Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Shortwave and DX meetings 2006

Hello everyone,

here is a list of bigger sw and dx meetings and gatherings of 2006 and
early 2007 (version 4). Updates and additions are most welcome, send
either to risto.vahakainu at helsinki.fi or directly to this list.

April 29-30
XXIV AIR DX Meeting 2006 (the annual meeting of Associazione Italiana
Radioascolto), Sacile near Pordenone, Italy. www.arpnet.it/air

May 5-7
The 50th anniversary and annual general meeting of Danish Short Wave
International in Jutland, Denmark. www.dswci.org.

Jun 9-11
The AGM for the Swedish DX Federation "DX-Parlamentet" on the island of
Aland, Finland. www.sdxf.org.

Jul 28-30
The National Mexican DX Meeting in Ascension, Chihuahua, Mexico.

Jul 28-30
The summer meeting of the Finnish DX Association at Korpilahti in
Finland near Jyv?skyl?. www.sdxl.org.

Aug 19
The Madison-Milwaukee Get-Together for DXers and Radio Enthusiasts will
take place on Saturday, August 19, in the Milwaukee (Wisconsin) area.
Additional details are pending, and we hope to make a full announcement
March. E-mail: DXing2 at aol.com.

Sep 22-24
The annual IRCA Convention (International Radio Club of America) in
Seaside, Oregon, USA at the Comfort Inn. mwdxer at webtv.net

Sep 30
The 50th anniversary of the Swedish DX Federation in Stockholm, Sweden.

Oct 19-22
The European DX Conference by European DX Council in St. Petersburg,
Russia. www.edxc.org.

best 73's

Risto Vahakainu
The Finnish DX Association
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