Friday, September 13, 2013

Amateurs to hold radio festival on Sept 14

Amateurs to hold radio festival on Sept 14

The Society of Radio Amateurs (SORA) and Shri Krishna Science
Centre will organize a two-day Patna citizen band radio festival on
September 14 at Shri Krishna Science Centre. To be inaugurated by
state information technology and minority welfare minister Shahid Ali
Khan, amateur and Citizen Band (CB) radio operators from all over the
country will demonstrate and teach visitors about the use of CB radio.

Used for short distance communication, CB radio price ranges from Rs
5,000 to Rs 15,000. But, during the festival, the cheapest CB radio
will be available at a subsidized rate of Rs 4,000. The Patna CB radio
network operates on 27.015 MHz and anyone who has a CB radio can tune
in and talk to other CB radio users free of cost and for life time.
"People in south are active users of the CB radio. But, awareness is
lacking in Bihar. If it is successful at Patna, we will move to other
cities of Bihar," said Sanjay.

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[Alokesh Gupta, New Delhi, Via DX India YG]