Monday, December 01, 2014

On Air VHF CQ Contest

Vandu Net is happy to announce On Air VHF – CQ -- Contest to Amateur radio operators of Chennai, in and around Chennai and DX stations. Welcome all VHF Operators in Chennai for the VHF CQ Contest on 25 -12 -2014. This is an activity to encourage the Ham activity in Chennai.
We are conducting the VHF CQ Contest in VHF frequency in Chennai.
  • A single station can contact number of contact stations in VHF frequency which is mention below.
  • Frequency is 144-900, 144-950, Simplex and 145-550 MHZ negative shift Repeater mode. Any other frequency other than the mentioned frequency will not be counted.
  • The Contest contact is through voice only.
  • The station should exchange the following during the contact -
The Call Sign, Handle, Signal Report with Serial Number,
  • Each contact made by the participating station will be awarded one point. Replication of contacts does not get any point.
  • Contacts made by the participating station with a DX station will be awarded 2 points. DX range is above 100 Km radius from Chennai on air. In case a DX Station participates in the contest, the station will be considered based on the decision of the organizers.  
  • Contacts through phone patch or relay by other stations, and phone are invalid.
  • Echo link stations are allowed participate through 145-550 LHS Repeater Link only. Not in Simplex 144-900 and 144-950 frequencies.
  • Echo link station will not be counted as DX Station. They should also submit the log.
  • The duration of the contest is 4 hours and the timing is from 5.00 p.m. to 9.00 p.m.
  • All contestants should strictly adhere to all the amateur rules specified including the Maximum RF power. 
·         Log should be submitted by email to, or by post/ courier to Vu2KBX (Anna), Address: No.1, ANMOL GARDEN, NO.66. NAIDU STREET, KOTTURPURAM, CHENNAI– 600085.
  • Last date for submitting the log is 10.01.2015.
  • Pl. find attachment of the log template.
  • Winners will be announced later. Results at the discretion of Vandu Net Organizers.
All the best!                                                                         
M.P.R. Narayana Rao (VU 2 LSW)        
Vandu Net Amateur Radio Club