Thursday, November 27, 2014

Community radio for the blind soon

The city's National Association for the Blind has proposed a special community radio for the visually impaired that will give solutions to their problems and keep them aware, updated and educated.

The radio will be a platform where more than 1,000 blind will get to know about employment opportunities, new mobile apps, health and hygiene, new aids and equipment in the market, eye camps, latest innovations, and current affairs.

"The information and broadcast ministry has this provision of community radios. We have many in the city, especially in educational institutes. Panjab University too has one. For blind, it is their hearing ability that helps them to stay connected with the world and get information. Therefore, I felt he community radio would do wonders for them," said Vinod Chadha, president, National Association for the Blind for Chandigarh and Punjab.