Tuesday, April 11, 2006

"Pocket Beijing 2005 - 2006", is available for free:CRI

Chinastic has just released the "Pocket Beijing 2005 - 2006", a guide to make your stay in Beijing much easier and happier.
With "Pocket Beijing" in your pocket, you won't be lost in the giant capital city of the Middle Kingdom. Your trip will be much smoother than those who don't have one in their pocket. You will find yourself unlike a first-time visitor, though you may indeed be one.

"Pocket Beijing" can be your best guide even after you have just landed at the Beijing airport. It helps you catch the right shuttle bus or taxi, rent a car, and find shops to buy Beijing-style souvenirs. It leads you to restaurants where you taste all kinds of cuisines, and pubs where you can check out the real nightlife of Beijing.

Also, it provides plenty of useful information on exchanging cash and traveler's checks, as well as tips on using ATMs and making phone calls in China. You can also pick up some Mandarin basics from the guide.

"Pocket Beijing" wraps all that you need in your pocket!

"Pocket Beijing 2005 - 2006" is available for free. It can be shipped internationally, though you will have to pay for postage.
Email Chinastic@crifm.com
to order!