Sunday, September 29, 2013

DEGEN 31MS Indoor MW SW Active Loop Antenna

Portable, connected to radio without antenna jack, new never used

Ÿ           DEGEN 31MS is an active room magnetic antenna for MW&SW reception.
Ÿ           This antenna is special designed for world radios to improve the signal reception. The small size & slight weight is perfect to pocket carry for travelling use.
Ÿ           Can be connected to radios without the antenna jack, by using the cable with clips & conversion jack (provided).
Ÿ           Compact and light weight, sensitive and low noise level.
Ÿ           Easy to use and operate inside the hotel rooms, offices or indoors.
Ÿ           The control box can be placed adjacent to the radio for easy and convenient control.
Ÿ           Very easy to use and to achieve the best result and a must for travelers who want the best performance from their MW / SW radios.
Ÿ           Frequency Coverage : MW : 531 -1602KHz ;SW : 3.9 - 22.00MHz
Ÿ           Power source: 1.5V UM4 (AAA) x 2pcs (not included).
Ÿ           Power Consumption: 6 mAh.
Ÿ           Weight: approx 180g (not include battery).
Ÿ           Including: 1) Controlling box 2) Amplifier Box 3) Connecting Cable 4) Connector 5) Soft Antenna Loops 6) Clips 7) MW Magnet Bar Inductor.
Ÿ           Quality and function are the same as DEGEN DE 31MS.
Ÿ     The complete package:1,controlling box  2,amplifier box  3,suction cup  4,connecting cable 5,connector 6,soft antenna loops 7,clips 8,MW magner bar inductor

US $16.00
Approximately Rs. 973.83
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