Locations                         VLU2    Christmas Is      Indian Ocean     AMP     Carnarvon    Australia          303
Memories: Letter from Home      VOM     Honhor             Mongolia          CL        Bloomington USA-IN           297
                 1st Radio Broadcast  AIR       Bangalore         India                 MKP     Kerala           India               309
Morse Code Loop                     PJC      Willemstad        Curacao            PH        Woodland H USA-CA          294
Reduced Power                         NBC     Pt Moresby       New Guinea      VL         Naples          USA-FL           300           
Short Reception Report             WQTC   Bryan                USA-OH            AMP     Marion          USA-IN           308
Tashkent Relay                          RM       Havana             Cuba                AMP     Berrien  S      USA-MI           291 Test Broadcasts                               AWR     Ekala                Sri Lanka          CG       Nice              France            293
                                                IRDR    11 sites             Asia                  TA        Depok          Indonesia        311
Translation Transmitter               ICPA     Kabul                Afghanistan      AMP     Kabul            Afghanistan     289