Thursday, August 21, 2014

Announcement of Wonderful Indonesia Quiz 2014

RRI World Service Voice of Indonesia would like to announce you 4 (four) lucky winners of Wonderful Indonesia Quiz 2014, namely:
1. Zhao Yadong from China
2. Bernhard Seiser from Germany
3. Idriss Boudina from Marocco
4. Amir Jameel from Pakistan
Congratulation to the winners! All the four winners will be contacted and will be invited to visit Indonesia.
In addition to the four lucky winners, we also have other 6 (six) winners who will receive souvenirs from Voice of Indonesia as a form of VOI's appreciation for participating in Wonderful Indonesia Quiz 2014. They are:
1. Klaus Kohler from Germany
2. Li Chun Guo from China
3. Bizazel Farhat from Algeria
4. Sergi Giovani from Italy
5. Vladimir Gudzenko from Russia
6. Mitul Kansal from India
We will send gifts to the 6 (six) winners. 
For those who have not been lucky yet, don't be disappointed. Thank you for participating in the quiz. All your replies and feedbacks will be very much appreciated to improve our service to you all over the world.
Best regards
RRI World Service, Voice of Indonesia