Wednesday, April 29, 2009

7100 to 7200 kHz allocation for amateurs in India

As decided at World Radio Conference 2003 (WRC03) the segment 7.1 to 7.2 MHz which was occupied by commercial broadcasters, was to revert to the amateur community from 29th March 2009.

This was as a result of intense campaigning by the International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) during the years leading to WRC03 and WRC 07 and at the conferences. ARSI represents IARU in India, and a part of subscriptions to
ARSI goes to fund IARU, which depends solely on subscriptions from member societies to work for amateur radio when there are so many demands on frequencies from other services.

In many countries the allocation was made well before the deadline of 29th March, but there are still some broadcasters occupying some frequencies there.

The Amateur Radio Society, on behalf of all VU hams, have made a formal application and personal representation on 16th and 17th April 2009 to WPC and the Department of Telecommunications for this segment to be allocated to
the amateur community.

Representations have also been made for regular allocation of frequencies in the 6 meter and 30 meter bands, which were given on a short term basis earlier, but later withdrawn. Temporary allocations have been made for some
Dxpeditions also but we have asked for it on a permanent basis.

The question of life time and long term licenses was also taken up, as well as speedy clearances for new licenses and quick renewals ARSI will continue to follow up these matters, but it will help if all clubs and individual hams write to WPC on this to put more pressure on them.

Please forward copies of your correspondence to WPC on this subject to me to enable me to use it for future follow up. (Gopal VU2GMN, President ARSI & Director International Amateur Radio Union Region 3)

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